Performance appraisal comments sample


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performance appraisal comments sample

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Performance appraisal comments sample

  1. 1. Performance appraisal comments sampleWhen you are a member of a management team and you are responsible for a groupof employees there are certain responsibilities that are going to fall squarely on yourshoulders. One of these will be to complete their annual performance reviews. Astheir direct supervisor that works with them every day you are the person most suitedto the task. You get to see how well they work and which areas they excel in or needto improve their levels of performance in. Armed with this knowledge and a selectionof performance appraisal samples you are ready to get started.The object of an annual review is not to berate or belittle your employees, rather it is atime to sit down and look back over the last year. Consider how well the employ hasdone his job, what areas he has improved in or shown the initiative to learn new skillsin. You will of course also have to look at any areas that he may not have done sowell in and cover those as well. The idea is to complete comprehensive review that isaimed at praising good performance and at helping him to work on the areas wherehis work is not quite up to par.You are required to cover the entire reporting period and as such you should be takingnotes all year long so that you have a file full of information to help you whenappraisal time comes. It can be very hard to remember everything good or bad thathas happened over the course of a year and the better your notes are the easier it willbe to write a fair and equitable appraisal that will give praise where it is due and pointout the problems in as positive a light as possible. You want each employee that youare writing a performance review for to come out of the meeting feeling like he is avaluable member of your company and headed in the right direction to improve overthe course of the next year.If this process is something that you have not had to deal with before, you may wantto download a few performance appraisal samples to look at. These samples can teachyou how to write an appraisal in the most positive light possible that will keep bothyour superiors and those you are in charge of happy at the same time. : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms forperformance appraisal.