Snowboarding Beginner Guide


Published on Know how to become an expert snowboarder by following the best practical beginner’s guide. Find Snowboard Gear for Cheap that will match your skill level. Check what Burton Snowboard on Sale has in store for you.

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Snowboarding Beginner Guide

  1. 1. Snowboarding Beginner GuideSnowboarding can really be an exhilarating experience. It is no wonder why more and more peopleare participating in this extreme sport season after season. Just imagine the thrill and excitementthat you can experience when riding down the slope and showcasing your tricks as well as savoringthe feeling of adrenaline pumping your body. However, you must be a professional or an expertsnowboarder to fully enjoy what this sport has to give. The first thing to do to become one of the mostacclaimed snowboarders is to master the basics. This is the secret if you want to ride like a pro.Here are a few beginner guides to snowboarding… • Gear up – It is essential to wear proper snowboarding gear. Make sure that the equipment ensures your safety. Use helmet, wrist guards, stiff boots, etc. Never attempt to go down the slope without your gears on as this can only expose you to possible injuries. The helmet should perfectly fit your head’s circumference otherwise it is likely to let loose. Your boots must also fit perfectly to your feet. They must be comfortable and tight but not too tight as this can hinder the blood flow in your blood. Also, you may want to wear long socks, 2 if necessary to keep your toes warm and prevent being frozen. • The lead foot – As a beginner, you still need to adjust and acclimate yourself to snowboarding stances. You must be able to find your lead foot. Your stronger foot should be in front. But this is not necessarily a big deal because as you progress in your level, you can change the lead foot anytime you want. The key here is to adapt your lead foot according to your needs. • The right posture – A good posture is important when snowboarding as this greatly influences your balance. Find the right posture that you are comfortable and will match your performance. To find the right posture, place your feet on the snowboard, press with your lead foot, bend your knees, keep your back straight and feel the ground. When changing directions, shift between placing pressing on the heel edge and the toe edge. Change the pressure according to the snowboard’s direction. • Go with the flow, don’t control it – Snowboarding requires balance. To smoothly execute your move down the slopes, it is important to focus your attention to the right direction. After you have done this, it’s time to let your body do the job where you want to go. Don’t control it or become too tight about where directions to go as this can only lead you to a frustrating ride. • Learn from mistakes – As a beginner, every step is a learning point. You can never become an expert if you have not started as a beginner. So you start small and then little by little you progress. You can quickly leverage your skill by learning from your snowboarding mistakes.
  2. 2. Among the most common mistakes committed by newbies is overestimating their abilities and not pushing oneself to do better. The lesson here is to try harder, be persistent, and downplay your skill levels.Once you have progressed from a beginner to an expert, then you can try all sorts of snowboardingstyles and techniques that will bring your hobby to the next level.Know how to become an exper t snowboarder by following the best practicalbeginner’s guide. Find Snowboard Gear for Cheap that will match your skill level.Check what Bur ton Snowboard on Sale has in store for you.