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professional engagement & background - CRMbusinessprocessconsulting

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Massimo Scalzo Professional Engagement & Background

  1. 1. CRM businessprocessconsulting professional engagement & background massimo scalzo
  2. 2. Contents: Focus Profile & Career Objective Highlights Expertise Market Sectors Professional Roadmap Education Personal Languages
  3. 3. CRMbusinessprocessconsulting Professional Engagement & Background by Massimo Scalzo Professional Engagement & Background / CRMbusinessprocessconsulting
  4. 4. Professional Engagement & Background / CRMbusinessprocessconsulting supporting complex programmes, staffing the gaps that exist between the actual capabilities of people and technology that stand in the way of achieving a sound responsive process improvement and IT initiative, applying different skills in different areas of the solution creation process, across the knowledge of a variety of practical business settings and “best practice” An experience ranging from supporting programme and project management to organizational change, business analysis, requirements gathering and process creation, application consulting, solution designing and empowerment coaching, throughout process and project development methodologies and related technological tools A crucial ability of deeply understanding the needs of the business and then cristallizing that understanding in a way that empowers a Change or a IT programme accrues from collaborating on a wide range of cross-industry business process consulting assignments on a pan-european and global basis, with a particular specialization related to business process development IT platforms and CRM applications Focus
  5. 5. Working in close and effective cooperation with management end colleagues with a strong motivating and “alleviating-the-tension” project-team and stakeholders communication approach and the ability to use empathy, build trust and communicate across boundaries Professional Engagement & Background / CRMbusinessprocessconsulting Project Management Programme Management Business Process Organizational Change Business Analysis Application Consulting Empowerment Coaching a strong consulting support all along the “Solution Creation Process”
  6. 6. Professional Background & Engagement / CRMbusinessprocessconsulting with a proven 16+ years track record of progressive expertise and achievements in IT and international management consulting industry, specialized in business process reengineering with a strong background in planning, process definition and application rollout of complex cross-industry CRM platforms seeking a business managing position to a leading consulting or IT possibly with an international exposure, for triggering my key-expertise as a decisive programme contribution and bottom-line result from the outset Profile & Career Objective business process analysis and transformation expert who is able to benchmark enterprise activities, to gain a crucial insight into the company improving-creation-process and to perceive very quickly the best concept to soar efficiency and to translate it into action
  7. 7. Professional Background & Engagement / CRMbusinessprocessconsulting as an independent CRM business & process consultant, I draw upon my expertise in  assisting clients realize the values of a customer-driven enterprise in the definition, design and implementation of complex CRM solutions to large multinational clients, on a pan-european and global basis This is accomplished, at the outset of my career, working for 5 years, as an enterprise application systems consultant, IT consultant and IT product planner with multinational companies, leaders in computer services, software and technology in Italy, Spain, England, Germany and immediately afterwards through 16 years of cooperation in England, Germany and Italy, with a number of international and national management consulting companies influencing positively project KPIs and bottom-line results Highlights as a senior, principal consultant and partner, involved in a wide range of strategic, organisational and business process assignment related to a wide range of CRM vendor’s applications, particularly SAP, Siebel, Oracle and Salesforce
  8. 8. Expertise SAP, Oracle, Siebel, Salesforce CRM application consulting SAP SOA, Solution Composer, NetWeaver Application Platform, Visual Composer CRM Training (unbiased and vendors applications) Professional Background & Engagement / CRMbusinessprocessconsulting Programme and project management PLC - ITIL Business Analysis, Business Process Reengineering,modeling, BPM, BPMN, Six Sigma
  9. 9. Professional Background & Engagement / CRMbusinessprocessconsulting Market Sectors Telecom Telecom Italia, Deutsche Telekom, Mannesmann Arcor Air companies Hapag Lloyd, Lufthansa Pharmaceutical Bayer, Merck Chemical & Oil Eni Agip IT SAP, Oracle, Siebel, Salesforce, IBM Management & University training Frost & Sullivan, Politechnic University of Milan, University of Venice School of Economics Consulting PricewaterhouseCoopers Management Consulting, Deloitte, Chorus Consulting, Accenture Banking Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank Retail Carrefour Manufacturing BMW, Fiat, ILVA (steel & coils) Insurance Allianz
  10. 10. Professional Background & Engagement / CRMbusinessprocessconsulting Professional Roadmap At the moment As an independent business process consultant actively involved in process definition, project management support, business analysis and training consulting assignments on behalf of industrial end-users, system integrators and consulting companies in Germany, Italy, Poland in automotive, manufacturing, financial, telecom, retail, insurance industries and government agencies
