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Download the 2010 Media Kit for all the information about advertising and the many Internet-based marketing services offered by the largest and most widely-read geospatial technology magazine...Directions Magazine.

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2010 Media Kit for Directions Media

  1. 1. 2010 M e d i a K i t All Things Location… Directions Magazine All Points Blog Directions Magazine français Directions Magazine Español Location Intelligence Conference Rocket City Geospatial Conference “All Points Blog is quickly becoming one of our favorite ts resources for location es location-based tech information.” ReadWriteWeb – February 5, 2010
  2. 2. Directions Media is... Directions Media is comprised of four ns Internet publications and two ernet professional conferences plus ofessional customized marketing and sales support that includes webinars, podcasts and des other information services. Our objective is to inform our readers and serve our advertisers... …with continuous, pervasive contact to support users and uous, suppliers of location technology & geospatial information ocation
  3. 3. Wh We Are... Jane Elliott Publisher Glencoe, Il. Nora Parker Adena Schutzberg Sr. Managing Executive Editor Editor Steamboat Springs, Co. Somerville, Ma. Joe Francica Editor in Chief & Vice Publisher ho Huntsville, Al. Mike Agron Jean-Louis D h J L i Duchesne Executive Managing Editor Producer, Webinars Directions Magazine Sacramento, Ca. français Quebec City, Quebec Alvaro de Gracia A Managing Director Directions Magazine rections Español Madrid, Spain Kathy Francica Alberto Santos Sr. Copy Editor Managing & Editor Conference Directions Magazine Coordinator Español Huntsville, Al. Madrid, Spain The most experienced team of geospatial technology journalists in the industry… ial
  4. 4. Wh we do... Directions Media is a news & marketing services organization. ws Our obligation to our readers is to find, report and analyze geospatial aders technology news and applications. We offer the most complete and pplications. comprehensive information about our technology sector with original tion content and commentary. ary. We publish Directions Magazine, our flagship, online magazine every ine business day to subscribers who opt to receive an electronic ers newsletter. Directions Magazine français, our French-language magazine, and Directions ur French Magazine Español, our Spanish h-language magazine, look to inform a local or regional audience about geospatial technology news that is bout hat important to professionals speaking those languages. ls We also offer our content in a variety of ways so that readers can nt receive information through various Internet media. We publish our ughg p news through Really Simple Syndication (RSS), podcasts on iTunes, ple Twitter, LinkedIn and Del.icio.us bookmarks. .icio.us And for our advertisers who want to directly reach our subscribers, we offer customized podcasts and webinars that are excellent means of sts obtaining new sales leads. ds. We welcome comments from all readers and we offer the option to s send us their opinions by posting comments to articles or sending emails to us directly. In this way, our conversation with subscribers is his continuous and pervasive. ve. In short, our objective is to inform our readers...and serve our advertisers. Thanks for your interest in Directions Media...and be sure to tell a friend. n Joe Francica Editor in Chief & Vice Publisher blisher
  5. 5. New for 2010... Directions Media is introducing several new s opportunities to reach your target audience Directions Digest A weekly publication that encapsulates a week’s worth of key ation geospatial technology news. Subscriptions will be offered with nology a controlled circulation ulation LI Virtual This year, we will offer an online conference lasting approximately 3. 5 hours. This event will allow geospatial . technologists from all over the world to attend an event m without leaving their office. DMTV This weekly video synopsis offers news, opinions and unique o perspectives on “all things location.” The videos will be syndicated on YouTube and iTunes. y ouTube Directions Magazine Virtual Forums These 90-minute panel discussions featuring key geospatial experts will be “live” events giving the audience direct interact ve” with the panelists. The majority of these events will be Q&A s. sessions that make this a truly unique opportunity to receive ke instant feedback in a lively format. k Customized News Feeds eds Looking to customized your website with news and information mized specific to your users? Directions’ powerful search capabilities ers? finds the news before any other geospatial publication. We’ll ore tailor the news to fit your needs and update it daily. Market Research Polling ling Need information for a worldwide audience to plan for product releases or other marketing initiatives. We’ll help you design a poll that reaches our worldwide readership. We’ll help you do it fast and in a cost effective manner and you’ll get reliable feedback with comprehensive statistics. mprehensive
