India and ancient health wisdom


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India and ancient health wisdom

  1. 1. "It is quite possible that India is the real world, and that the white man lives in a madhouse of abstractions. Life in India has not yet withdrawn into the capsule of head. It is still the whole body that lives. No wonder the European feels dreamlike; the complete life of India is something of which he merely dreams. When you walk with naked feet, how can you ever forget the earth?" ~ Carl Jung To me, health is a serious issue and being able to maintain good health at most times is half the battle won against the constantly deteriorating quality of our lives today. In one of my previous posts, I spoke of all our modern medical facilities and health care setups still falling short of being perfect cures for our ailment-affected lifestyles. What is ironical is the fact that even as we are in a constant state of advancement of our mechanical systems and invention of newer contraptions to improve our health, we’re also increasingly waking up to the potential of our ancient (Indian) health practices. Indian health systems have traditionally been rooted in nature and in the use of medicinal
  2. 2. plants, minerals and animal products as natural cures for ailing health. This very wisdom is now becoming India’s largest contribution to the world of science after the discovery of the zero and the decimal system. The world is fast waking up to the vast potential of Indian wisdom on all things health and wellness related. Be it yoga or ayurveda - the oldest, most time-honoured medical sciences and fitness regimes originating from India, are now being adapted to by people across the world. In the quest for a holistic approach to wellness, there has been a paradigm shift towards all things that promote oneness with the self and the environment. Ayurveda, the 5000-year old philosophy that reveals the secrets of healthy living by following a natural diet and lifestyle, has thus helped millions to achieve a balanced life in harmony with nature's rhythms. Yoga too, is a body of knowledge that propagates the training of the consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility through integrating the body, mind, and spirit. While neither Yoga nor Ayurveda are the fabled elixirs of life - cure-all solutions to man's daily
  3. 3. concerns, their benefits certainly surpass those of newer regimes, a fact that is gradually being proven and accepted even by ‘modern’ medical science now. Get access to a wealth of information and get initiated into the world of holistic wellness practices right here: