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We present some of the major findings about the top performing apps and publishers in August 2013 and share additional insights about the topics covered in our latest report: Top Global Apps - August …

We present some of the major findings about the top performing apps and publishers in August 2013 and share additional insights about the topics covered in our latest report: Top Global Apps - August 2013.

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  • Distimo has a very clear objective: to make the app market transparent. Our goal is to provide the best and most actionable app metrics for anyone who wants to compete in the mobile marketplace.Today, Distimo provides the #1 free app analytics platform for developers, alongside the most accurate market data for any app globally, all integrated into one intuitive, highly customizable and easy to use platform. Distimo firmly believes in empowering every player in the mobile marketplace with the most accurate data. Our platform lets developers track downloads, revenue and conversions for various campaigns in their own app, across multiple app stores, at no cost.
  • Distimo also provides daily data for apps across multiple mobile marketplaces. Distimo’sAppIQ is the most accurate source of app data for any app globally. It helps developers and financial services companies make well informed, strategic decisions and enables a competitive analysis, so that you can gain detailed insights about the global app market.
  • In these slides we would like to present some of the main findings from our August Report as well as some more detailed data behind the major developments. You can download the full report on our website: http://www.distimo.com/publications.The first graph is a shows the growth development of the two major app stores: the Apple App Store and Google Play over the past six month. We are planning on updating this graph going forward, to enable you to track the monthly development of the two app stores. The pie charts state the conclusion of this graph: The Apple App Store is still the leading store with 65%, while Google Play’s piece of the pie is increasing month over month – standing at 35% at the end of August 2013.Please note that the graph is based on the 34 countries listed on the slide. These countries are chosen for this analysis, as revenue is generates for both stores in each country.
  • Analyzing the global app revenue by country, this graph presents the top 10 countries. This data is based on combined revenue from both, the Apple App Store and Google Play. We also included China here, even though there is no paid content offered on Google Play. Nevertheless, China is still ranked 5th, solely based on revenue from iOS.
  • The next graph presents a detailed look on the global app revenue of the top 10 countries and gives insights in the app revenue distribution per platform in each country in August 2013.Google Play is strongly represented in the Asian countries, mainly Japan & South Korea, followed by the United States; Germany ranked 4th and the United Kingdom 5thFor the Apple App Store, the United States are the main revenue generating nation, followed by Japan, United Kingdom, China, and Australia.
  • For a detailed look on all Top Global Apps for the free, paid, and grossing charts, please refer to the full report. In this presentation we mainly wanted to focus on providing some background on the most revenue generating app in August 2013: Supercell’s Clash of Clans.We received a few questions about what was behind this success and would like to present a more detailed analysis based on AppIQ data in the following slides.
  • One great analytic feature that AppIQ provides is the “worldmap view”. This view gives you the opportunity to see any app with its related top countries (based on either revenue or downloads).This graph shows the revenue distribution by country for Clash of Clans and it is notable that after the United States, Japan and China are the next biggest revenue generating countries. This proves the strong Asian presence for Clash of Clans during August 2013.
  • AppIQ does not only let you see one app at a time – With the feature: “Command & Conquer” it allows you to compare multiple apps on country level to analyze the related performance in the different markets.In our case, this feature allows an interesting case: Especially compared to top grossing app #2: Candy Crush Saga, we can see that the Asian markets are stronger for Clash of Clans.
  • Diving into AppIQ Data of the previous months allowed us to find some possible factors behind the success of Clash of Clans.Analyzing the revenue development, you can see some strong spikes in the curves, especially after certain events as shown in the screenshots. The major change in revenue is likely related to the events that took place in China and Japan some weeks ago. The events were in this case version updates, which included the addition of local languages to the game: Chinese (on May 23rd )and Japanese (on June 17th).The increasing revenue after these events is clearly visible and it is very likely that this localization strategy had a positive effect on the revenue development of Clash of Clans.[For a more detailed analysis of a localization strategy read also our publication: The Impact of App Translationshttp://www.distimo.com/publications ]
  • With App IQ all kinds of events and their impact on revenue and downloads of apps can be tracked and analyzed. Next to the revenue as shown in previous slides you can also track how fast downloads increase. This is especially interesting in today’s app markets, where apps reach a high number of downloads remarkably fast. Our section on “The road to one million downloads” shows the top performing apps in terms of downloads during August. In this presentation we wanted to share the track of 3 examples as shown on the slide.“Disney Infinity: Action!” (displayed in blue) reached the 1 million downloads within 4 days, while “Celebrity Doctor – Free Games” (displayed in pink) needed about 6 days and “The Impossible Line” (displayed in green) shows the most flat line, stretching out to around 10 days until the 1 million milestone was reached.
  • We hope that you enjoyed these couple examples on more detailed looks behind the developments in the app markets. If you have any additional questions on the August Report and / or this presentation, please feel free to contact us at Distimo. We’d be happy to share more insights with you on your topic of interest.Thank you!


  • 1. Webinar Top Global Apps – August 2013 September 25th 2013 Christel Schoger Analyst
  • 2. AppIQ Daily download and revenue estimations enable you to analyze any app in the market – whether it is your competitor, potential partner or an investment opportunity. Events such as price changes, featured listings and updates are also included, allowing you to analyze the influence of each event on download volumes as well as revenue.
  • 3. Google Play’s piece of the pie increases This analysis is based on comparing the revenue generated from the app stores of the following 34 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam. Market sizes of the Apple App Store and Google Play March – August 2013
  • 4. Revenue distribution by country
  • 5. Revenue distribution by platform
  • 6. Clash of Clans in August 2013
  • 7. Candy Crush Saga vs. Clash of Clans in August 2013
  • 8. Clash of Clans – Success in Asian Markets • Top Grossing App - globally on iOS in August 2013 • Top 3 Countries: United States, Japan, China • Successful in Asia – Localization: Available in local language
  • 9. The road to one million downloads on iOS
  • 10. Webinar Top Global Apps – August 2013 September 25th 2013 Christel Schoger christel@distimo.com THANK YOU!