Fantasia Ceiling Fans


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While we’re experiencing the coolest May in 100 years it’s possible that the last thing on your mind is purchasing a ceiling fan, but it is a good time to start thinking about the choices available.

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Fantasia Ceiling Fans

  1. 1. Fantasia Ceiling Fans by Alison Pendlebury-BrownWhile we’re experiencing the coolest May in 100 years it’s possible that the last thing onyour mind is purchasing a ceiling fan, but it is a good time to start thinking about thechoices available. Direct light is an approved official supplier of Fantasia ceiling fans – abrand name synonymous with exceptional quality, value for money and style. FantasiaCeiling Fans, formed in 1985, continue to develop new and innovative designs utilizingcutting-edge technology.Don’t just take my word for the exceptional quality of their fans – read the testimonialswhich can be found on Fantasia’s website.Fantasia fans are certainly not the cheapest fans on the market but, as the saying goes,you get what you pay for – and what you get for your money is a ceiling fan made fromhigh quality materials.All Fantasia ceiling fans have double sealed bearings which make them much quieterthan other fans on the market and they are much more stable even when fitted with a droprod.Fantasia Ceiling Fan WarrantyFantasia has three different ranges of fans providing choices to suit all tastes and budgets.Fantasia are so confident in their fans that the Elite fans are supplied with a 15 yearwarranty, Fantasia fans with a 10 year warranty and Euro fans with a 5 year warranty.A Ceiling Fan to Suit Your NeedsGemini Fan in Pewter FinishFantasia fans come in many designs to suit your decor. They also come in severaldifferent sizes and different finishes to complement spaces of any size whether for acontemporary kitchen or a traditionally styled conservatory.Whether you’re looking for a fan that will create a statement, a sleek, inconspicuous fanthat will blend into the ceiling or a fan with or without a light kit Fantasia has somethingfor you.Fantasia Fan AccessoriesFantasia offer a collection of accessories such as wall controls, remote controls, and droprods in varying lengths and finishes which enable the fan to be lowered to a suitableheight for maximum efficiency.The wall controls are available in polished brass, stainless steel, and polished chrome andwhite. Fantasia fans need either a 22mm diameter or a 27mm diameter drop rod and the
  2. 2. length of these can be cut to size. It is important to make sure that you check carefullywhich size your fan requires prior to purchase.Conversion KitA conversion kit is required when changing a flush mount fan to a drop rod style. A dualmount fan does not require a conversion kit. A conversion kit also enables the fixingbracket to be mounted up to a 40° angle on a sloped ceiling. They are also available in allfinishes to match.Their collection of accessories also includes glass shades and various blade colors anddesigns – useful to change the look of the fan at a later date rather than replacing thewhole fan.Fantasia Blade OptionsHow do Ceiling Fans Work?Ceiling fans do not actually change the temperature in a room. What they actually do iscreate a wind chill effect, which is what happens when the breeze created by the fan pullsperspiration away from your body, allowing your body’s own cooling system to workmore effectively. Of course, if you are running an air conditioning unit nearby you willfeel a change in temperature because the fan is circulating the cold air from the airconditioner.A Fantasia Ceiling Fan is Not Just for summerIf installed and used correctly, Fantasia fans can be operated in summer for a coolingeffect and reversed in winter to re-circulate and push back down the warm air trapped atceiling level – this can save you as much as 10% of energy in winter months.The Technical StuffFantasia fan motors are of silicon steel construction with double sealed bearings, ensuringlong, quiet, reliable and maintenance-free operation. All metal surfaces are powdercoated or plated and lacquered to give a permanent seal and prevent tarnishing.All models operate on your household mains 230 volt electricity supply. The powerrating of their fan motors range from 30 – 75 watts with 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds.In general terms the larger the fan, the higher the motor wattage. Fantasia fans runningcosts are less than running a 100w light bulb for the same period of time – at today’senergy costs this is about 5p for 8 hours.When choosing a ceiling fan you must take into consideration that when installed theblade tips must be at least 8” (20cm) from any obstruction such as a sloping roof or beam.
  3. 3. Blades should be mounted at least 7ft 6” (2.3m) from the floor (see below for more aboutthis).Ceiling fans can be installed in any room, except bathrooms.Environmentally ConsciousFantasia ceiling fans are better for the environment than many other air cooling systems.Amongst Fantasia’s many values and principles is the protection of the environment.Being energy conscious they expanded their DC motor range in 2010 which uses 60%less power consumption than a standard AC motor fan – these are contained within theirElite range. They have also introduced their first low energy LED fan-light and intend toexpand on this in the future.Splash Ceiling Fan with LED LightSizing GuideSo, what size fan do you need? The space you have should determine the size of the fanand what length the blades should be. Both the aesthetics of the room and the fan’sefficiency need to be balanced. Fantasia recommends the following sizes for a room witha standard 8 feett 2 inch (2.5m) ceiling:36” fan for a room up to 12ft x 12ft42” fan for a room up to 12ft x 14ft52” fan for a room up to 15ft x 15ftTwo fans will usually be required for a room larger than 15ft x 15ftMeasuring GuideConservatory Fan with Drop RodFor conservatories or south facing rooms Fantasia recommend that you increase the fansize relative to the room size to compensate for the higher temperatures reached in theseareas. The British Standards Institute recommends that the blades should be no less than7ft 6” from the floor.The length of drop rod required when fitting the fan into a conservatory or a high ceilingis determined by the ceiling height. The optimum height from the floor to the blade isbetween 7ft 6″ and 9ft.Generally speaking conservatories have a sloping roof. Fans can be installed up to anangle of 20° for 27mm drop rod fans and 30° for 22mm drop rod fans. A minimum of 6”must be allowed between the tip of the blade and the slope of the ceiling, or any otherobstruction.
  4. 4. Now you have an overview you’re better equipped to make the right decision on thefunctionality and the design of a ceiling fan. However, if you do need any further adviceon choosing the perfect fan for your living space contact us today, where one of our teammembers will be more than happy to help.Here the Author Peter says about Tiffany lamps and LED lights. For more informationvisit: -