Hot data recovery tools lead the trend of setting data recovery labs


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Setting data recovery lab with professional data recovery tools is the right solution for data recovery companies, SalvationData provide DR solution and data recovery tools.

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Hot data recovery tools lead the trend of setting data recovery labs

  1. 1. Hot Data recovery tools lead the trend of setting data recovery labs Concerned about the world largest free data recovery training tour in 2010, please click on: Considerable prospects: the golden fringe IT industry With the popularity of the network, businesses and individuals pay more attentions on information security; data recovery investment is also growing. An IDC statistics show that current global data recovery market value is about 100 billion U.S. dollars; domestic market is at least ten billion Yuan. Global Data Recovery R&D enterprise SalvationData CEO Mr. Liang said that the data recovery industry in China is on starting, but in foreign countries, data recovery has been a recognized "gold industry." Experienced data recovery engineers annual salary is 30 million or more, while data recovery engineer in domestic data recovery companies also have very high salary. Cruel situation: The competition The data recovery industry is full of competition. Large IT companies, small and medium PC repair department also cater to data recovery services, professional data recovery companies such mainstream companies are struggling to occupy the market. Unlimited data recovery market behind the data security At present, some non-professional company provider data recovery services widely, but due to their own data recovery experience and data recovery tools limited, which takes the form of outsourcing to professional data recovery companies who have professional data recovery tools. In the long term, not only conduct a non-professional data recovery agency based in the middle of the industrial chain, but also will result in profits shrinking of professional data recovery companies, further exacerbating the competition in data recovery industry.
  2. 2. So, how to break this situation and create a healthy atmosphere on development of data recovery industry Strategy: a professional data recovery lab In the same time of feeling confused, a number of forward-looking data recovery R&D companies have also seen this and raising a solution, "data recovery lab." What is "Data recovery lab"? Mr. Liang said data recovery lab is equivalent to the upgrades of traditional data recovery center, data recovery laboratory use more professional clean room, which is in a clean closed room within HDD opening operation. Data recovery companies establish a data recovery lab; its role is to provide a clean and dust-free environment, thereby improving the success rate of data recovery of HDD opening. SalvationData data recovery lab- clean room It is understood that, as a leading enterprises in data recovery companies, SalvationData research and develop a clean room for data recovery needs of HDD opening, to meet the needs of data recovery companies all the work in clean room with a unique observation window for confidential data recovery, customers can monitor the whole process. In addition, SalvationData launched the suitable data recovery tools for small and medium data recovery companies in March– File Extractor, File Extractor is a leading data recovery tools for its technology and higher data recovery success rate than similar products about 300%, well recognized in data recovery industry. Now, the data recovery tools integrating of data wipe and multi-copy - Data Copy King (short as DCK) is becomes the industry's leading data recovery laboratory "standard", a standard data recovery tools for data recovery companies. SalvationData provide a full set of "Data recovery laboratory" building projects for the data recovery companies, also provide a variety of comprehensive data recovery tools and after- sales technical service support. As Mr. Liang said, "in the data recovery industry, enhance the overall competitiveness and disrupting the market malignant competition, is the original intention to establish 'Data Recovery Labs'.” It is believed that, with the promotion of data
  3. 3. recovery laboratories, data recovery companies' core competence will be been greatly improved, and the overall level of data recovery service will get a more uncertain future.