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Knowledge Management is one of the hottest topics today in both the industry world and information research world. In our daily life, we deal with huge amount of data and information. Data and information is not knowledge until we know how to dig the value out of of it. This is the reason we need knowledge management.

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Knowledge management placewell consultant...

  1. 1. Knowledge Management What is Knowledge ??? Placewell Consultant
  2. 2. Data, Information & Knowledge Placewell Consultant
  3. 3. Types of Knowledge Placewell Consultant
  4. 4. ….is personal. It is stored in the heads of people. It is accumulated through study and experience. It is developed through the process of interaction with other people. Tacit knowledge grows through the practice of trial and error and the experience of success and failure. Tactic Knowledge Placewell Consultant
  5. 5. …. is codified. It is stored in documents, databases, websites, emails and the like. It is knowledge that can be readily made available to others and transmitted or shared in the form of systematic and formal languages. Explicit Knowledge Placewell Consultant
  6. 6. is the collection of processes that govern the creation, dissemination, and utilization of knowledge. KM……………????? Placewell Consultant
  7. 7. Indentify Acquire Manage Disseminate What does KM entail ?? Placewell Consultant  Ensure right knowledge to right persons at right time and in right format.  Leverage existing Knowledge and potential of IT  Make knowledge sharing a dominant culture  Gain Competitive Advantage
  8. 8.  To share the knowledge, a company creates exponential benefits from the knowledge as people learn from it. Learn from past mistakes – ours or others To build better sensitivity to “brain drain” Innovate & lead change in the business To reacting to new business opportunities Why KM… for Organization ?? Placewell Consultant
  9. 9. Personal knowledge can become organizational knowledge through the dynamic interaction between tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge…… This dynamic process is the essence of knowledge creation in an organization Interaction between types of Knowledge Placewell Consultant
  10. 10.  People : -  Why people don’t want to share knowledge?  The two big factors : culture and behaviour  How do we make the changes?  Processes : -  Organisational processes and infrastructure – and whether they currently help or hinder KM.  KM processes and infrastructure – the ‘process’ element of what needs to be put in place to make knowledge management happen Elements of a KM Strategy.... Placewell Consultant
  11. 11. Thanks.... Placewell Consultant
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