FuelCellEurope RCS Workshop


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FuelCellEurope RCS Workshop, Brussels, 11th May 2011

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FuelCellEurope RCS Workshop

  1. 1. ITM Power plc<br />FuelCellEurope RCS Workshop, 11th May 2011<br />Dr Graham Cooley, CEO<br />"I've got my hydrogen fuel cell car and…. it's great,<br />but you have to find a hydrogen filling station.”<br />Jay Leno, The Sunday Times 12/9/10<br />ITM POWER | FuelCellEurope RCS Workshop 11th May 2011<br />
  2. 2. ITM Power plc<br />FuelCellEurope RCS Workshop, 11th May 2011<br />Dr Graham Cooley, CEO<br />Contents<br />Introduction<br />ITM Involvement in RCS<br />ISO Accreditation<br />Products and CE marking<br />Hydrogen Refuelling<br />Hydrogen Purity<br />Legal Statement<br />ITM POWER | FuelCellEurope RCS Workshop 11th May 2011<br />
  3. 3. Company Positioning<br />Energy Storage | Clean Fuel<br />Essential Technology & Systems<br /><ul><li>Harnessing Renewable Energy
  4. 4. Producing Green Hydrogen
  5. 5. Regeneration of Power
  6. 6. A Zero Carbon Footprint Fuel</li></li></ul><li>ITM involvement in RCS<br />Recent Compliance Experiences<br /><ul><li> ISO accreditation
  7. 7. CE marking of first electrolyser systems
  8. 8. Hydrogen On Site Trials (HOST) for mobile hydrogen refueller</li></ul>Building New Markets<br /><ul><li>Med Electrolysers for emerging markets
  9. 9. Articulate new offerings
  10. 10. Develop with global partners
  11. 11. Offering based on ITM’s USP’s</li></li></ul><li>ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001<br />ITM POWER | FuelCellEurope RCS Workshop 11th May 2011<br />
  12. 12. ISO Accreditation<br />Compliance in the Context of a Quality System<br />From design through to production<br /><ul><li>Company wide compatibility
  13. 13. Traceability
  14. 14. Reproducibility</li></li></ul><li>ISO Accreditation | Production<br />CAD<br />FEA<br />Integrated Software Process<br />From design through to production<br /><ul><li>Company wide compatibility
  15. 15. Traceability
  16. 16. Reproducibility</li></li></ul><li>CE Marking<br />Strategy and Current Status<br />Documented evidence of compliance to the relevant directives<br /><ul><li>Prioritised HPac (>3,500 hours system operation) CE achieved in January
  17. 17. HBox and HFlameCE achieved in March
  18. 18. HFuel compliance is ongoing during HOST</li></li></ul><li>Electrolyser CE Marking<br />ITM POWER | FuelCellEurope RCS Workshop 11th May 2011<br />
  19. 19. Electrolyser CE Marking<br />The Route to CE Compliance<br />Essential to enable sale in the EU (CB is international)<br /><ul><li>Mandatory for certain groups of products
  20. 20. Indicates conformity with essential health & safety requirements
  21. 21. Requirements are set out in a series of EU Directives
  22. 22. CE by self-declaration or assessment by Notified Bodies (NoBo’s)
  23. 23. PED is compulsory above category 1</li></ul>ITM Power’s approach:<br /><ul><li>ITM used Gastec at CRE Ltd to establish relevant regulations & Directives
  24. 24. ITM show conformity with Directives through harmonised standards
  25. 25. Electrolyser standard ISO 22734-1 not harmonised to EU Directives
  26. 26. Requires a comprehensive Technical File </li></li></ul><li>Electrolyser CE Marking<br />The Initial Screening<br />Understanding the process and relevant directives<br /><ul><li>The initial challenge was identification of the relevant EU Directives
  27. 27. Gastec at CRE undertook a pre-assessment audit of the prototype systems
  28. 28. Report generated to identify Directives, routes forward and likely issues
  29. 29. Retained Gastec as consultant through the whole process
  30. 30. Utilised experience on a variety of interpretation issues
  31. 31. Regulatory information now available via the outcome of the HYPER project</li></li></ul><li>Electrolyser CE Marking<br />Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)<br />Directive 97/23/EC concerning pressure equipment<br /><ul><li>Pressure vessel category defined by combination of volume & pressure
  32. 32. Sound Engineering Practices (voluntary assessment) apply to small systems <25 bar litres
  33. 33. HPac & HBox contain Category II vessels and so required assessment by Notified Body
  34. 34. Vessel design assessed to EN 13445 series of unfired pressure vessel standards
  35. 35. Witnessed pressure tests (including unannounced visits)
  36. 36. Notified Body – DetNorskVeritas (DNV)
  37. 37. Registered for PED in Oslo, local inspectors in Sheffield</li></li></ul><li>Electrolyser CE Marking<br />Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)<br />Directive 2004/108/EC relating to electromagnetic compatibility<br /><ul><li>Requires specialist equipment & expertise
