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2004 Summer Newsletter

  1. 1. the bulletin ������� ������� ������ ������ ����� �����DIRECT RELIEF | SUMMER 2004Activities:March 16 – August 1, 2004 2003 Nobel Laureate Shirin EbadiOver $33.6 million in medical aidServing more than 6.2 million people Visits Direct Relief HeadquartersIn the following 31 countries: This article is excerpted from the Santa Barbara TT: Discussions about human rights often focus on the Independent. For information about this publication, actions of governments. How can private citizens inAfghanistan visit www.independent.com. Iran or in the United States help protect and promote human rights?Bolivia Shirin Ebadi was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in October 2003 for her efforts to advance democracy SE: Naturally, the members of any society playCambodia and human rights. The award citation stated, “As an important role in determining the shape of theCameroon a lawyer, judge, lecturer, writer and activist, she government that represents them – first, in the has spoken out clearly and strongly in her country, election of their representatives, then in monitoringChina Iran, and far beyond its borders. She has stood up their implementation of the law. The Iranian peopleDominican Republic as a sound professional, a courageous person, and rely very much on the support of the international has never heeded the threats to her own safety.” An community. Civil society is a powerful influence.Estonia advocate of non-violent change, Ms. Ebadi has been TT: With regard to the religious and social context ofEl Salvador the subject of two assassination attempts and been Islam, we receive conflicting information in the United imprisoned for her activities.Ethiopia States about the situation in Iran and other Islamic She is the first Iranian, and the first Muslim woman countries. It is sometimes suggested that human rights,Fiji to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Ms. Ebadi visited or at least some of them, are inherently in tension withGhana Direct Relief International with her daughter, and Islam. her colleague Dr. Abdolkarim Lahidji, an IranianGuatemala human rights lawyer who runs the Paris-based Iranian SE: Human rights are the universal standards that are applicable to everyone, every human in the world. It’sGuyana League for Human Rights. Ebadi, whose brother not limited or exclusive to the western culture or the earned a Ph.D. at UCSB, was in Santa Barbara for anHaiti appearance at UCSB Arts and Lecture Series, co-hosted eastern culture. It is the product of human achievement of human society. There are some Muslims who areHonduras by the University’s Center for Middle East Studies and using the excuse that Islam is not compatible with Direct Relief. She spoke with Thomas Tighe, DirectIndia Relief President and CEO, on Sunday evening and human rights, and they therefore keep abusing human Monday afternoon at Direct Relief’s warehouse. Dr. rights and saying human rights do not apply to someIndonesia cultures, to some traditions. Nayareh Tohidi, professor of Women’s Studies at CalIraq State Northridge, provided the translation. This type of people or type of government have usedJamaica Islam and religion as an excuse, as a cover, to continue to repress and oppress their own people. This is theKenya essence of my message. You cannot use the excuse ofLaos Islam to abuse and violate peoples’ human rights.Mexico We need to separate the wrongdoing of an individual from their religion. Iran is a traditional society, and theNicaragua patriarchal tradition affects the treatment of women. Islam is not a religion of terror or violence. WithPeru respect to women’s rights, it is important to note thatPhilippines 65 percent of university students in Iran are women.Romania TT: What does your award mean for the women in Iran and women in other Islamic nations with regardSierra Leone to human rights?South Africa SE: For me it means that the world has appreciated theSouth Korea struggle of women for justice, for their rights. photo: Monie PhotographyUganda I want to thank [Direct Relief] for what you are doing, especially for the people in Iran. I wish the worldUnited States could see America through what you are doing, to help people in Iran and elsewhere, and the concern for women and children. This is not what we see. TT: Wealth is only useful for the sake of somethingHealthy people. else, and we are a wealthy country. We are privileged to see how willing people are to share, and it is our Better world. Shirin Ebadi speaks with Direct Relief President Thomas Tighe. honor to help.
  2. 2. In-Kind Donors In Focus From March 16, 2004, through August 1, 2004, Direct Relief provided medical aid with a wholesale value of over $33.6 million. The New Partnership with vast majority of these products were donated by American corporations. Bristol-Myers Squibb We thank our in-kind donors, without Direct Relief International and Bristol-Myers Squibb whom we would not be able to help recently launched the Medical Mission Box Program, so many people around the world. which supports traveling United States physicians on overseas medical trips. The program provides doctors 3M Pharmaceuticals with Bristol-Myers Squibb products for their work in Abbott Laboratories underserved areas throughout the world. Pfizer – Committed to Accutome, Inc. Helping In Afghanistan While the box is only the size of a toaster oven and Alcon Laboratories, Inc. weighs approximately 25 pounds, it is filled with Since 2002, when Direct Relief initiated assistance pharmaceuticals worth over $20,000. Direct Relief’s to war-torn Afghanistan, Pfizer has contributed a Allergan, Inc. Chief Medical Officer and Pharmacist, in consultation total of $55,000 in financial support for relief efforts Ansell Healthcare Incorporated with Bristol-Myers Squibb, selected the contents of there. Pfizer has helped deliver $616,860 wholesale BD the box. The pharmaceuticals include a range of value worth of critically needed pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, analgesics, and anti-fungals and can be medical supplies, and medical equipment to Afghan- Beiersdorf Inc. applied to a diverse population. run medical facilities and health programs. Through Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Pfizer’s generosity, hundreds of thousands of Afghanis, ConMed To date, 30 physicians on medical trips to 16 different particularly women and children who are most in need, countries have participated in the program, providing have received medical care. Together, Pfizer and Direct Den-Mat Corporation aid to over 8,000 patients, most of whom would Relief are not only helping individual people receive Don Wilson Company have otherwise never received treatment. Feedback, care, but are rebuilding the capacity of the medical Ethicon, Inc. collected on an evaluation form upon the physician’s system in Afghanistan. In a country where great needs return, is integral to the success of the program. remain, there are many people who are profoundly GlaxoSmithKline The doctors’ comments and recommendations grateful that Pfizer is committed to help Afghanistan. Henry Schein, Inc. will help shape the future of the program. Direct Janssen Pharmaceutica, Inc. Relief is honored to have the opportunity to work with Bristol-Myers Squibb to equip volunteer U.S. Johnson & Johnson physicians with resources for people in need. If you Johnson & Johnson Consumer are interested in participating in the Medical Mission Kimberly-Clark Corporation Box program, please contact Damon Taugher at King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. dtaugher@directrelief.org. photo: Linda Cullen Lombart Instrument Wish Granted! McGraw-Hill Companies In the Spring 2004 edition of “the Bulletin,” we listed McKesson Medical-Surgical a forklift on our “wish list.” The Eiting Foundation McNeil Consumer & Specialty learned of our urgent need and generously donated the Pharmaceuticals funds to purchase a refurbished 2000 Crown Electric Lift and a three-phase battery charger through Bob Medical Innovations, Inc. Baby weighing in Afghanistan Wierville of BW Wholesale and Consulting, LLC of Medline Industries, Inc. New Bremen, Ohio. Merck & Company, Inc. The Eiting Foundation’s $20,000 gift afforded not Microflex only the purchase of the forklift, but also provided Midmark Corporation the refurbishment of our existing forklift and the purchase of a new pallet spinner for shrink wrapping Nellcor our shipments. These improvements in operations have Omron Healthcare, Inc. increased production in the warehouse tremendously Thank you FedEx Pfizer Consumer Healthcare and allow for more aid to go out everyday. Thank you Federal Express (FedEx) announced on July 22, 2004, Eiting Foundation! Purdue Pharma, L.P. that it will increase their in-kind donation for Direct p.s. We need a high-speed networked digital copier Relief International from $500 per month to $1,000 Respironics, Inc. ($15,000)! for domestic and $5,000 for international shipping Shaman Botanicals per month. FedEx is the world’s largest express photo: Kelly Darnell, Program Officer Spenco Medical Corporation transportation company, providing fast and reliable STADA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. delivery to every address in the United States and to 215 countries. Sunstar Butler For over twelve years, FedEx has generously TEVA Pharmaceuticals USA contributed shipping to Direct Relief on a monthly Textilease Medique basis and has responded to our urgent requests for Tronex International, Inc. air shipping in response to disasters and emergencies. FedEx’s contributions have helped thousands of people Valleylab Inc. receive essential medical assistance. Their support Vitamin Angel Alliance has provided significant savings, helping us maintain Vitaminerals, Inc. operational efficiency and direct our resources towards helping more people around the world. Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Our New Forklift2
