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Dirk Spencer - Resume Boot Camp with Dirk - Frisco Connect
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Dirk Spencer - Resume Boot Camp with Dirk - Frisco Connect


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This is the Frisco Connect Resume Boot Camp. We review resume layouts, formats, eye-access cues, content, context and more.

This is the Frisco Connect Resume Boot Camp. We review resume layouts, formats, eye-access cues, content, context and more.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Resume Boot Campwith DirkFrisco Connect 2011Top to Bottom Action PlanNo Questions - Answers OnlyGet the Job Not the Interview©
  • 2. The Resume is a Game of:•Reach ability•Read ability•Like ability•Inch by inch on the resume
  • 3. Layout and FormatBe Boring Already
  • 4. Use One Inch MarginsEvery page
  • 5. 1 Inch Margins - All Four Sides•Top•Bottom•Left•Right
  • 6. The Eyes Have ItWhat do they want?
  • 7. Where do your eyes go?
  • 8. Still the Same?
  • 9. Who Are You?What Are You?How Do We Reach You?Make it easy toknow this…
  • 10. Name, Job Title, Email, PhoneAt least - Please
  • 11. Names Need to Be Easy to ReadInitials, Commas, Acronymscan turn your name to electronicdust…
  • 12. Dirk Spencer Dirk V. Spencer Dirk Victor Spencer Dirk V. Spencer, PMP Dirk Victor Spencer, PMP, ACIRDirk Victor Spencer, PMP, ACIR, CIR
  • 13. Dirk Spencer These 4 thingsDirk V. Spencer can turn a last-name into nothingDirk Victor Spencer or the wrong-nameDirk V. Spencer, PMPDirk Victor Spencer, PMP, ACIRDirk Victor Spencer, PMP, ACIR, CIR
  • 14. The post-nameDirk Spencer Alphabet-Soup Dump does not inform…Dirk V. Spencer And – it can become your New Last-NameDirk Victor SpencerDirk V. Spencer, PMPDirk Victor Spencer, PMP, ACIRDirk Victor Spencer, PMP, ACIR, CIR
  • 15. Dirk SpencerRecruiter / Sourcing Specialist DirkPMP@Yahoo.Com 214-295-8687 Plano, Texas 75024
  • 16. Dirk V. SpencerRecruiter / Sourcing Specialist DirkPMP@Yahoo.Com 214-295-8687 Plano, Texas 75024
  • 17. Dirk V. Spencer, PMPRecruiter / Sourcing Specialist DirkPMP@Yahoo.Com 214-295-8687 Plano, Texas 75024
  • 18. Dirk Victor Spencer, PMP, ACIR, CIR Recruiter / Sourcing Specialist DirkPMP@Yahoo.Com 214-295-8687 Plano, Texas 75024
  • 19. Job TitlesMake It Obvious
  • 20. Recruiter SourcerTalent Acquisition (TA) Specialist
  • 21. Recruiter / Sourcer Sourcing SpecialistSourcing / TA Specialist
  • 22. Project Manager SW DeveloperElectrical Engineer
  • 23. Project Manager Project / Product ManagerProject Manager / Product Manager
  • 24. SW Engineer Software EngineerSoftware Engineer / DeveloperSW Engineer / SW Developer
  • 25. Emails, Phone Numbers, ZipVerify they work &Brand Effectively
  • 26. EmailDo’s & Don’ts
  • 27. Bad Email – No Doughnut Tail Chaser Sexy Kitty Harley Girl
  • 28. Email Errors to Avoid Missing Letters Transposed Numbers Wrong Domain (.COM vs. .NET) Old Work Email
  • 29. Phone NumbersTest ThemFrom the Resume
  • 30. Phone Number Errors to Avoid Transposed NumbersWrong Exchanges / Extensions Old Cell / Land Line Number
  • 31. Location, Location, LocationAll About Zip Codes
  • 32. Location Minimums City State Zip Code
  • 33. The Top of the ResumePulling It All Together
  • 34. Dirk Spencer RecruiterDirkPMP@Yahoo.Com 214-295-8687 Plano, Texas 75024
  • 35. Secret SpreadsheetsBe Part of the Pipeline
  • 36. Which Layout is Easier to Copy?
  • 37. Paragraphs HacksThe Magic of 3 LinesThe Failure of 4 or More
  • 38. Where Does the Eye Go?
  • 39. They Jump Blank Line to Blank Line
  • 40. Wraps Around the 3 Line Paragraph
  • 41. Drops to “Preview” – Spots the 4th Line
  • 42. Swings Up to Top
  • 43. Takes in the 3 Lines Here
  • 44. The Magic of 3 Lines -
  • 45. The Failure of 4 or More
  • 46. Less is More – Learn to Chunk Info
  • 47. Layout HackLeft JustifiedOrRagged Right
  • 48. Where Do The Eyes Go?
