Indian Old Universities History
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Indian Old Universities History






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Indian Old Universities History Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Global Indian Universities in the ancient period and women scholars By Prof. Augustin Amaladas
  • 2.
    • The Arab world is middle east
    • Constantinople- a fusion of Greek, Roman and Armenian civilisations
    • The Hindu deity Mitra was the principal God in Persian, Roman and Byzantine Empire before Constantine.
  • 3. Great Universities
    • Before the birth of Gautam Buddha there was a great university Texila
    • After the death of Buddha several universities were formed in Nalanda, Ujjain, Vikramshila and Paharpur which received scholar from China, the Arab world, South East Asia
    • Turkish invasion in 12 th century in India destroyed these universities.
    • The oldest surviving university of the world today is in Cairo.
  • 4. Importance of Afghanistan
    • Indo-Greek kingdoms creating a fusion of knowledge from three great civilisations India, Persia and Greece.
    • Baghdad became the reservoir of knowledge of the world.It was destroyed in the 11 th century by Mongol invasion.
    • Scholars from India were invited to translate Indian Mathematics and sciences from sanscrit to Arabic.
  • 5.
    • Several Arabic scholars like Beruni and Iban Batuta who came to India searching for knowledge.
    • Modern development of science and mathematics in Europe had started in Italy in 14 th century when Italian and Armenian traders transmitted the knowledge of India translated by the Arab scholars in Baghdad and Constantinople.
    • The Western so called knowledge is nothing but recycled Eastern Knowledge especially inventions in science, technology and mathematics.
  • 6.
    • When East India company came to India it could not offer anything except exploitation of Bengal.
    • Radio transmission was first invented and demonstrated by J.C. Bose in Culcutta, India in 1896 and In 1897 it was copied by Marconi who got all credit.
    • The discovery made by Arya Bhatta in the 4 th century was repeated by Copernicus.
    • Indian philosophy was developed through continuous criticism.
  • 7. Indian Philosophy-7 th century
    • Philosophy of Brohaspati
    • Philosophy of Kapil
    • Philosophy of Kanad
    • Philosophy of Gautam Buddha
    • Philosophy of Mahavir
    • Gautam Buddha , Mahavir and Confucius have denied the existance of God(Mitra)
    • Rig veda has mentioned three women Philosophers of ancient India – Lapamudra, Gargi and Maitreyi who challenged their philosopher husbands and others in open debates.
    • Gender equality was the part of ancient India but not of the west until 1928