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The job of market research is, to make the voice of the consumer to be heart in the management board. But often consumer research is not conducted, because there is no time and money. In such cases, it makes sense to do quick and easy research projects to collect input for marketing decision making. Such research is often called "Quick & Dirty", but there is no need to make it diry. This presentation describes how research become "Quick & Relevant". It was held on the ESOMAR conference "Qualitative 2007" in Paris.

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Quick & Relevant Research

  1. 1. QUICK & RELEVANT FLEXIBLE RESEARCH TO IMPROVE DECISION MAKING Dirk Engel Universal McCann Germany ESOMAR Conference „Qualitative 2007“ November 14th 2007, Paris
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  4. 4. Specific problem, lots of meetings, no decision 4
  5. 5. Need for an higher instance – like the wise King Salomon 5
  6. 6. Who is the wise King Salomon in Marketing? •NOT the brand manager •NOT the CEO •NOT the researcher •...it is the consumer! •The research is only the media to allow the voice of the consumer to be heard in the management board 6
  7. 7. Lack of data for a marketing decision •So there is a strong need for extensive further research, but... • ...no money available! • ...research budget is dedicated to other projects! • ...time is getting short! •What to do? •There are three options... 7
  8. 8. 1st option: Get the money, do the study! •Best option: •The necessary money is provided and the study is done •Chance is rather low, because... • ...money is allocated mostly for continuing long term research • ...existing tools are inflexible for new problem • ...no man power in the research department to design & conduct ad hoc research • ...researchers suggest sophisticated study designs with complexe methodologies (no time and money!) 8
  9. 9. 2nd option: Trust your gut feelings! •Worst option: You don’t do any research at all and decide out of blue! •Right or wrong, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating. •Intuition is often a good guide, but not always! 9
  10. 10. 3rd option: Start ad-hoc research! •The most pragmatic option: •Start a study, but knowingly accept cut-backs in the complexity of the study. • It does not need to be perfect, but must deliver relevant information for the specific problem... • ...and at a speed which delivers results on time. • Provides the right input for decision making! •„Well, but this research seems to be...“ 10
  11. 11. „Quick & Dirty“ 11
  12. 12. 12
  13. 13. 13
  14. 14. Example: Asking the agency staff – Global pet food survey Higher Involvement he doesn't stop barking I think that Eukanuba is a very good quality pet food, and jumping all over the Do you know mostly for what I heard in place when he can TV and I read in internet... smell that i am cooking that cats love also some other dog's spaghetti aspargus? owner advised me about this food My one dog likes apples, Taste Loves pigs ears - gets she will beg and beg until Health them as a treat she gets a piece The dogs are normally fed meat with vegetables Chicken soup and fish are the winners. Actually they to give him cat biscuits only so most of cannot persuade me to the time that is all he gets except when I make it regularly buy mince or fish for my tea, then he gets some as well Lower Involvment 14 Source: InTuition Global Pet Owner Panel n = 438 / Universal McCann
  15. 15. „Quick & Relevant“ instead of „Quick & Dirty“ ! 15
  16. 16. Some rules to make research quick and relevant • Think problem driven, not project driven • Involve the real marketing decision makers and not only the information gatherers, the research experts • Use simple studies and tools that help to find a decision • Combine the advantages of qualitative and quantitative research instead of insisting on high methodology standards • Make sure that the results of ad-hoc studies can be combined with big representative surveys • Keep cost efficiency and time to market in mind • Ensure a flexible but trusting cooperation between client and research agency 16
  17. 17. Think problem driven, not project driven •Conducting Projects Solving Problems •Long term •Short term •Complex •Should be simple •Expensive •Efficient •Time consuming •Quick •Input for long term strategy •Input for specific decision & planning •Covering only one topic •Covering a variety of topics •Asked by Decision Makers •Lead by research department 17
  18. 18. Involve the real marketing decision makers and not only the information gatherers, the research experts •Remember what Johannes Hartmann (Unilever) stated at the ESOMAR conference “Consumer Insights” this spring in Milan: •”Insighting means including.” •“You can never be over-inclusive.” 18
  19. 19. Use simple studies and tools that help to find a decision •“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” Advantages of simple research designs: • You get the commitment of all decision makers, because they understand it even from the start. • You save time. • You save money. • You can keep the deadline and make sure that the results will feed into the decision making process at the right time. 19
  20. 20. Stop the battle “Qual” vs. “Qual” ! •Combine the advantages of qualitative and quantitative research instead of insisting on sky-scraping methodology standards •So for ad-hoc research, which is quick and relevant, the line between qualitative and quantitative research is not set in stone. • A set of open questions in an online survey cannot replace several focus groups or in-depth interviewing, but it delivers food for thought. 20
