Miths and legends of seville


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Trabajo realizado para el 2º encuentro llevado a cabo en Bari (Italia), correspondiente al proyecto escolar europeo Comenius "Together in our (he)art!

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Miths and legends of seville

  1. 1. "NO8DO" is theofficial motto of thecoat of arms of Sevilleand the subject ofone of the manylegends of Seville.The legend has left itsvery tangible markthroughout the cityas NO8DO can beseen on many places. The motto is a rebus, combining the Spanish syllables (NO and DO) and a drawing in between of the figure "8". The figure represents a skein of yarn, or in Spanish, a "madeja". When read aloud, "No madeja do" sounds like "No me ha dejado", which means "It [Seville] has not abandoned me".
  2. 2. After Ferdinand III death in theReal Alcázar, his son, AlfonsoX assumed the throne. Alfonso Xwas a poet, astronomer,astrologer, musician and linguist. Alfonsos son, Sancho IV of Castile, tried to usurp the throne from his father, but the people of Seville remained loyal to their scholar king and this is where NO8DO was believed to have originated when, according to legend, Alfonso X rewarded the fidelity of the "Sevillanos" (inhabitants of Seville) with the words that now appear on the official emblem of the city of Seville.
  3. 3. THE OPERA CARMEN The Opera Carmen has served so many people know about Seville. It is one of the most known operas. Carmen was a girl who lived on Betis street and worked in the tobacco factory. Carmen was in love with a Sergeant named Joseph.On the occasion of a neighborhoodbrawl, Sergeant José is driving peoplearrested in the melee, among thesewas Carmen. But due to his feminineflirtatious games, Carmen gets thatSergeant let escape through what heis punished with degradation.
  4. 4. Carmen, to see that his fault the Sergeant had lost the gallons, consoles him giving him her love and she encourages him to rebel.To avoid prison José has to flee and joins aband of smugglers, but Carmen falls in lovewith a bullfighter and when she secretly,was attending a bullfight where is his newlove, José, mad by jealousy stabs her, while,oblivious to the tragedy, public give cheersto the bullfighter who has triumphed.
  5. 5. THE LIZARD OF THE CATHEDRAL In one of the buildings located in thePatio de Los Naranjos in the Cathedral ofSeville, three objects can be seen hangingfrom the ceiling: a life-size lizard, a mouthfulof horse and a baton. According to legend by the year 1620, a Muslim Sultan sent an Embassy to King Alfonso X to ask for the hand of his daughter. The Embassy brought some gifts included an elephant tusk, the live Nile crocodile, and a giraffe domesticated with his mount, its brake and flanges.
  6. 6. Current crocodile is carved in wood, although popularly be has always believed that the animal was genuine and be stuffed and he has been known as lizard, for not knowing at that time be greater than the animal. But the King rejected the request of hisdaughters hand by which returned to the Sultan theEmbassy and gifts except for the crocodile and thegiraffe. Time passed and killed the crocodile, it wasdissected and his skin stuffed with straw was hungwith the brake of the giraffe. Years later, it crashed asI remember the rod of the Spanish Ambassadorreturned from Egypt.
  7. 7. THE SEWING ROOM OF THE QUEEN The sewing room of the Queen is one of the most unique buildings in Seville. More than one, surprised by its location and its architectural, style that will have questioned how has come down there, at first glance it seems extracted a fairy tale, giving the sensation that had teleported from medieval times until our times without suffering damage. But no, this building is not so old.It was built due tothe delicate state It was commissioned for the Duke ofof health of Maria Montpensier to architect Juan Talavera,de las Mercedes, who managed to finish it there by yeardaughter of the 1893. At that time it was very fashionableDuke and future in Europe imitate previous architecturalQueen of Spain. styles and the sewing room of the Queen is a good example of this.
  8. 8. She was very weak andvery pale and doctorsadvised him to take muchsun. So put her a sewingroom, to take a sun bathevery morning while shedid their work of sewingand talked to the futureKing Alfonso XII.They married and were moved to Madrid, but the state of her health worsened and hadto come back to the sun of Seville. Later she was near the coast, so that the breezemarine could heal him, but it was not possible. Not served at all and before dying shereturned to Madrid, but not before passing by Seville and see for the last time thatplace where dreamed many times with her beloved husband.
  9. 9. THE CHRIST OF THE EXPIRATION (EL CACHORRO)Lived in Triana a gypsy, nicknamed “El Cachorro”, who every day across the bridge ofboats, next to the castle of Saint George, arrived in Seville. A man resident in the city came to suspect this man, thinking that his visit was not foranother reason that the commit adultery with his own wife. Jealousy reached suchextremes that, some day, knowing of the visit of the gypsy, waited it hidden. He struckseven stab wounds that caused the death.
  10. 10. The Christ of the Expiration, remains as a memento of the ill- fated gypsy, and since then, walk through Seville during Holy week and which everyone names since then “El Cachorro”.Ensures that the sculptor Captured with theof the image of the eyes the face of thatChrist of the Expiration dying at the momentwas present at the event of his death and wasand that he had endorsed by theopportunity to witness terrible expressionthe agony of the gypsy reflected themselves“El Cachorro”. quite naturally in the work which in those days was doing.