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  • McDonald's India is an employer of opportunity, providing quality employment and region. long-term careers to the Indian people. The average McDonald's restaurant employs more than 100 people in 25 different positions – from cashier to restaurant manager. McDonald's world class-training inputs to its employees can be seen in the present close to 2000 employees currently in Mumbai and Delhi.
  • Limited menu, fresh food, fast service and affordable prices have been the pillars behind McDonald’s success in India. Intense competition and demands for a wider menu, drive-through and sit-down meals - encouraged the fast food giant to customize product variety without hindering the efficacy of its supply chain

Mc donalds Mc donalds Presentation Transcript

  • Presentation on McDonald’s Presented By: Divam Goel
  • CONTENTS • • • • • • • • • Inroduction McDonald’s in India Objectives of promotion & strategy Products Target Segment and Positioning Types Of Restaurants Advertising Achievements Marketing mix • Famous marketing campaigns • Criticism
  • Introduction • McDonald’s is the global fast food giant. • Founded in 15 may 1940 in CALIFORNIA • Founders –RICHARD & MAURICE MACDONALDS • Ronald McDonald introduced in 1963 • Ray Kroc gives the idea of franchising. • 31,000 restaurants in 119 countries • Serves 47 million customers every day • Employs more than 1.5 million people
  • McDonald's in INDIA • Entered in India 1996 • McDonald's India is a 50 – 50 partnership between MCDONALD’S CORPORATION (U.S.A) and two Indian businessman Amit Jatia and Vikram Bakshi • 90% of McDonald's business is owned and run by independent franchisees in India • Actively Involver in many social activities like CHILD EDUCATION, PULSE POLIO etc. 11/21/2013 4
  • Objectives Of Promotion Strategy •Key objectives of McD’s promotion strategy were to, “ Get them in. Trade them up. Get them back ”. • Get Them In : To make consumers step into McDonald’s restaurant.
  • •Trade Them Up : To shift the consumers to McDonald’s core products like Burger with cheese, McChicken Burger, Fillet-o-Fish, etc. •Get Them Back : To increase the frequency of visit by making the McD’s brand experience.
  • Strategies • • • • • • Quicker service Quicker delivery More beverages & change in menu More outlets Target the two and three tier cities Introduction of a new low calorie healthy burger
  • PRODUCTS •Hamburgers, Chicken sandwiches, French fries, Soft drinks, Breakfast items and Deserts. •Mc Donald’s also offers salad and vegetarian items, wraps and other localized fare
  • Target Segment and Positioning • McDonald’s was positioned as a family restaurant. • Extra care has been taken to make the restaurant children-friendly. • McDonald’s targeted both Sec children & adults, because no other company targeted kids quit persistently.
  • • Focused on Price Penetration. • In 1998 McDonald’s had achieved sufficient level of success, on their offerings & then educated customers about their core strengths. • Their main focus is on Service, hygiene, products etc.,
  • TYPES OF RESTAURANTS • Mc Drive are the type of which provide drive through services and offer no counter service or seating. • Special theme restaurants also exists, such as the Solid Gold Mcdonald’s, a 1950s rock-n-roll themed restaurant.  Mcdonald’s introduced Mc Cafe a café style accompaniment to Mcdonald’s restaurants in the style of Starbucks.  Mc Express are the type of restaurants which are located in shopping malls.
  • ADVERTISING • There are three main objectives of advertising for McDonald’s are to make people aware of an item, feel positive about it and remember it • Television has always played a central role in the company’s advertising strategy. • The company makes significant use of Bill board and Signage, Sponsors, Sporting events ranging from little league to olympic games. .
  • Focus more on electronic media • Ads talk about emotions, family ties and fun and all these have high legal appeal . • They don’t use print media.
  • Achievements • Among all the competitors McDonald’s is the leading brand • Ranked as the 8th best employer • Ranked the best fast food chain of restaurants • Ranked the 8th healthiest fast food eateries • Ranked 2nd for customer satisfaction • He appeared on Supersize me, is listed in Guiness Book of World Records, and has a movie called Mc Daddy.
  • VARIOUS OTHER FACTS SHOWING POPULARITY OF MCDONALD’S  Fast food nation, book by Eric Schlosser.  Supersize me, a documentary film by Morgan Spurlock.  McDonald's video games are also launched in the market.  Some other documentary films on Mc Donald’s are Maxime, Mc duff and Mc do.
  • First McDonald’s at India 11/21/2013 consumer behavior 16
  • Marketing mix The marketing mix is a term used to describe the four main marketing tools (4Ps): • product • price • promotion • and the place through which products are sold to customers. 17
  • Product • Product is the physical product or service offered to the consumer. Product includes certain aspects such as packaging, guarantee, looks etc., • It dropped ham, beef and mutton burgers from the menu. India is the only country where McDonalds serve vegetarian menu • McDonalds continuously innovates its products according to the changing preferences and tastes of its customers 18
  • Place • The place mainly consists of the distribution channels. • It is important so that the product is available to the customer at the right place, at the right time and in the right quantity • McDonalds offers hygienic environment, good ambience and great service. • Delivery services are also available now 19
  • Price • This is the most important part of the marketing mix as this is the only part which generates revenue. • McDonald’s came up with a very catchy punch line “Aap ke zamane mein ,baap ke zamane ke daam”. This was to attract the middle and lower class consumers • McDonalds has certain value pricing and bundling strategies such as happy meal, combo meal, family meal etc to increase overall sales volumes. 11/21/2013 consumer behavior 20
  • Promotion • McDonald’s does its promotion through television, hoardings and bus shelters. They use print ads and the television programmes are also an important marketing medium for promotion. 21
  • Some most famous marketing campaigns of McDonald’s are: • “I’m loving it” • “ Aap ke zamane mein , baap ke zamane ke daam”. • “You Deserve a break today, so get up and get away- To McDonald’s” • “Food, Folks, and Fun”
  • PLC of McDonalds
  • Criticism • Ecological damage • Selling unhealthy food, • Contributing to suffering and exploitation of livestock. • McDonalds=junk food, high calorie food?
  • BYE BYE SEE U AT McDonald’S