  • 49. Company Name and or Job Title
  • 50. Then – First Bullet
  • 51. Then – The White Space
  • 52. Then – Hopefully – The First Word
  • 53. How it Works?This white-space gives the eye a trough, trench, channel tofollow downwardThe correct width of this white-space- Allows the eye to pick-up the first word naturally
  • 54. Versus Here? Here the eye travels downward to the left of the bullets…result? - ZERO word comprehension
  • 55. Versus Here Still?Here the eye travels along the far left white-space and The bullets are too close for subsequent reads
  • 56. Comparing Eye Travel
  • 57. Avoid Justified TextThe Risk of Justified Text
  • 58. Where Does the Eye Go First?
  • 59. Left Edge to Right Edge…& Back
  • 60. Why is Justified Text Bad? The human “thinks” they read the text when they have not… Justified text draws attention to job dates and gaps if they exist…
  • 61. Find a FontArial or Times Roman
  • 62. Arial is Your Friend……On Screen
  • 63. What is ArialSans-Serif FontInternet StandardUniversal to the WWW(Check the major news & retail sites)
  • 64. Why Arial – Why On ScreenComputer monitors & smart phonesPixel ratios drive this conditionResumes are viewed mostly online
  • 65. Times Roman is Your Friend……In Print
  • 66. What is Times RomanA Serif FontThe serif is the implied line atthe bottom and top of thecharacter stem
  • 67. Why Times Roman – Why PrintThe serif gives the eye directionThe eye follows the impliedLine created by the horizontalStems in each letter or number
  • 68. ARIAL – TIMES ROMANWhich of these iseasier to read on screen?
  • 69. Pick a PointBecause… Size Matters
  • 70. Use the Same Size Font/SizeThroughout the Resume…Arial 11Is easier to read than…Times Roman 12 on screen
  • 71. Be Boring on PurposeBe the SameEverywhere on the Resume
  • 72. Resume Must Have a ContextCheap Hacks
  • 73. Leveraging Labels for ContextAKA - Resume Outline
  • 74. Generic Labels Everyone Can UseThe “Preview”The “Summary”The “Overview”The “Professional Experience”
  • 75. Other Labels to LeverageThe “Software”The “Methods”The “Tools”The “Associations”The “Awards”The “Conferences”The “Best Practices”The “Processes”The “Body of Knowledge”
  • 76. Using Labels Plus Job Title =Hack for Cheap Context
  • 77. Recruiter Gives “Context” to Section Labels Recruiter Preview Recruiter Summary Recruiter Overview Recruiter Professional Experience
  • 78. Where Does Your Eye Go?
  • 79. Beat a “Job-Title” Hack to Death Recruiter Software Recruiter Methods Recruiter Tools Recruiter Associations Recruiter Awards Recruiter Conferences Recruiter Best Practices Recruiter Processes Recruiter Body of Knowledge
  • 80. Real Life ExampleLabels Alone Can Make a Difference
  • 81. What Job Boards HighlightKeyword: RECRUITER
  • 82. Who Would You Call?
  • 83. Resume ReviewThe Science of the EyeThe Science of Human BehaviorThe Science of Layout and Styling
  • 85. Ragged Right
  • 86. Style Options to Stop UsingMostly Because of The LCD
  • 87. STOP DOING THESE THINGS:Random BoldingAll CapitalizationUnderlines“Symbols” as “Bullets”
  • 88. The Sin of Random BoldingDistracts the ReaderAppears Disorganized
  • 89. The Sin of All CapitalizationGrammatically IncorrectComes Across as SHOUTING
  • 90. Misgiving of UnderlinesCreates White-Space EscapeDraws the Eye to the End
  • 91. Avoid Using Symbols as BulletsUse Standard Bullet ListExamples to Avoid:
  • 92. Word Processing Tricks to AvoidStuff you can do – But should stop already
  • 93. Technical Things to Stop UsingGraphic LinesText BoxesHeadersFooters
  • 94. Avoid Graphic LinesATS products may translate,convert or delete text from thethe resume
  • 95. Text BoxesThe content in text boxes isusually NOT cataloged in the ATSor resume databaseThis is why they do not email orcall – they do not have theinformation electronically
  • 96. Headers & Footers Are Not Your Friend The content of the Header & Footer is not always captured by the ATS or resume database electronically If your name & contact data is here they may not be able to “find” it in follow-up searches…. Even when the header & footer displays the content to the reader when online
  • 97. The Kiss of Death (The K.O.D.)AKA - Fluff Kills
  • 98. Fluff Negatively Ranks Resumes Job board technology changes make any fluff, hyperbolic, hyperbole, hype or other marketing jargon is enemy number 1 to resume ranking…