  11. 11. Professional Background & Engagement / CRMbusinessprocessconsulting 2002 - 2005 Responsibilities and Achievements In charge of a staff of 12 professionals consulted companies on strategic and operational cross-industry aspects related to SAP, Oracle, Siebel and Salesforce CRM IT programmes/projects, business analysis, BPM platforms, applications, budgeting & forecasting, planning and rollout across initiation,planning,execution and closure of PLC methodology, throughout telecom, automotive, manufacturing, financial, services, chemical industries and government agencies Analysed and developed cost and benefits feasibility studies, business requirements analysis and business processes aligned with a standard harmonized IT strategy, defined CRM architectures and blueprint roadmaps Supported the organizational process change management transition from homegrown processes to new business architecture as well as transformation process to leverage sw application and platforms Created SOW for supporting client involvement, motivation and aligned communication and close cooperation across programme/project dependencies, management and IT vendors Defined and developed specific empowerment training programmes Triggered high-value buy-in consulting activities Most important assignment on behalf of Frost & Sullivan in England planned and developed for IBM Consulting an intense project management cooperation, process consulting and training support on SAP-Siebel-Oracle-based platforms to their middle-east telecom, manufacturing and services industries. On behalf of IBM Consulting organized and developed a specific CRM couching programme to empower middle-east IBM internal sales departments
  12. 12. Professional Background & Engagement / CRMbusinessprocessconsulting 1996 - 2001 Responsibilities and Achievements Supported SAP, Oracle, Siebel large CRM IT programmes/projects planning, in management, transformation process, rollout and training as a co programme/project manager and business process principle consultant in charge of PWC CRM practice Benchmarked activities, analyzed requirements and delivered CRM process architectures and blueprints Created complex analysis regarding programme planning, budgeting, rollout, dashboards, cross-track dependencies, programme milestones, balanced scorecards, programme finance, risks and benefits. Aligned and assured SOW consistency in each stage amongst vendors blueprint, team and PLC project management methodology Developed empowerment training programmes C reated new customer-oriented processes workflowed through SAP, Siebel and Oracle CRM IT solutions and assisted global sales, CRM knowledge management as a co-programme/project manager across several cross-industry assignments, particularly in automotive, manufacturing, telecom, energy, financial, chemical and air transport industries Most important assignment On behalf of BMW supported an international CRM strategy and operational programme & project management throughout PLC planning phases and transformation process. Developed internationally agreed processes within customer contact management, complaint management, relationship marketing and customer data management for the entire Group. Created a CRM model and related multichannel interfacing customer processes
  13. 13. Professional Background & Engagement / CRMbusinessprocessconsulting 1993 - 1996 Responsibilities & Achievements Supported ERP projects related to the business process reengineering aspects, analysed and developed several SCM sale process interactions processes between back-end and front-end in retail, financial, manufacturing industries and government. Most important assignment from 1995 in charge of a group of consultants involved in mapping out new accounting processes to workflow through Oracle Financial ERP within Capital, a programme with the management shared between Deloitte and PWC aimed at changing the British Gov accounting regimes involving more than 500 consultants on 150 projects, Oracle, Systems Union, Logica, Robbins Gioia, Racal, Sequent and Dell as sub-contractors, 2500 users and 100 IT systems spanning the globe.
  14. 14. Professional Background & Engagement / CRMbusinessprocessconsulting 1988 - 1993 As an application systems consultant, IT consultant, IT product planning manager, with multinational companies, leaders in computer services, software and technology, such as Honeywell Information System Italia, Olivetti Systems & Networks, Datitalia Processing (Gepin ABI - Italian Banking Group Association) Most important assignment On behalf of Olivetti Systems & networks within the Product Planning Dept in cooperation with Deloitte mapped out international functional specifications for creating a new large accounts retail product (back-store – front-store)
  15. 15. Professional Background & Engagement / CRMbusinessprocessconsulting Education 1988 State University of Milan – Italy Doctorate in « Scienze dell’Informazione = Science of Computer, obtained under old italian school legal order, BS + MS + Doctoral Thesis majored in enterprise information systems with a non-research dissertation - Enterprise Information System Technical and Economic Evaluation Principles - 1990 University of St Gallen - Switzerland Master in Business Management majored in electives Technology, Processes and Operations Management
  16. 16. Professional Background & Engagement / CRMbusinessprocessconsulting Personal Born 2 nd February 1956 in Italy Married Living and working between Germany and Italy (offices) Italian nationality Willing to relocate and to travel often wherever a company will think it right for References on request
  17. 17. Professional Background & Engagement / CRMbusinessprocessconsulting Languages Italian mother tongue English fluently German fluently Spanish fluently
  18. 18. Massimo Scalzo CRMbusinessprocessconsulting [email_address] Thank you for your attention © Professional Engagement & Background