  3. 3. From the Field Together Improving the Health of Senegalese Women and Children by Kelly Darnell, Program Officer With little natural resources and a per capita project exclusively devoted income of $500 per year, Senegal is one of to improving emergency the poorest countries in the world. It sits just obstetric care. Throughout 18th from the bottom of the United Nations Senegal, woman and infants Development Program (UNDP) scale, which often die because health ranks countries according to life expectancy, centers are not properly education levels, and standard of living. equipped with lifesaving Despite the high level of poverty, a rapidly medical equipment, and growing tourist industry and an extremely low health providers do not HIV/AIDS infection rate that is slightly over 1 have adequate training in emergency delivery photo: Ann Veazey percent makes Senegal a success story compared to many of its West African neighbors. The skills. MSH is working country also has an organized health system to reduce the number of that is in a position to provide health care to maternal and infant deaths the most remote areas of the country through by providing emergency a network of staffed health posts, health obstetric equipment as well as centers, and hospitals. This health system is training for health providers. Training topics include how Program Officer Kelly Darnell (center) meets with the also supported by wide-spread collaborative to resuscitate a newborn, how Medical Director of Senegalese Health Center efforts between non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the Ministry of Health, and U.S. to recognize the early warning supplies and equipment needed to allow these Agency for International Development (USAID). signs of women needing a cesarean section, and trained health practitioners to implement their what to do when a woman begins hemorrhaging new skills. Many of the delivery rooms and Despite clear improvements in the past decade, during delivery. Senegal remains an unsafe place for children neonatal ICUs visited could benefit from Direct under the age of five and pregnant women Another partner NGO that is working in Relief donations of basic items such as delivery with delivery complications. According to the Senegal to improve the diagnosis and treatment instruments, vacuum extractors for woman who World Health Organization, nearly one in 160 of childhood illnesses is Basics II. Currently five have miscarried, infant warmers, baby scales, women in rural Senegal dies during childbirth. diseases or conditions are responsible for 70 needles, syringes, incubators, and neonatal Nearly one in seven children dies before the age percent of all childhood deaths in developing ambu bags for resuscitating newborns. of five, and one in four suffers from chronic countries - pneumonia/acute respiratory At the end of my visit, representatives from malnutrition, malaria, and upper respiratory infection, measles, malaria, malnutrition, and USAID and I met with the U.S. Ambassador infections. diarrhea. Basics II is training health providers to Senegal, Allan Roth, in order to brief him to recognize and treat early warning signs In May of this year, USAID invited Direct Relief on this new collaboration. Ambassador Roth for health conditions like dehydration in to Senegal to meet with local NGO partners to discussed the fact that although USAID has long children, as well as providing education at identify ways to support country-wide efforts in partnered with NGOs like Direct Relief, these the community level, where the diarrhea that improving health care, particularly for women partnerships are even more important today. causes dehydration starts, and by talking to and children. In 1970, the U.S. government provided 70 parents about how to prevent diarrhea through percent of American foreign assistance. Today, One of these NGOs was the Management simple measures like ensuring their children American citizens, companies, and NGOs Science for Health (MSH), which has a are drinking clean water and washing their provide 80 percent of the assistance, while the hands after using the restroom. In U.S. government has reduced its commitment to addition, Basics II 20 percent. Agencies like USAID are recognizing is increasing access the enormous contributions made by American to immunizations