Key Findings – 2012 State of the Safety Net


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A quick glance at the most striking facts and information found within the 2012 State of the Safety Net report.

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Key Findings – 2012 State of the Safety Net

  1. 1. /// FINDINGS STATE OF THE SAFETY NET 2012 KEY D > majority (79%) saw a rise in the number of ata in the State of the Safety Net 2012 comes A TWO CASE STUDIES HIGHLIGHTED: from the most recent U.S. Health and Human patients in 2011 Detroit, Michigan ­ The safety net — Services 2010 Uniform Data System results and a A majority (86%) expect an increase in the patient community has been growing Direct Relief original survey. number of patients who lack insurance in 2012 in the city while the overall population Of the more than 1,000 nonprofit clinics Direct is dwindling and unemployment is A majority (83%) thought 2012 will be more Relief works with, 546 from 49 states and D.C. high. The city also closed its Health challenging than 2011 responded to the Direct Relief survey. Results provide Department Pharmacy and adult a current snapshot of their clinic environment and 1% increased their hours of operation 4 medical services in February 2012, what they anticipate for 2012. (Note: there are more Chronic conditions continue to rise among increasing strain on community than 8,000 nonprofit clinics in all 50 states which patients visiting Federally Qualified Health clinics. serve a patient population estimated at 21 million). Centers with 10% of all visits being for two Joplin, Missouri — Following the Overall, findings indicate that providers face conditions ­ diabetes mellitus and hypertension — deadly EF5 tornado that tore through continued pressure and concern with their ability 2010 was the first year Medicaid patients the city May 2011, community clinics to care for an increasing number of patients. The exceeded uninsured patients in total numbers were key providers to whom storm survey was distributed earlier in the year and the and as a percentage of the overall patient survivors turned for care. results came in the spring, thus all data is before the population at FQHCs Affordable Care Act was deemed constitutional. DIRECTRELIEF.ORG/USA
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