  21. 21. Example: Association „Broadband“ x-DSL, LAN or other high speed systems help to Procedure of data realize broadband Internet transmission, which send access. The most popular data on a broad variety of broadband connection is frequencies, and which DSL. This means “Digital concrete / generates higher data volumes by parallel Subscriber Line” = faster Internet; AS WELL as quick page reproduction, quick transmission Source: InTuition / March 2004 / n = 1.555 interviews technical downloads, even video conferences are possible with flatrate. A broadband Internet access enables faster downloads Transmission medium which and video conferences in Describes connections with a supports a big variety of high quality. This works via broad spectrum (means a high Fast building of number of transmissioned bits per frequencies cable networks or DSL. pictures on screen Internet access via modem time, at the moment ca. 100 KB per or ISDN does NOT mean second are possible but rarely broadband. used) A connection, which delivers Stupid question! Just a a big amount of data at the The variety for downloads (t- broadband regarding to same time dsl 768 down 128 up etc.) different fields of knowledge Broadband is e.g. DSL, a big Cable to the data pipe to send and (e.g. technologoy, medical Browsing the Internet with Television set. receive data 768 KB per second sciences) Internet connection with a False For me broadband high volume of data transmission per second Internet connection via DSL, Right modem or satellit; speed = more than 514 KBit Associations = DSL; and DSL = flatrate. Fast connection, can transmit much data parallel Associations A technology, which realizes faster Internet access via bundles of channels Broadband = DSL Big screen - broad, but not high A technical statement A higher rate of transmission Watching a movie with black barrs on about the usage of a than by an analogue modem TV frequency band. Screen size in 16:4 format Internet via glas fiber Playing video films Have something to do with mobile phones, Transmit big amount isn’t it? of information Much data exchange Communication, TV, in a short period media Broadband cables Something to do with delivers more data films Broadband supports the usage through than other Versatility! Broad cables of the Internet around the world. variety! Faster, always You can build a computer net drunken musicians available, multimedia with broadband. A way of fast and gift wraps Internet access wireless surfing I want it! a ribbon of at least 2.73 meters wide, The opposite of laying across the „small band“ I guess this has It’s cool street Waste of money! something to do with The time of Internet technology. Sorry, but access via modem is I don’t have a clue over – thank you, about technology. Lord! Vague / diffuse
  22. 22. Make sure that the results of ad-hoc studies can be combined with big representative surveys •Especially research agencies which specialize in qualitative research are not aware of the great potential of surveys about consumption and media usage. •But with good thinking and smart crosstabs, you can transform e.g. a consumer typology from a qualitative study into a countable target in the TGI. •In Germany it is a little bit easier, because of the wealth of industry research provided by the media. •But even a vague transformation of a qualitative model into a database is better than waiting for that big bespoke project for quantification, which may never come… 22
  23. 23. Example: Cosmetic users segmentation recreate in joint industry study Mittellose Wohlhabende Preisbewusste Markenbewusste Kosmetik Wenig Kosmetik Junkie Styling Fan Mainstream Verweigerer Verwenderin Alter 14-24 14-24 25-29 25-29 14-29 Tätigkeit In Ausbildung In Ausbildung Berufstätig Nicht berufstätig, In Ausbildung (Tendenz (Tendenz junge Mütter oder berufstätig Studium) Ausbildung) HH Netto- hoch Niedrig - mittel mittleres niedrig durchschnittlich einkommen Potential: 1,20 Mio. 1,35 Mio. 1,24 Mio. 1,17Mio. 1,28 Mio. 6,24 Mio. 19,2 % 21,6 % 19,9 % 18,8 % 20,5% (=100%) Source: Kommunikations Analyse, Gruner + Jahr 23
  24. 24. Ensure a flexible but trusting cooperation between client and research agency •When agency and a research provider have to work together, it is necessary to establish some Client routines to speed up the process of calculating costs and timing and develop the overall research design. •So both parties are not competitors in that Media / Ad game, they should play together as a team. Agency Research Agency 24
  25. 25. Example: Brand Fit Check Fit Pocher & Brand Z High Pocher Celebrity 100% High Pocher Low Brand Z High Brand Z provocative young modern athletic dynamic successful interesting funny Brand 0% 100% Z smart authentic urbane / international attractive sovereign competent call the tune conservative (“tonangebend”) trustworthy Low Pocher Low Pocher Low Brand Z 0% High Brand Z © 2005 InTuition™ / Universal McCann 25
  26. 26. Example: New ideas for communication planning Increasing consumption frequency through new ways of preparing your Nescafé •Through focus groups we identified a new way of preparing Nescafé Classic that perfectly fits with the Zeitgeist 26
  27. 27. Example: New ideas for communication planning The visual difference Crema way Classical way 27
  28. 28. Consultancy vs. glamour •This kind of “quick & relevant” research is not very glamorous. •But an ad-hoc study, which achieves its specific purpose on time, is also a successful project, even without.::: • big presentation to the management board, • a congratulatory/complimentary press release • or a sophisticated paper at an ESOMAR conference. •With this approach, we can make sure that the wisdom of the consumer is always being heard when it is necessary. 28
  29. 29. “Quick & Relevent” •His or her majesty the consumer should have the last word in controversial marketing decisions and it is our job, to make his or her voice to ! be heard. •dirk.engel@universalmccann.de •www.universalmccann.de 29
  30. 30. •For more details: •see conference paper… 30
  31. 31. dirk.engel@umww.com Dirk Engel Tel.: + 49 - (0)69 – 79 404 - 110 Head of Research Universal McCann Knowledge Universal McCann GmbH, Speicherstraße 57-59, D 60327 Frankfurt http://www.universalmccann.de www.dirkengel.org 31 31
  32. 32. www.dirkengel.org