NGOs in addressing issues standing in the throughout way of education, economic development, and the country, healthcare delivery. promoting exclusive Each of the NGOs with which I met during my breastfeeding visit to Senegal are effectively run by Senegalese to prevent professionals with backgrounds in communityphoto: Kelly Darnell, Program Officer malnutrition, and planning, education, and medicine. All are ensuring that all committed to improving the health system in health facilities have their country. By supporting their efforts, Direct a baby weighing Relief can build on the strengths of this rapidly program, as weight improving health system that is making it safer is an important for childbirth and for children. indicator of a child’s health. Kelly Darnell has been a Program Officer at Direct Relief International for five years. She Unfortunately, previously served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in many of the health Cote d’Ivoire. facilities supported by the efforts of Mothers waiting for immunizations and baby weighing at MSH and Basics II Thies Health Post, Senegal are still lacking the 3
  4. 4. Here at HomeCalifornia Clinics Program:Help for Low-Income, Medically Underserved CaliforniansSince December 2003, Direct Relief over the ability of community and free Direct Relief’s distribution channel toInternational has provided more than clinics to keep up with expanding patient community and free clinics has solidified, and$3.4 million wholesale value worth of populations, growing health insurance costs what began as a single offer from one companypharmaceuticals and supplies to 51 community for their patients, and an increasing number has propelled itself into a full domestic supportand free clinics in California. The California of uninsured working families. Direct Relief program, helping charitable clinics throughoutClinics Program began in response to the has begun to pursue several opportunities to the State. Direct Relief is extremely grateful toState’s budget crisis and a growing need for support the efforts of the State’s healthcare King Pharmaceuticals for making this possible,healthcare among low-income families in the safety net, including distributing product and we look forward to bridging the gap ofState. Discussions with healthcare providers contributions from King Pharmaceuticals health services for the poor and uninsured herethroughout the Central Coast and Los that included antibiotics and anti-infectives at home.Angeles confirmed the significant concerns to domestic providers. Over the past months,Alcon Laboratories Helps Direct Relief’s DomesticCalifornia Firefighters – Again! Activities HighlightsIn July 2004, more than 30,000 acres in Alcon Laboratories also donated • Emergency Response: 2003 and 2004 California Wildfires,northern Los Angeles County were scorched Systane to Direct Relief in 2002 Arizona Wildfires, 1994 Northridge Earthquake,by wildfires. Over 2,300 firefighters battled the 2003 when more than 800,000 Standing Agreements with Local and State Officials asblazes and were persistently plagued by smoke acres were burned in Southern Community Resourceand particulate matter in the air. Eye lubricants California in what Governorwere in short supply, hampering the firefighters’ Gray Davis called “the worst, • Emergency Preparedness: Disaster Modules at 24efforts, until Alcon Laboratories offered to the most expensive, the most Local Schools, Vulnerable Populations Program (educationdonate 22,000 bottles of Systane, an over-the- severe” fire in the state’s history. preparing seniors and at-risk community members withcounter eye lubricant. disaster planning) Alcon Laboratories Inc. isCaptain Charlie Johnson of the Santa Barbara a $3 billion international • Healthy Smiles Dental Education and Care Program:County Fire Department said, “Our firefighters, pharmaceutical company Dental Kits, Free Dental Clinics, Early Childhood Oraleven with good eye protection, still suffer eye and is the worldwide Health Promotioninjuries and eye irritation. The eye drops donated leader in the discovery, • General Health: California Clinics Program, Personal Careby Alcon Laboratories provided instant soothing development and manufacture Packs for Local Homeless and Low-Income People,relief. With hundreds of firefighters on the job, of innovative ophthalmic TB Screening Outreachlubricating eye drops are always in short supply. products and technologies.It is great that Alcon recognized the need and For more information visit: For more information on Direct Relief’s work in the U.S.,offered to help. We appreciate Direct Relief www.alconlabs.com/us/. visit our website at www.directrelief.org.International making the connection.” Volunteer ProfileDirect Relief relies upon approximately Erik Mendoza, Los Curanderos co-400 volunteers to perform a wide range of chair