PR For UKM by Silih Agung


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PR for UKM by Silih Agung Wasesa.

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PR For UKM by Silih Agung

  1. 1. PR: Not just for the big boys. Public Relations Strategy SilihAgungWasesa, ManagingPartnerAsiaPR For SME
  2. 2. Big or Small, Please do not worry, everyone has its own chance. . .
  3. 3. How? WhatshouldIdotogrowup mylittlecat, mysmall-medium enterprise?
  4. 4. UseMimicryPRStrategyforyour business
  5. 5. Mimicry is the ability to blend in to ones surroundings or to look similar to another, similarity can be in appearance, behavior, sound, scent and even location, with the mimics found in similar places to their models (wiki answers) And what about mimicry PR is?
  6. 6. PublicRelationshavemorecredibilitycomparethanAdvertising….
  7. 7. 01 PR Membangun Reputasi Usaha, Menterjemahkan nilai-nilai usaha dari perspektif public. 02 PR membangun lewat orang ketiga 03 PR membangun basis reputasi melalui stakeholder usaha; karyawan, pemilik, pelanggan, supplier. 04 PR Mendukung proses akuisisi dan retensi konsumen 05 PR mengoptimalkan sumber daya yang ada; sehingga tidak membutuhkan biaya tambahan. 06 PR Memiliki alat ukur, dan bisa dimanfaatkan untuk jangka pendek dan panjang Sepintas Public Relations
  8. 8. Why Public Relations? • Public Relations Develop Brand Conversation…… – For FREE…..Product users, potential buyers, complainers, brand evangelist, and off course the employee. – Minimum Budget…Brand Ambassador (brand experience), Public Opinion Marker, Script Writer, Film Director. – Anatomy of Buzz
  9. 9. Mimicry PR is the ability to blend in the PR Strategy in Large Enterprise to your SME, The similarity can be in (1) seeking main problem in customer’s mind , (2) Trending Topics (3) Influencer People on SME’s community and core customers (4) Tailor key messages, (5) Strategic and PR Tactic.
  10. 10. Doing Tactic Public Relations Tailored Key Messages Influencer Peoples Trending Topics Seeking Main Problems on Customer’s Mind UpgradeYourSMEPerformancewithPR
  11. 11. PublicRelationsEducateCustomersDirectly; notalwaysthroughmassmedia…
  12. 12. + Educate Consumers Public Relations helps Brands to educate costumer through their state of mind…on pre launch, launch, post launch, when products have a problems….and make conversation in costumer’s communities.
  13. 13. PublicRelationshelpsTDAtoeducatecostumer throughtheirstateofmind… • on pre launch, launch, post launch 1 • when products have a problems 2 • make conversation in costumer’s communities 3
  14. 14. Integrate Public Relations Public Relations should be integrate when you… Defining your business and Target Audience Building Relationship with stakeholder Create Marketing Program Develop Content / Message (match with your TA)
  15. 15. Develop PR Plan for your SME Choosetheright,effective,andefficientactionfor yourPRcampaignstrategy • Until now, Have you been thinking about what is the best PR strategy for your SME? • Have you checked whether the customer that buy your products or service are the right customer that you define used to?
  16. 16. HaveyoutriedBuzzAnatomytoreleasetheWord- of-MouthOutcome? (It’sgoodforSME) AnatomyofBuzz MinimumBudget… BrandAmbassador (brandexperience), PublicOpinion Maker, ForFREE….. Productusers, potentialbuyers, complainers,brand evangelist,andoff coursethe employee.
  17. 17. TDAMembersmaychoosetheirWOMstrategy, sinceit’seffective,efficient,anditwillincrease yoursales.ButHow?
  18. 18. The Key Important Factors: 01 Knowing Where To Play » Identifying strategic segments early » Know the consumer 02 A simple message, well told » Simple, defined messages » Take the consumer experience » Make it their cause 03 Speak to the Heart » New Media & Touchpoints » Old Media used well 04 Your Brand Everywhere » Try different channel » Converting online chatter to human interaction 05 No Small Change » Keeping the doors open » Giving social networks the tools to self-organise 06 Building engagement » Keeping the doors open » Giving social networks the tools to self-organise 07 Evolution of Message Platforms » Laddering of platforms » Strategy setting in good time 08 Be Prepared To Win » Post-Launch Build-up » Keeping up consumer engagement
  19. 19. LargeEnterpriseuseWOMto createaTalkoftheTownEffect AndforSME... Use Third Party Endoser in your community and create C2C Conversation Consumer-to-consumer conversation
  20. 20. + Public Relations mampu mengembangkan loyalitas stakeholders, baik internal stakeholder (karyawan), ataupun eksternal stakeholder (supplier, consultant, government). Develop Stakeholder Loyalty
  21. 21. Waw,cool I’llbuyit Bla…bla..bla Thisproduct bla..bla..bla
  22. 22. + Build Brand Community Community for Product Branding… 1. Lifestyle, Ekslusif dan Minoritas. 2. Update product function. 3. Emotional Bonding Program.
  24. 24. TryThis: Average person has: 11 TO 12 INTIMATE CONTACTS 150 SOCIAL CONTACTS 500 TO 1,500 WEAK TIES • Develop a content/message that match with your target audience and your business • Invite all of your SME unit to do this WOM experiment • Tell the message to the 11 – 12 intimate contacts everytime you have a chance to talk to them, remember 1 person should only tell to the 12 intimate contacts (can be family, friends, partners) • Tailor your message with their own personality. • Do it smoothly, consistent, and take it easy. • Use any channels • Wait the effect….
  25. 25. Evaluate KPI of Public Relations Choose the research methodology that is suitable for your SME. (Remember combine it with sales, publicity, and what people think about your business)
  26. 26. ThankYou