  38. 38. Trained two staff in the process of EMC testing
  39. 39. Trained two staff and loaned equipment to pre-test prototype systems
  40. 40. Formal testing undertaken by Notified Body</li></ul>Testing stresses power supply and control system with focus on:<br /><ul><li>Immunity to electromagnetic interference
  41. 41. Electromagnetic radiation emissions</li></ul>Achieved compliance with more stringent limits set by:<br /><ul><li>EN 61000-6-2:2005 “Immunity for industrial environments”
  42. 42. EN 61000-6-3:2007 “Residential, commercial and light industrial”
  43. 43. Notified Body – York EMC Services Ltd
  44. 44. Typically 3 days testing per product</li></li></ul><li>Electrolyser CE Marking<br />Machinery & Low Voltage Directives (MD & LVD)<br />Directive 2005/42/EC (Machinery) & Directive 2006/95/EC (Low Voltage)<br /><ul><li>Directives are mutually exclusive – use one or the other
  45. 45. MD is not applicable in systems with no moving parts
  46. 46. LVD relates to electrical equipment used within certain voltage limits</li></ul>Both are voluntary certificates of conformity and require:<br /><ul><li>Electrical system tests
  47. 47. Evidence of control system operation
  48. 48. Product risk assessment
  49. 49. Comprehensive Technical File
  50. 50. Product manual
  51. 51. Compliance with EN 60204–1(General electrical safety)
  52. 52. Notified Body – CCQS UK Ltd
  53. 53. A very wide ranging Directive</li></li></ul><li>Electrolyser CE Marking<br />ATEX Directives (ATEX)<br />Two Directives 94/9/EC (ATEX 95) & 1999/92/EC (ATEX 137)<br />ATEX 95: equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres <br /><ul><li>Electrolysers / fuel cells would not usually need to conform to ATEX 95
  54. 54. Requirement to ensure explosive atmospheres do not exist within the product
  55. 55. No ignition sources is part of the machinery directive</li></ul>ATEX 137: H&S protection of workers potentially at risk from explosive atmospheres<br /><ul><li>Product CE marking is not required to address ATEX 137
  56. 56. No formalised approval route for hydrogen & fc stationary installation
  57. 57. Guidance on safe installation generated from the HYPER project
  58. 58. ATEX Directives do not apply to the domestic environment</li></li></ul><li>Electrolyser CE Marking<br />Technical File<br />A location for all product information<br /><ul><li>General Description
  59. 59. List of applicable Directives and standards
  60. 60. Standards checklists
  61. 61. Risk Assessment
  62. 62. Pictures
  63. 63. Detailed engineering drawings and calculations
  64. 64. Test reports
  65. 65. EHSR checklist
  66. 66. Evidence of compliance with Directives
  67. 67. Instruction manuals
  68. 68. Name plate
  69. 69. List of safety critical parts & evidence of conformity
  70. 70. Safety data sheets
  71. 71. Sales literature
  72. 72. Declaration of conformity</li></li></ul><li>Electrolyser CE Marking<br />Declaration of Conformity<br />A statement of compliance to all relevant Directives<br /><ul><li>Lists Directives which product conforms to
  73. 73. Identifies Notified Bodies and specifics of Directives
  74. 74. Address of manufacturer – the keeper of technical file
  75. 75. Description of the equipment
  76. 76. List of harmonised standards applied
  77. 77. Signature of responsible person typically a Director</li></li></ul><li>Electrolyser CE Marking<br />CE Process Summary<br />Understanding the process<br /><ul><li>Screening
  78. 78. Directives
  79. 79. NoBo’s
  80. 80. Accreditation</li></li></ul><li>HOST | Trials in public at 21 locations<br />ITM POWER | FuelCellEurope RCS Workshop 11th May 2011<br />
  81. 81. Hydrogen Refuelling | Green Hydrogen<br />What's the Solution?<br />Hydrogen made from renewable power<br /><ul><li>Replaces a revenue cost with a capital item
  82. 82. Reduces the need for fossil fuels
  83. 83. Decarbonises transport
  84. 84. Improves air quality
  85. 85. A demand side managed load</li></li></ul><li>HOST | Partners<br />Hydrogen on Site Trials<br />Trials to establish commercial benefits and environmental impact models<br /><br /><br />
  86. 86. Hydrogen Refuelling | HOST<br />Operation<br /><ul><li>NFPA2
  87. 87. ISO 20100
  88. 88. ISO 14687</li></ul>RCS for HFuel and HOST<br /><ul><li> Well defined regulations for flammable gas systems
  89. 89. Less defined regulations specific to hydrogen refuelling
  90. 90. Fewer for mobile refuellers
  91. 91. CE not required for demonstration although design with CE in mind</li></ul>Design<br /><ul><li>HAZOP
  92. 92. ATEX (95&137)
  93. 93. HSE (HSL)
  94. 94. ISO 22734</li></ul>Transport<br /><ul><li>TPED
  95. 95. ADR
  96. 96. DfT (ADR ex)</li></ul>Site specific<br /><ul><li>Local H&S
  97. 97. Fire Service
  98. 98. NFPA 2
