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Work From Home Moms Work From Home Moms Presentation Transcript

  • Jobs for moms
    This is for every Mom who wants to work from home
  • Work From Home Moms
    They say: - Children stop you from running your own business!
    No child says, ‘Well actually Mom I think it’s highly inappropriate you try and run your own business. You will
    fail me as a parent because I want your undivided attention 24/7
    But what they may say is:
    “Mom, you’re always away at work and I never see you.”
  • Don’t be the mom who gets home after work, tired and frustrated
    Or worse still...
  • ...The Mom that says, 'I'm sorry
    Sweetie. I know you’re sick, but I can’t
    miss this meeting. The sitter will take care
    of you while I’m at work.
    As you know that leads to...
  • guilt
  • Work from home moms
    Jobs For Moms
    Jobs From Home
    Get a pen and paper.
    Write down all the jobs you’d like to do from home.
    Go online and research your top three work from home choices.
    Pick one job you can do from home that brings profit.
    Research that one job even more.
    Then find a mom who’s already working from home to be your coach.
    Let’s help you with the last bit....
  • This is Vanessa Reece
    Yep she’s real. She also a Mom too and guess what?
    She also runs a business.
    It’s called
    Ignite the Screen.
    But we need to tell you how she can help you be a successful work from home Mom.
  • Work from home moms can start their business with Vanessa’s help.
    She asks you questions about the business you want to do (or have just started.)
    She researches your target market.
    She writes a step-by-step, easy to follow report focusing on three goals you have for your business.
    She puts in diagrams and how-to tutorials in your report that help you build your web presence (and if you have one already she’ll explain how to make it more lead grabbing.)
    She’ll organize a time that suits your schedule to go through the report. She’ll even stay with you while you set certain things up, or change things online you already have, like your website, Facebook and twitter.
    You’ll get to keep the report and refer to it whenever you need to.
    And best of all...
  • She won’t leave work at home moms high and dry!
  • Work from home moms will also get...
    Email support from Vanessa to encourage, keep you focused and be a shoulder when you need to speak to someone who understands being a business owner whilst juggling family.
    With the right guidance and tools...
  • You can be a successful work from home mom!
    Say hi to Vanessa on Twitter or Facebook.
    She’s super friendly!
    Then go to and watch Vanessa’s video.
    You’ll be amazed at what she’s done as a working Mother and how passionate she is to help Moms just like her
    succeed in business!