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Operational dashboarding and reporting with Microsoft Business Intelligence
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Operational dashboarding and reporting with Microsoft Business Intelligence


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A great looking, relevant, informative dashboard for the executive is the ultimate end goal for most Business Intelligence projects. Microsoft has all of the tools that are necessary to get data from …

A great looking, relevant, informative dashboard for the executive is the ultimate end goal for most Business Intelligence projects. Microsoft has all of the tools that are necessary to get data from your transactional systems into an effective dashboard. What is less clear is to how to go about achieving it. Which tools should you use? As with most things, we have different tools for different requirements, and it isn't always clear as to how they match up.

This session will focus on what the various reporting and dashboarding tools from Microsoft can do for you, where you should use them, and how to get them working for you. Both on premises and cloud based scenarios will be discussed. At the conclusion of this session, you should have a fundamental understanding of the Microsoft products in this space fit together, including Excel, Reporting Services, SharePoint, Power View, and PerformancePoint.

Published in: Technology

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  • Everything previously discussed is available as a component to a page
    Publishing strongly recommended
    Filter web parts a big plus.

  • Create New page
    Add the Education Scorecard, and the GDP Report
    Show the SP mashup dashboard
  • For outside of the firewall
    Excel only
    Power Q&A
    Power Query (for query sharing)
    Power Q&A
    Data Management Gateway
    Power BI Mobile client
  • Upload the file into the SPC14 folder
    Enable it
    Open in browser
    Open in Power BI application
  • There are lots of things to worry about… this is what comes up frequently that doesn’t fit into a technical demo
  • My opinion is that requirements gathering is the hardest part of a BI projects. Even when the business users know what they want, communication is a real problem.

    BI projects tend to be monsters. They are big, and expensive, and often there is no product until the very end. The problem tends to be “boiling the ocean” – being more concerned with building the infrastructure to fix a problem than actually fixing the problem.

    The trick is to find a single question that’s worth answering, answer it, and then move on to the next question.
  • I would encourage those of you so inclined to look at the Lean methodology. The central tenet of Lean is to start small, and build on successes. Don’t do anything that doesn’t bring tangible value of some sort.

    The idea is MVP – Minimum Viable Product. In essence, how little can we do to have something worthwhile? Then build on it.

    Our company has built BIT….

    Everything you need for Personal and Team BI staged on a tablet
    It helps facilitate:
    Rapid Prototyping
    Rapid Data Discovery
    Modeling Tool
    Rapid Insights
    Which leads to better requirements gathering – shortens the feedback loop
  • - People sometimes get hung up on per user authentication
    - “You can’t do BI without Kerberos” – which is wrong
    - In many cases, this is simply not true. Service accounts can impersonate end users down the chain.
    SSRS has SetUser(), Excel Services and PerformancePoint support EffectiveuserName against multidimensional
    BISM supports impersonation in SSRS Power View
    No per User auth of any sort with PowerBI – control through document security

  • - Depending on the tool, data freshness may be an issue
    Latency between data source and data mart
    Latency between data mart and data models
    What is “Real enough” time?
    There is a trade off between freshness and cost
    There are BI Tools for Real Time
  • Data is like food. Not everything needs to be fresh….

    SSRS, which we use to power the ETL, uses SQL ‘s agent jobs to run on a schedule. These are quite granular, down to the minute level. Any tools leveraging the data marts/cubes directly can be that fresh. However, constant runs are resource intensive
    PowerPivot for SharePoint can be scheduled for refresh daily. This is also true for refreshes in Power BI using the Data Management Gateway, although both can be refreshed on demand.
    There is a hack for PP4 SP
    If Real Time analysis is actually necessary, there are tools available. StreamInsight for ETL, and DirectQuery for tabular models.
  • So what do we need to make all of this work?
  • Just because it comes from SQL doesn’t mean it belongs there.
    Power BI is an odd duck. It’s from 2 quadrants.

  • Transcript

    • 1. John P White @diverdown1964
    • 2. Futures, Q&A Agenda Business Intelligence tools Prerequisites
    • 3. Dashboard demonstration The State of the World
    • 4. SQL Server Data Tools Power View Power Q&A Power Query PerformancePoint Services PowerPivot for SharePoint Excel Services
    • 5. On Premises Cloud Power BI PerformancePoint SharePoint Mashup Azure VMs
    • 7. Storage Data Marts Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Middleware Server(s) Data Warehouse Design and Visualization Data Cubes and Tabular Models E T L Reporting Server(s) BI and Designer Clients Source data
    • 8. E Storage SQL Server DB SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) SharePoint (with) • Excel Services • PowerPivot for SharePoint • SSRS SharePoint Mode • PerformancePoint SQL Server DB Design and Visualization SQL Server Analysis Services Multidimensional and Tabular modes L SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Excel SQL Data Tools Report Builder 3rd party tools ETL T Source data
    • 9. Worksheets Tabular Data Model (xVelocity) Pivot Charts and Tables Power View (Analytic reports) Power Map (Geospatial and time series data) Power Pivot (Model design) Power Query (ETL) Power Pivot Import (EL)
    • 10. Power Pivot Worksheets • Pivot Tables and Charts • Power View Data Marts and other Data Cubes and Tabular Models Standard Worksheets • Pivot Tables and Charts PerformancePoint Scorecards and KPIs PerformancePoint Reports • Analytic Charts and Grids • Decomposition trees SQL Server Reporting Services Reports • Standard • Power View
    • 11. On Premises Office 365 Power BI Excel, Power X, Mobile, Data Management Gateway Dashboard tools PerformancePoint (Dashboard Designer) SharePoint (Pages and Filters)
    • 12. SharePoint BI artifacts 2007 - Excel and Connections 2010 - PerformancePoint 2013 - PerformancePoint and Power Pivot Business Intelligence Center Excel and Connections Web Part Pages SharePoint KPIs Reports
    • 13. Reporting Services dashboard
    • 14. Excel dashboard
    • 15. PerformancePoint dashboard
    • 16. SharePoint mashups
    • 17. Power BI
    • 18. It’s a little known fact….
    • 19. Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. Albert Einstein
    • 20. Minimum Viable Product
    • 21. Per User Document Level BISM PowerView in SSRS EffectiveUserName() Excel Services PerformancePoint
    • 22. Cost Data Latency
    • 23. Data freshness Real time Periodic Daily PowerPivot for SharePoint* Power BI SQL Server Integration Services * Hackable – For more granularity, see Ian Smith’s blog:
    • 24. Use PowerPivot workbooks as cubes 
    • 25. SharePoint Excel Services PerformancePoint Filters
    • 26. On Premises Office 365 Power BI Licensing PerformancePoint SharePoint
    • 27. On Premises Office 365 PerformancePoint SharePoint Enterprise Power BI Licensing PerformancePoint SharePoint