Taru Kekkonen: Learning Logs


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Presentation held at a conference in Reykjavík 13.9

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Taru Kekkonen: Learning Logs

  1. 1. Learning logs Why? For Whom? How? Reykjavik September 13th, 2013 Taru Kekkonen + the participants of the workshop
  2. 2. • ”Virtual and distance teaching is not only about technology, it is about a new approach to growing and learning. The focus shifts from teacher to learner. New concepts are self orientation, self reflection, meta kognition and internal motivation. The learner has to have mental tools to study, look at his own learning and behaviour and also have the skills to evaluate what was learnt and what was not.” - Kari Kotiranta, Uusi Suomi 1.9.2013
  3. 3. Why a learning log •To become aware of one’s own learning – How do I learn best? •To reflect on one’s own learning •To arrange one’s own thoughts •To become aware of what was learned and what still needs to be learned •To give structure to one’s learning (deadlines, aims, •To unload one’s feelings about learning •To make one’s learning visible for others •To be able to repeat what was learned earlier •To give feedback on the course in groups •To put more emphasis on the
  4. 4. For whom? for the learner But also for the teacher especially in distance education •provides additional material for assessment •a way to get to know the student better
  5. 5. How? – Audioboo audioboo.com ”Who says it always has to be written?” • available for web, iOS, Android + mobile • an account / profile necessary • voice recordings (+ still picture) • 3 min recording, unlimited amount of recorgings (in free version)
  6. 6. • comments by writing or speaking • a community (getting connected) • embedding of recordings made easy • a variety of other sharing options (e-mail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google plus etc.)
  7. 7. a student’s boo + feedback from teacher https://audioboo.fm/boos/764442-tuotoksen-suunnittelua-ja-tyoskentelya-osa2
  8. 8. How? – Mailvu mailvu.com • a mail you can view • click – record – play - send • 10min videos • free trial 14 days (30€/year) • requires a webcam + Adobe Flash ver 10+ • available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones + tablets
  9. 9. a mail to the teacher http://mailvu.com/msg/ide50566d48514f7fab886c9dd4e36e90
  10. 10. MailVu or Tokbox A video interview in which a language teacher describes how she has used MailVu and Tokbox in language teaching http://www.teachus.eu/2011/02/18/mailvu-and-tokbox-practise-your- speaking-skills-miia-siven/
  11. 11. How? – Evernote evernote.com • for taking notes in various forms • voice recording, text, pictures, photos, emails, pdf-files etc • free (40€ for extra features) • notes and notebooks • tagging • sharing a note: FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, link etc.