B2B e-commerce inspirations and implementations on Magento by Divante


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B2B e-commerce implementation on Magento made by Divante + tips for e-marketing in B2B sector #B2B #ecommerce #Divante #Portfolio #ClientsB2B

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B2B e-commerce inspirations and implementations on Magento by Divante

  1. 1. B2B inspirations for e-commerce
  2. 2. 2 Information Identity Sales Relations Before Now Future Finance FMCG eCommerce B2B B2B can learn from other on-line industries
  3. 3. Typical B2C eCommerce is focused on ROI, it can be simply transfered to B2B Concept: Let’s make B2B eCommerce according to best practices in B2C eCommerce 3http://openmarketing.com/blog/articles/three-strategies-to-improve-campaign-roi/ How to increase ROI? • R - retency • F - frequency • M- monetary value Lower cost of acquisition Cross Sell Up Sell Retention Time Profit
  4. 4. (almost) client • Challenges for the B2B client – Long decision process – Many people involved in the decision • Give value for users, who are not ready to buy • Build relationship first, sell later 4
  5. 5. Collect data about the customer 5 http://unbounce.com/content-marketing/10-content- marketing-growth-hacks/ • Newsletter as a huge part of B2B sales strategy • Give a gift for signing up
  6. 6. 6 http://szkoleniausability.pl ACTION: • Create Webcasts • Ask visitors for the e-mail • Send course in 6 parts • Bring them back to your website OUR RESULT: • Over 6000 e-mails without marketing budget
  7. 7. eMail Capture • 70% bounced users will never return • Case Willsoor: database increase of 34% in less than 1,5 month – Increase of revenue from welcome message reached 14,07% of total shop revenue – Order size from welcome message was 17,51% higher than average order size – Conversion from welcome message was 255% higher than shop average 7 http://divante.co http://optinmonster.com
  8. 8. Lead generation from bounce rate 8 http://blog.kissmetrics.com/double-your-leads-instantly/ • Choose the website with high bounce rate • Convert users into leads – give them content
  9. 9. Content marketing • Valuable content – New users – Visibility in browsers – Lead generation • Methods used in usability optimalization (A/B tests ) for content creation 9 Test your header with A/B tests. Inspiration: http://www.slideshare.net/Upworthy/the- sweet-science-of-virality
  10. 10. Impact of content marketing for ranking in Google 10 Average length of the blog post in Top10 equals min. 2 000 words. http://www.quicksprout.com/2012/12/20/the-science-behind-long-copy-how- more-content-increases-rankings-and-conversions/
  11. 11. Consulting– we achieved 40% conversion rate with „physiotherapy consultation” in ortopedio.pl
  12. 12. Designing of B2B platform • Except of marketing for B2B you should also think carefully about the system requirements and needs • B2B platform has quite often many returning clients – You should care about them, they are most valuable part of the business – Give them reason to stay with you or share your message – Make them feel good on your platform, when they buy your products 12
  13. 13. Learning curve as an inspiration Za: Usability Engineering, JAKOB NIELSEN New user– quick adaptation Advanced users– function speeding daily work like keyboard shortcuts. 13
  14. 14. From: About Face 3. The Essentials of Interaction Design Alan Cooper, Robert Reimann, and Dave Cronin User Experience and needs 14
  15. 15. Take care of returning customers • User uses the platform– let’s focus on education and his satisfaction – Functionality – Shortcuts – Less number of clicks to achieve the goal Quick switch between tabs Use 15
  16. 16. Design inspirations GE Salesforce Progressive • Big picture, key message • Lead generation • Responsive Web Design • Simple, plain language 16
  17. 17. Experience in B2B – examples from Divante
  18. 18. Unizeto • The biggest supplier of electronic signature in Poland • Sales in Eastern Europe • Virtual goods, services • Integration with 3rd party systems (ERP, CRM,…) • PrestaShop implemented in 2009 • Migration to Magento in 2014 https://unizeto.eu/ 18
  19. 19. 19
  20. 20. GRENE • Interactive newspaper • Mobile channel • eMail Marketing 20 What surprised us positively in the process of project implementation was rapid deployment mechanism, without involving our resources. The advantage is also the speed of solution, which is important when using online newsletters tablets and smartphones.- Jarosław Łuczak, Marketing and E-commerce Grene Sp. z o.o. http://www.grene.pl/
  21. 21. • Complex e-Commerce B2C i B2B implementation • Integration with CRM, ERP, PIM • Outsourcing of the team http://www.bankkabli.pl/ and http://www.tim.pl/ „I am very happy with results of this implementation. I see that number of retailers being visible online is growing and we want to be here a part of this trend as well. We believe, that such platform will increase our sales „– Krzysztof Folta, CEO ,TIM SA. TIM SA – one of the biggest B2B in Poland 22
  22. 22. • Design of B2B sales system • Design of B2C sales system • Maintenance for current project http://renowa24.pl/ Before we created the online strategy for AB Bechcicki we were aware of a lot of projects in our industry and related industries. Thanks to the experience of Divante we have done extensive research on the Polish and European market. We founded a lot of interesting features and chosed the ones that will be most effective for us in terms of revenue. Marcin Mika, Board Member - eCommerce AB Bechcicki. AB Bechcicki 23
  23. 23. • Project – Migration from offline to online • Cross selling increase • Customer research • Product services TelForce One Lower user acquisition cost Cross Sell Up Sell Retention Time Revenue www.telforceone.pl 24
  24. 24. • Internet Branding • Project and Implementation eSystem 25
  25. 25. ENERGA SA • Loyalty Programm • Service Design • Business Model Canvas • Product design • System design 26 http://grupa.energa.pl/
  26. 26. ING Bank Śląski • Loyalty programm • Service Design • Business Model Canvas • Product design • System design • Implementation • Security audit • Hosting • Maintenance 27 www.Bankujesz-zyskujesz.pl
  27. 27. Raiffeisen Bank • Longterm cooperation • Research and optimalization of B2B system • Designing new communication channels 28
  28. 28. A/B test for landing pages Interesting results: • The best converting pictures are people and items in front • Decreasing the number of fields in formular doesn’tinfluence conversion HAND 29
  29. 29. Thanks to cooperation with Divante we have a much larger share of the sales from the online channel.-Krzysztof Handke – Development Manager,Sales Office HAND • Average conversion (sales) from leads was 30%. • In the best month conversion reached 70%. 30
  30. 30. Inspeo – modern HR company focused on B2B Marketing activities tested: • Facebook Ads; • Banners in Goldenline.pl; • Contex Ads in LinkedIn Ads; • Graphical and text Ads in Google Partner Network • Remarketing Google AdWords. Results : • Most effective activities: Google AdWords and LinekdIn Ads; • Key message + bonus are more important than design • Static creation have higher conversion than dynamic ones INSPEO 31
  31. 31. 32 • Time on the website increased 37% • 35 contact leads in 3 months (most of them became clients or free trial users) Divante provides excellent accounting and a lot of experimenting with effective methods of reaching the customer and conversion optimization. We didn’t expect, that even banners can attract large customers if they are well matched to the target group. - Paweł Montwiłł, Sales and Marketing Director in Inspeo. INSPEO
  32. 32. Experience in B2B projects • Raiffeisen Bank • ATM SA • EKO Holding • AB SA • TelForce One 33 • PW Moda • IC Partners • Navo • Logintrans • Benefit Systems
  33. 33. Kontakt Damian Winkowski dwinkowski@divanteltd.com Divante Sp. z o.o., ul. Kościuszki 14, 50-038 Wrocław, tel. +48 71 342 24 06, e-mail: divante@divante.pl + 48 530 909 480