  99. 99. BCGACP33</li></li></ul><li>Hydrogen Refuelling | HOST<br />Key steps for the HOST program<br /><ul><li>Electrolyser generation system designed with guidance from ISO 22734
  100. 100. Compliance with ATEX Workplace Directive (99/92/EC) and UK Health & Safety At Work Act 1974
  101. 101. Storage quantity of H2 ~ 60 kg, so COMAH and UK Hazardous Substances consent not applicable
  102. 102. ADR Notified Body and Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) consulted for road transportation of storage container, ultimate sign off by UK DfT
  103. 103. HSL consulted on best practice for hydrogen storage
  104. 104. Revolve hydrogen ICE transit vans approval from DfT as Vehicle Special Order (VSO)</li></li></ul><li>Hydrogen Refuelling | HOST<br />HOST - Siting Requirements<br />21 sites with different requirements but common themes<br /><ul><li>Separation distances – key requirement HOST
  105. 105. Minimum distance from other objects, people or hazards</li></ul>(calculated from pipe ID and system pressure)<br /><ul><li>NFPA 2 Code directly applicable, legal requirement in US</li></ul>(as opposed to best practice guidance in UK)<br /><ul><li>UK Health & Safety Laboratories (HSL) invited to review the system on behalf of UK HSE
  106. 106. Details given to local Fire Authorities
  107. 107. Fire Authority asked ITM to ensure compliance with BCGACP33 – leading to updated separation distances combining both NFPA and BCGA</li></li></ul><li>Hydrogen: Product Standards<br />ITM POWER | FuelCellEurope RCS Workshop 11th May 2011<br />
  108. 108. ITM involvement in RCS<br />UK Standards Overview<br />BSI | ISO | Working groups<br /><ul><li> BSI PVE 3/8: Hydrogen
  109. 109. BSI GEL 105: Fuel Cells</li></li></ul><li>ITM involvement in RCS<br />UK Standards Overview: Hydrogen Working Groups<br />BSI PVE 3/8: British Standards Committee for Hydrogen technologies - shadows ISO/TC 197<br />ITM Power<br />
  110. 110. Hydrogen Purity<br />Hydrogen purity standard ISO 14687<br />Fuel cells require very high purity hydrogen and measurement standards<br /><ul><li> In 2008, ITM looked to show conformity with ISO/TS 14687-2
  111. 111. No UK based testing laboratories able to analyse to limits at that time
  112. 112. Participating in UK Gov’s National Measurement Office funded Project with NPL, Air Products and UKHFCA
  113. 113. Working to establish analytical capability to verify conformity with fc grade hydrogen as per ISO 14687-2/3</li></ul>Key Impurities<br />
  114. 114. ITM involvement in RCS<br />Recent Compliance Experiences<br /><ul><li> ISO accreditation
  115. 115. CE marking of first electrolyser systems
  116. 116. Hydrogen On Site Trials (HOST) for mobile hydrogen refueller</li></ul>Building New Markets<br /><ul><li>Med Electrolysers for emerging markets
  117. 117. Articulate new offerings
  118. 118. Develop with global partners
  119. 119. Offering based on ITM’s USP’s</li></li></ul><li>Legal Statement<br />Neither the information contained in these written materials nor any accompanying oral statements constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of offers to buy securities of ITM Power plc (the “Company”). All information presented with respect to the existing business and the historical operating results of the Company and estimates, projections and forward-looking statements, if any, as to future operations are based on material prepared by management of the Company and involve significant elements of subjective judgment and analysis which may or may not be correct. In particular, while the information in these written materials is believed to be accurate it has not been subject to independent audit verification. Such estimates, projections and forward-looking statements, if any, reflect various assumptions of management concerning the future performance of the business of the Company, and are subject to significant business, economic and competitive uncertainties and contingencies, many of which are beyond the control of the Company. Accordingly there can be no assurance that such estimates, projections and forward-looking statements will be realized. The actual results may vary from the anticipated results and such variations may be material. Neither the Company nor any of its directors, officers, employees or advisers make any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information delivered to you, and nothing herein is, or shall be relied upon as, a representation or warranty with respect to past or future facts or results. This information is made available to you on the basis that you have confirmed to us that you are an "accredited investor" as defined in Rule 501(a) of Regulation D of the Securities and Exchange Commission.<br />ITM POWER | FuelCellEurope RCS Workshop 11th May 2011<br />