Oil Change Instructions


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Step by step oil change instructions

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Oil Change Instructions

  1. 1. DIY Auto Maintenance Wiki
  2. 2.  Drain Pan Ratchet wrench with appropriate sized socket for the car’s drain plug Oil Filter Wrench New oil—appropriate amount as well as appropriate type New oil filter— appropriate size for the automobile
  3. 3. The car should be startedand let run for 10 minutes.Running the car for thistime heats up the oil, andmakes it easier to drain, bybecoming freer flowing.After 10 minutes, turn thecar off. Open up the hoodof the car and remove theoil fill cap. Warning: Byrunning the engine, it maycause certain surfaces,including oil to become hot.Use caution whileperforming oil change taskto avoid burns.
  4. 4. It is important tocatch all the oil that Oilis drained from the Pancar. If the oil spills, itis very hard to cleanup and can stainsurfaces which youare working on. Alsoif the used motor oilgets into the groundwater supply, it cancontaminate it.
  5. 5. The oil drain plug islocated under thecar on the oil pan. DrainIt is typically Pluglocated towards thefront of the vehicleunder the engine.
  6. 6. Using a ratchetwrench with anappropriate sizedsocket, remove thedrain plug byturning the plug tothe left (ever hearthe term rightytighty, leftyloosey?). Allow theoil to drain.
  7. 7. On most cars, the oil filteris located towards the frontof the engine. When lookingunder the hood of thecar, it is typically located tothe left, near the exhaustports on the front of theengine.However, sometimes it maybe located by the oil panunder the car. The pictureto the right shows thetypical location of the oilfilter if it is towards thefront of the engine underthe hood.
  8. 8. After the oil filter islocated, using anoil filter wrenchremove the oil filterby turning it to theleft. Be sure not tospill oil from it, butallow it to draininto an appropriatecontainer.
  9. 9. After the oil is finisheddraining, the oil filtercan be replaced. Beforereplacing the filter,fresh oil should beapplied with yourfinger to the rubberseal of the new filter.Tighten the filter byhand until it stops.Then, use the filterwrench and turn thefilter one more turn tothe right to tighten itdown entirely. Apply fresh oil to this rubber seal
  10. 10. To replace the drainplug, screw the plugback in by hand byturning it to the right.After it is unable to betightened down by hand,lightly tighten it with theratchet wrench, beingcareful not to tighten toomuch. Caution:Overtightening the drainplug, can cause thethreads to strip, andcomplicate the removalof the drain plug forfuture oil changes.
  11. 11. Using theappropriate amountand type of oilspecified by themanufacturer, addthe oil through theoil fill cap on the topof the engine whichwas removed earlier.After adding theoil, screw this capback on by hand.
  12. 12. The car should be startedand allowed to run foranother 10 minutes.During this time, youshould check for leaksaround the drain plug aswell as the filter. After 10minutes, turn off the carand check the oil level inthe car using the oil dipstick. If it is low, more oilshould be added until itreaches the appropriatelevel.
  13. 13. It is important thatthe oil and oil filterare disposed ofproperly. As statedbefore, used oil cancontaminate watersupplies if disposedof improperly. Manyauto parts storesrecycle old engine oiland filters for free.
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