Why SharePoint is critical to SMB


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Come and learn how Microsoft’s latest version of SharePoint will be critical to the success of any business selling technology to SMB customers. Learn how SharePoint opens up the world of Office Web Apps and document co-authoring. Understand how, coupled with Office 2010, SharePoint is ‘the’ platform for true collaboration inside and outside any business. Only by attending this session will you understand all the ways to get SharePoint 2010 running in a business, even on Small Business Server. Maybe you’ll even learn how SharePoint and Office 2010 can help your business. 

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Why SharePoint is critical to SMB

  1. 1. Twitter the love to #smbnation and #gs103 My twitter handle = directorcia Survey forms. Questions at the end.
  2. 2. What customers want Why SharePoint is critical World of Web Apps With Office 2010 Deployment options Help your business Review Questions
  3. 3. Survey Is your business using SharePoint? If not why? Whose customers use SharePoint? If not why?
  4. 4. What the experts say  Microsoft’s dominance in the enterprise productivity and collaboration space will grow stronger with 2010, given the level of commitment to the platform expressed by firms that Forrester surveyed. Extending integration between Office and SharePoint will create further lock-in and drive an expanding ecosystem of Microsoft partners seeking to add value and ride the wave.  The primary use of SharePoint continues to be for internal use with organisational intranets (82%) followed by collaboration (66%), document management (57%), forms & workflow (53%) and search (42%) being the leading purposes for its deployment. Only 14% have used SharePoint for their public facing internet site. We can expect this to change moving forward though with 63% rating an “Internet site” as their highest priority use for their SharePoint investment in the next 3 years
  5. 5.  Save my stuff  Documents, files, information, databases, dates, contacts  Search my stuff  Where’s the internal Google?  Share my stuff  Not just within the business What do customers want?
  6. 6.  Access independent of platform  This means access typically via a browser  Access via mobile device access  This means access via any mobile device  Access on Apple devices  This means via an iPad What do they want next?
  7. 7. What don’t they care about  Where stuff happens  Does moving to the cloud really matter?  Why it isn’t the same  Standardization  Why it can’t happen  Just make it work
  8. 8. What really rings their bell? Show me the money !
  9. 9.  How does saving 1 hour a day add up to over 12 months?  30 work days ( 1 month a year)  Now multiply that by every employee  Need to more competitive  Technology products doesn’t provide a competitive advantage anymore  It is how it used that does  Too much information is as bad as too little information Time = Money
  10. 10. They think they are unique Which means they want ‘customizations’  A little bit of this and a little bit of that Don’t want to feel locked in Why are Word and Excel so popular?  Because they are tools What is not unique about every business?
  11. 11.  Covers all the bases  Can save, search and share stuff out of the box  Browser accessible  Mobile ready  Customizable  Integrates with desktop applications  Can deployed locally or hosted Why SharePoint is critical
  12. 12. Why SharePoint 2010 is critical  Better look and feel  More like Office (ribbon interface)  More like a ‘web site’ (prettier)  More standards based  Better browser support  Platform to support Office Web Apps  Platform that supports Office co-authoring
  13. 13. Version refresher  SharePoint Foundation 2010  Free download  SharePoint Server 2010  Standard  Enterprise  Requires server and client licensing
  14. 14. Two types of businesses Those using SharePoint Those not using SharePoint Best thing is that they both represent an opportunity
  15. 15. “You indicated that you use Microsoft SharePoint. Which of the following best describes your organization's timeline for implementing or upgrading to Microsoft SharePoint's 2010 version?” Source: Q1 2010 Global Desktop Innovation Online Survey
  16. 16. A lot more people now have SharePoint Not a lot of expertise out there Opportunity to become a business consultant Small and Medium business opportunity Don’t forget all the ancillary products like Office upgrades to take advantage of latest features More migration work
