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Utilizing SharePoint to Improve your business

Utilizing SharePoint to Improve your business



You can't expect to sell Windows SharePoint services unless you are actually using it within your own business. This presentation will take you through how an IT business like yours can implement ...

You can't expect to sell Windows SharePoint services unless you are actually using it within your own business. This presentation will take you through how an IT business like yours can implement SharePoint to improve your own productivity. You will also discover how to take this knowledge out to customers to create more revenue for your business. Learn how to work smarter with SharePoint. If you are planning on selling SharePoint services, and you should be, then you must attend this session to discover what works and what doesn't with SharePoint inside a business and how to leverage that knowledge to produce better business for yourself and your customers.(PDF of slideshow)



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    Utilizing SharePoint to Improve your business Utilizing SharePoint to Improve your business Document Transcript

    • 10/16/2008 2 • Being in business • What is Sharepoint? • Improving productivity • More revenue • Business value • Opportunities 1
    • 10/16/2008 3 • Or are you working with a hobby? • A business is for PROFIT. 4 • Profit = Income – Expenses • If something doesn‟t increase income or reduce expenses why does a business need it? 2
    • 10/16/2008 5 If not then you should! 6 - Simply a tool. “Man is a tool using animal...without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all” - Thomas Carlyle - Customers want „tools‟ to solve their business problems, they don‟t want technology. 3
    • 10/16/2008 7 • A tool to lower expenses. • A tool to increase revenue. • Like Excel or Word. When you start Sharepoint it is empty. • Value comes from the information entered into Sharepoint. 8 • Increasing income or decreasing expenses? • You have direct control over your expenses unlike income which come from other parties outside your business. • Lowering expense has an immediate impact on your business. 4
    • 10/16/2008 9 10 • What do most businesses spend the most time doing every day? • Where do businesses waste time, effort and money? • Where are businesses losing productivity? 5
    • 10/16/2008 11 15% of a typical information workers day is spent searching through content, like Web, digital communication and paper work – NYTimes 14 Jun Butler Group reports up to 10% of staff costs are lost, because employees can't find the right information to do their jobs. Middle managers spend more than a quarter of their time searching for information necessary to their jobs, and when they do find it, it is often wrong, according to results of an Accenture (NYSE: ACN) survey - 2007 “the typical information worker now spends up to one-quarter of his or her day searching for the right information to complete a given task” – Network World 12 • Wikis allow online document creation/editing. • Perfect for Knowledge bases. • Use Wikis to capture your technical AND business information. • Once captured it is searchable. • Add Search Server Express to search data outside Sharepoint. 6
    • 10/16/2008 13 14 7
    • 10/16/2008 15 16 • 3 internal wikis. • One for Technical information. • One for Business information. • One for Customer information. • Why? 8
    • 10/16/2008 17 18 • Employees need to know why they're doing what they're doing. • Employees need to knows the results they are accountable for. • Employees need to know standards against which work will be measured. • Employees need to know where the business is going. • Employees need to know where their accountabilities fit into the overall strategy. - E-Myth , Michael Gerber 9
    • 10/16/2008 19 Announcements • Current Vendor promotions. • Bank account details. • Vendor account details. • Upcoming installations/migrations. 20 Tasks • Issue tracking. • Order tracking. 10
    • 10/16/2008 21 22 Lists • Customer hardware. • Customer software & Renewals. • Vendor contacts. • Customer contacts. • Corporate calendar. 11
    • 10/16/2008 23 24 Document libraries • Policies and procedures. • Run up documentation. • Marketing materials. 12
    • 10/16/2008 25 26 • Calendar linking. • Offline document libraries. • Publish to Internet. • Access on mobile device. 13
    • 10/16/2008 27 • “It is your job to train those around you to be effective and efficient. No one else will do it for you.” – Four Hour Work Week, Tim Ferris • New staff. – Receptionist. • Coffee orders. 28 • Monitoring emails. • Customer support requests. • Supplier communications. • Industry newsletters. 14
    • 10/16/2008 29 Send SBS monitoring reports to Sharepoint • Now become searchable. • Now become sortable. • Reduces inbox clutter. • Improves sharing. • Functionality can be extended with workflows and alerts. 30 Customer support requests • Give them their own portal (i.e. sub site). • Get them to enter their own information. • Get them to update their own information. • Share private documents. i.e. create an Extranet 15
    • 10/16/2008 31 • CRM. • Marketing. • Employee portals. • The key is ease of use and flexibility. 32 • Sharepoint to capture business knowledge. • Sharepoint to search that business knowledge. • Search Server Express 2008 to search information outside Sharepoint. 16
    • 10/16/2008 33 • Free. • Increase productivity. • Virtualize it. • Easily customized. • Allows standardization via workflows. • Allow staff to enter their own data. • Allow customers to enter their own data. Bottom line = saves you money 34 17
    • 10/16/2008 35 • Every customer you have is a business like yours. • If you can solve common problems you can sell that expertise. • Templates allow to sell a solution again and again. • Sell on site solutions. • Sell hosted solutions. 36 • Everything you learn with Sharepoint can be sold unlike other applications you maybe using. • Less customer resistance to „free‟ products. • Can provide „hosted‟ solution immediately. • Sharepoint implementations always GROW. • Can develop custom „web parts’. 18
    • 10/16/2008 37 • Office 2007 upgrades/installations. • Windows & SQL Server installations. • SBS 2008 upgrade driver. • Training. • Allowing remote access. • Extranet configuration. Bottom line = make you money 38 19
    • 10/16/2008 39 • “there is ultimately only one reason to create a business of your own, and that is to sell it!” – E-Myth Revisited, Michael Gerber ,P152 • Value is in eye of the buyer not the seller. • How much is your company worth? • How much would someone buy it for? 40 “The value of your equity is directly proportional to how well your business works. And how well your business works is directly proportional to the effectiveness of the systems you have put in place, upon which the operation of your business depends” - E-Myth Contractor, Michael Gerber, P23 20
    • 10/16/2008 41 • Sharepoint is a way to capture information and therefore increase the value of your business. • Sharepoint provides an easy method of transferring this information. • You can choose to sell part of this value. 42 21
    • 10/16/2008 43 44 • says to your customer that your people know what they're doing. • says to your people that you know what you're doing. • says that while the world may not work, some things can. • says to your customers that they can trust in the result delivered and assures your people that they can trust in their future with you. • says that structure is in place. E-Myth , Michael Gerber – 22
    • 10/16/2008 45 • Captures „ad hoc‟ information. • Central location for documents, lists, knowledge, databases, etc. • Central location for business and customer information. • Workflows for consistency. 46 • Windows Sharepoint is the basis for Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS). “According to Bill Gates, SharePoint is the fastest-growing server product Microsoft has ever had and the company is going to dedicate more resources to the product. The company expects to have sold 100 million licenses by July this year, he said”. – Infoworld March 2008 • Sharepoint designer. • Application Integration. 23
    • 10/16/2008 47 • Provide „free‟ Sharepoint site to local sporting teams or community organizations. • Give employees somewhere to „play‟ other than Facebook or Myspace. • Have an Internet based Sharepoint site. 48 • Sharepoint is simply a tool. • Sharepoint is the fastest growing Microsoft server technology. • Windows Sharepoint is FREE. • Sharepoint is a way to decrease expenditure and increase revenue. • Sharepoint is a way to capture your business value. 24
    • 10/16/2008 49 Robert Crane director@ciaops.com http://supportweb.ciaops.net.au/blog 25