explains his motivation, “Directtasks, from administrative and clerical duties Relief gives us the opportunity to getto staffing special events and fundraising involved and do something beneficialactivities. Our volunteers come from diverse for the community. We have helpedbackgrounds, and each brings unique talents with a free eye clinic, two free dentalto our organization. The following is a profile clinics, and other outreach programs.of a local student group that volunteers for We get satisfaction in teaching childrenDirect Relief. the proper way to brush their teeth. We photo: Lucy Anderson know we have done something goodSince 2002, Los Curanderos, a UC Santa when we see the smiles on their faces.”Barbara pre-health student organization,has been a vital component in Direct Relief’s Direct Relief is fortunate to be workinglocal outreach efforts. All members of Los with such a motivated group ofCuranderos are bilingual and have been trained volunteers. Their focus and energy have(by Direct Relief) as oral hygiene and nutrition assisted many underserved communityeducators. These students have served as members with knowledge and resources Eric Barajas and Edith Gurrola from Los Cuanderosvolunteers with Direct Relief’s Healthy Smiles they need to live better lives. show children how to properly brush at theDental Program for the past two years. Direct Relief Dental Clinic in Isla Vista on May 22, 2004. 4
  5. 5. Thank You Krishan Singh“Walk for a Reason” Raises Support and Awareness In Memoriamfor Rio Beni Health Project Krishan Singh was a brilliant public servantIn July 2004, a group of 21 intrepid middle and Forest, camped in three communities, who devoted his enormous talents to nonprofithigh school students and parents raised $57,000 and traveled by boat along the Rio Beni, organizations after retiring from a distinguishedthrough the Amazon “Walk for a Reason” participants had a chance to learn about the career with the United Nations Developmentfundraising trip. The two-week expedition stunning Amazonian wildlife and its history. Program. A deeply committed member of Directraised funds to support the Rio Beni Health Relief’s Board, he served as Executive Director The Rio Beni Health Project serves as theProject and gave participants the experience of for one year – for the salary of one dollar main access to primary healthcare servicesliving and working in one of the most remote – during a challenging transition period in the for the indigenous people living along theplaces in the Western Hemisphere. 1990s. His intimate knowledge of world affairs Beni River in Bolivia. Since 1997, DirectDuring the trip, participants met with local Relief has supplied pharmaceuticals, and of developing countries was particularlyleaders, indigenous villagers, craftspeople, medical supplies, and medical equipment important to Direct Relief’s international work.and healthcare workers. They also accompanied to the project, and in the last five years has Many of Mr. Singh’s extensive contributionsthe Project’s health staff as they administered expanded support to include preventive were of the type that cannot be captured ondeworming medications during an outreach health training and education in the villages. a financial statement but have a profound,clinic. As they hiked in the Madidi National enduring value to any community or organization. We shall miss him greatly. Our InvestorsGifts Received from The Lillian H. & C. W. Duncan Foundation Mrs. Adelaide Hixon/March 16 – August 1, 2004 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Eber The Allequash Foundation El Capitan Ranch, LLC Mr. Linus HoConsul General - ($50,000 + ) FedEx Mr. Gerhart HoffmeisterBabette L. Roth Irrevocable Trust Joshua L. Mailman Charitable Trust Investment Group of Santa BarbaraMr. and Mrs. C. William Schlosser Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kiewit, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph B. KoepfliGlobal Emissary - ($25,000 + ) Dr. Ralph Kuon Mr. L. W. Lane, Jr.Anonymous The Marilyn & Bob Laurie Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Lewis, Jr.The Sheila Johnson Brutsch Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lieff Mr. Frederick Mansfield and Ms. Janelle VegaBush Hospital Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William R. Lindsay Mr. and Mrs. Calvin MarbleThe Capital Group Co. Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John Macomber Dr. Kim MargolinMr. and Mrs. Harold Simmons Mr. Steven McDonough Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Moseley Mr. and Mrs. David Rasmussen MSST FoundationWorld Health Envoy - ($10,000 + ) Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Roston Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. NettAnticouni & Associates Ms. Lee Thomas North Carolina Korean Presbyterian ChurchThe Archstone Parterships Turpin Family Charitable Foundation On Your Feet ProjectEiting Foundation Westmont College Diplomat’s Corps Mr. Melvin E. PearlEstonian American Fund for Economic Edu., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. PearsonGlobal Partners for Development Diplomats Corps - ($1,000 + ) Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. PerryGuyana Medical Relief Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Wesley PoulsonIzumi Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stewart L. Abercrombie Mr. E. Bryson PowellKind World Foundation Alpaca Breeders of Southern California Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Randopoulos/National Philanthropic Trust DAF The American Society of the Most Venerable Metson MarineMr. and Mrs. Donald E. Petersen Order of the Hospital of St. John Rotary Club of Chatswood, Inc.Mr. and Mrs. Pete Schmidt-Petersen Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Anticouni Saint Matthew Church Project XELA-AIDMr. and Mrs. John W. Sweetland Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Asseo Mr. George E. SchoellkopfAlice Tweed Tuohy Foundation Mr. William Atkins Mrs. June H. SchuerchMr. and Mrs. Jim Villanueva Mrs. Nancy Berendsen-Dunn Ms. Tonia SimonMontecito Rotary Club Mrs. Barbara Bradley Mr. Bruce SmithMrs. Caroline Power Kindrish Trust Mr. William S. Burtness David Smyser for 3rd District SupervisorPacifiCare Foundation Mrs. Eunice Butler Mrs. Edward SpauldingMr. Alan R. Porter Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Casey Mr. Ankur Srivastava Mrs. Virginia Castagnola-Hunter/ The Fredric E. Steck Family FoundationPresident’s Council - ($5,000 + ) GVRG Castagnola Family Foundation The Territory AheadAnonymous Ms. Denise Chedester and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas TigheMr. and Mrs. John H. Adams Mr. Kenneth Hughes Ms. Adelle TiltonAmigos Del Peru Foundation, Inc. Christian Aid Ministries Tissue Banks InternationalAventis Pharmaceuticals Inc. Cox Communications Mr. George TurpinMr. and Mrs. William J. Bailey Mr. William Davidge Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. TwiggHutton Foundation Mrs. Elizabeth B. Denison/ United Voluntary ServicesMr. and Mrs. Michael E. Pulitzer The Denison Family Foundation Washington Women’s FoundationMr. and Mrs. Denis Sanan Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Fisher Mr. Steven A. WeintraubSanta Barbara Foundation James A. & Jane C. Folger Foundation Mrs. April WilliamsMr. and Mrs. Paul H. Turpin Mr. and Mrs. John G. Gable Mr. and Mrs. Peter WolcottUkrainian Civic Center, Inc. Mr. Richard Carter and Mr. Don Block Working AssetsMinisters of Health - ($2,500 + ) Mr. and Mrs. Richard Godfrey Dr. and Mrs. Tuenis D. ZondagAmerican Jewish World Service Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harter, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Bellowe Ms. Rachel Himovitz/ Please remember us in your will Pattis Family Foundation and estate plan.Mr. Charles M. Blitz 5
  6. 6. Events and ActivitiesVintners for Humanity Monty RobertsAugust 2004 to March 2005 Saturday, September 11, 2004Sunday August 29 kicks off Please join us for a private “Join-Up”the second annual Vintners demonstration by Monty Roberts,for Humanity Winemaker “the man who listens to horses,” andDinner Series. Nancy and Larry lunch at his hacienda overlooking the monty robertsKoppelman will again host an beautiful Santa Ynez Valley. Proceedsafternoon beachside barbeque with will benefit Direct Relief International.Frank and Jami Ostini of the Hitching Post Winery and Restaurant.Last year the series was a huge success, so make sure to book your Dr. Tuwanda Williamsonreservations early! Tuesday, September 14, 2004Series events include: Women for Direct Relief invite you to meet Dr. Tuwanda Williamson,September 22, 2004 resident physician of the Rio Beni Health Project in Bolivia. Please join us Gainey Vineyard & New West Catering for a morning of coffee and informative conversation on her experiencesOctober 26, 2004 practicing medicine along the banks of the Beni River. Rusack Vineyard & Piatti AlpacaFest WestJanuary 16, 2005 October 29 to 31, 2004 Beckman Vineyards & Four Seasons Biltmore The annual Alpacafest West proceeds will again support Direct ReliefFebruary 8, 2005 International. This annual event takes place at the Crossroads Meadow, Foxen Vineyard & Chef Rick’s Santa Ynez Firestone Vineyard and brings hundreds of Alpaca enthusiasts togetherMarch 2005 for a weekend of education and fun. For event information, visit: Cold Heaven, Au Bon Climat, & Qupé www.socalpaca.org. For details about or reservations for any of the activities above, please call 805-964-4767 x126 or visit our website: www.directrelief.org. address service requested info@directrelief.org www.directrelief.org fax:(805) 681.4838 tel:(805) 964.4767 santa barbara, ca 93117 s. la patera lane 27 U.S. Postage