  17. 17. Those without SharePoint Want an ‘intranet’ Want collaboration tool Want web based application Want simple access to their information Internal deployment Hosted deployment
  18. 18. Only 4% of US online consumers say they regularly use Google Docs, according to Forrester’s Consumer Technographics Plenty of online file storage and sharing like Dropbox but that’s all they do Few other solutions do it as well onsite and offsite Other solutions?
  19. 19. Officelive.com  Free SharePoint online Skydrive.com  Free Office Web Apps online Docs.com BPOS Customers can get these without your help! Already available
  20. 20. Microsoft selling SharePoint as part of Office 2010 More people drifting down from enterprise Save directly to SharePoint now built into Office 2010 Greater demand
  21. 21.  Requires SharePoint 2010  Requires Office Volume Licensing  View and edit via a browser  Word documents  Excel Spreadsheets  PowerPoint presentations  OneNote notebooks World of Web Apps
  22. 22.  Now delivered by browser not PC  Don’t need Server onsite  Can deploy from ‘cloud’  Enhanced business productivity with SharePoint back end.  Tablet access Opens New Opportunities
  23. 23. With Office 2010  Why is Office 2010 such a big deal?  With SharePoint it provides  Co-authoring  Office Web Apps  Integrated meta data fields  Office 2010 business goal: To sell packaged client software and offer Web-based services to augment the experience.
  24. 24.  No more ‘Open read only’  Multiple people editing document simultaneously.  OneNote like  Available in:  Word  PowerPoint  OneNote Co-authoring
  25. 25.  Great way to introduce businesses to SharePoint without mentioning SharePoint  Digital notebooks  OneNote printer  OCR’s documents  Paperless office  Online and offline access with built in sync OneNote
  26. 26. SharePoint doesn’t have much reporting Access front end to provide reporting Update access database on desktop in Access and in SharePoint Access
  27. 27. Workspace Allows offline usage and sync Not designed to ‘backup’ whole site Only saves changes when sync’ing
  28. 28. Infopath Required for forms ‘front end’ Provides item level intelligence
  29. 29. Free download Indexes:  SharePoint sites  Exchange public folders  Web sites  Network shares Search Server Express
  30. 30. WHS Web Server Foundation Server SBS 2008 Aurora SBS 7 Hosted Deployment options
  31. 31. Server vs Foundation  What Server has that Foundation doesn’t  Document sets  Social computing  Excel Services  Access Services  Visio Services  Records management  Forms services (Infopath)
  32. 32. Limitations /Gotchas  PDF indexing  Watch the 4GB database limit  SQL Express 2008 R2 gives you up to 10GB and up to 16GB with Remote BLOB storage  Disaster recovery  When not to use SharePoint  Workflows are change driven  Restricted file types  Licensing  Site Templates (‘Fabulous 40’)
  33. 33. Mobility
  34. 34. Mobilenoter
  35. 35. SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflows Visio 2010 import Digital dashboards Highlight stuff that changes Customizations
  36. 36. Digital Dashboards  Seth Godin - http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2009/07/dashboards.html Building good dashboards isn't difficult, but it's an excellent marketing strategy. A few brainstorms: 1. If you can add a digital dashboard to your service, do it. 2. If you can make the dashboard public, it gets more powerful. 3. Highlight data that changes behavior. Allow the user to highlight the information that matters to them.
  37. 37.  Can’t sell it unless you use it.  Do the hard yards with Search Server integration, PDF indexing, etc then bundle and sell as your ‘custom’ implementation.  Find some great add-ons, Pentalogic, Bamboo Solutions  Learn new skills, SharePoint, Access, Visio, Designer  Sell more Office, Volume Licensing, Latest versions  Become more productive, automation, anywhere access Help your business
  38. 38.  Sharepoint is something new for many businesses  Combined with Office 2010 you get benefits like Office Web Apps and Co-authoring  Applications like OneNote allow true collaboration opportunity  SharePoint can be deployed in any number of ways for a business Review
  39. 39. References  http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/en-us/buy/pages/editions- comparison.aspx  http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/web-apps/  http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/shareplus-lite-office- mobile/id364891946?mt=8  http://www.spyk.com/Products/iShare/Pages/iShare.aspx  http://www.mobilenoter.com/
  40. 40. Questions?