  • 99. Job Titles to Avoid•Entrepreneur •Operator•Owner •Franchisee•Consultant •Principal
  • 100. Phrases We Never Search For• Results-Oriented• Proven Leader• Strong Interpersonal Skills• Hands-on Technician• Seasoned Professional
  • 101. Words That Blunt the Resume•Other•Every•All•Any
  • 102. Years of Experience – Stop It•“X” Years of Experience
  • 103. Never Use Humor on a Resume•Head Bottle Washer and CEO
  • 104. TMI Alert• Happily married with 3 beautiful kids• Wife’s name is Mary• Born Crafter
  • 105. Words Recruiters Do NOT Search On• Strong • Strategic Thinker• Dynamic • Tactical Thinker• Duties • Duties• Utilize, Utilized, Utilizing • Decisive• Responsible • Dynamic• Successfully • High Energy• Effectively • Power• I (EYE did this - EYE did that) • Powerful• Thinker
  • 106. Honest is Good – Vulnerable is Stupid• Self-Taught• Recent Death in the family forced me to start my own company
  • 107. Trough Sales Vs Team Leader•Manger Versus•Manager
  • 108. Negativity Sticks to You – Not Them•Demoralized•Depressed•Discouraged•Disheartened•Subpar
  • 109. Q&A
  • 110. Dirk Spencer – Social Media Recruiter• DirkPMP@Yahoo.Com• 214-295-8687• @DirkInDallas•• Slideshare.Net/Dirk Spencer• Dirk is a former DOD Computer Specialist turned Recruiter and Social Media Tactician.• He is the creator of "Resume Psychology – Get the Offer Not the Interview©.
  • 111. Dirk Spencer – Social Media Recruiter Beyond resumes, Dirk’s expertise includes talent acquisition, deep- web sourcing, social media recruiting and linguistics. He has worked agency recruiting, contract recruiting and corporate recruiting. Dirk is regularly invited to speak to career groups, industry recruiters and professional organizations on resume strategies, network tactics, sourcing and communication strategies and professional branding using social media.
  • 112. Dirk’s recruiting experience includes:Information Technology Executive LeadershipTelecomm NetworkingSemiconductor AviationBanking DefenseConsumer Goods Supply ChainAccounting Software DevelopmentFinance Fast Moving Consumer GoodsProject Management InternationalEngineering
  • 113. Dirk has worked for these companies
  • 114. Previous Recruiter Events& Speaker Mentions• Dallas Fort Worth Texas Recruiter Network (DFWTRN)• Executive Search Owners Association (ESOA)• Inter-City Personnel Associates (IPA) Associates Food & Beverage• Pikes Peak Recruiter Network (PPRN)• Texas Regional Infrastructure Security Conference• The Rick Gillis Radio Show in Houston, Texas ESPN Radio• CareerRocketeer “The 150+ Experts on Twitter All Job Seekers Must Follow• The Fort-Worth Star-Telegram
  • 115. Previous Speaking EventsProfessional Organizations:• Colorado Association Healthcare Executives (CAHE) Annual Conference• Meeting of the Minds Conference• Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce Breakfast of Champions• North Texas Small Business Summit• TalentNet Live Social Recruiting Conference• Frisco Connect Job Seeker Strategy Summit• Texas Small Business Summit• Texas Regional Infrastructure Security Conference• American Society of Quality (ASQ)• Texas Workforce Commission Veterans Support Group• Intuit Women’s Network• International Institute of Business Analyst (IIBA)• National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI).
  • 116. Previous Speaking EventsEcumenical & Volunteer Organizations• St. Jude Career Alliance a Chapter of the Catholic Career Development Community (CCDC)• Career Counseling Group (CCG) of DFW Islamic Association of North Texas (IANT)• Career Counseling Group (CCG) of DFW Islamic Center of Irving (ICI)• Crossroads Bible Church (CBC) Career Transition Workshop (CTW)• Jewish Family Service (JFS)• Career Jump Start - First United Methodist Church Richardson (FUMCR)• Carrollton Career Focus Group (CFG)• Carrollton City Job Hunt 101• Custer Rd Church Job Net Plano• Fort Worth Career Search Network (FWCSN)• MacArthur Blvd Baptist Church (MBBC) Career Transition Network (CTN)• McKinney Trinity Presbyterian Church Career Transition Network (CTN)• McKinney Workforce Networking• Preston Trail Job Network (PTJN)• Saint Philips Episcopal of Frisco Job Ministry• Southlake Focus Group (SFG)• St. Andrew UMC Sales Group with Dennis O’Hagan