  6. 6. The most widely read erview – Publications publication in the world dedicated to geospatial technology, data and services – Www.DirectionsMag.com Always ahead of the news and going beyond the headlines, APB keeps readers informed and up- to-date – Www.AllPointsBlog.com The French language edition of Directions Magazine – francais.directionsmag. com Directions Media Ove Launched February 2009— Directions Magazine Español— Www.DirectionsMag.es
  7. 7. Directions Magazine blications—Fast Facts 125,000+ monthly website visitors site 25,000 subscribers to the daily newsletter Average Advertising Impressions per banner/month: 50,000 mpressions Editorial Focus GIS, LBS, enterprise solutions, business geographics, open rise source, etc. Average Monthly Banner Impressions (See page 19 for banner ner positions) Top banner: 45K K-57K Special Announcement: 50K-70K ncement: 50K Skyscraper about: 50K-70K ut: 50K blications— Inline Spotlight#1: 40K #1: Inline Spotlight#2: 15K #2: Right Column above the skyscraper: 75K bove Right Column below: 60 elow: 60-100K Www.DirectionsMag.com om All Points Blog 30,000+ monthly website visitors ite 965 subscribers to daily newsletter y Editorial Focus All the news that other blogs and publications miss. First with at ther t Directions Media Pub the news; first with analysis. h The most active geospatial blog in the blogosphere e Average Monthly Banner Impressions: 17K to 20K (top banner only) ner Www.AllPointsBlog.com m Directions Magazine français 7,400 monthly website visitors from French speaking GIS professionals; 4,500 subscribers to bi- -monthly newsletter Editorial Focus – Geospatial Technology with an emphasis on patial francophone countries s Average Monthly Banner Impressions: 5,000 er Francais.Directionsmag.com g.com Directions Magazine Español 2,000+ monthly website visitors from Spanish speaking GIS e professionals 600 subscribers to monthly newsletter nthly Editorial Focus—Geospatial Technology with an emphasis on patial Spanish-speaking countries ntries Average Monthly Banner Impressions: 1,700 ner Www.DirectionsMag.es s
  8. 8. verview – Conferences The conference that explores the emerging technologies that enable the “location intelligent” enterprise. For 2010, our onsite conference will focus on geospatial cloud computing. LI GeoCloud Executive Symposium will address how the location intelligent enterprise will adapt to changing business solutions that offer Software as a Service (SaaS), Platforms and other Internet infrastructure using cloud-based architectures. The location will be Washington DC in late September. Directions Media Ov In ddition, I addition, we will present “LI Virtual an online LI Virtual” webcast on business GIS to be held June 2. This 3.5 2 hour webcast will feature topical sessions on retail, banking, and insurance. The premier state and local government GIS conference in the Southeast. For 2010, the conference will look at advances bring together regional GIS coordinators and local administrators to discuss ways to cooperative and share data. The conference will be held November 16-17 in Huntsville, Alabama.
  9. 9. telligence Conference LI GeoCloud Location Intelligence for Geospatial Cloud al Computing Executive Symposium September 22, 2010 Newseum, Washington DC On the horizon for geospatial technology is the gy potential for hosting applications using a cloud computing solution. We introduced this topic at d Location Intelligence 2009 and it was by far a topic that needed additional discussion. ussion. So, in 2010, we will focus the conference entirely on e this topic in a one-day executive symposium at ymposium the Newseum in Washington DC (pictured at pictured right). Topics will address Software as a Service (SaaS), e virtualization, Platform as a Service (PaaS), OGC , e( ), Location Int web standards, business models, geospatial eospatial data delivery and other topics. Announcing Sponsorship Options: Will include guaranteed nteed speaking position on program, table top display, ble LI Virtual literature in attendee bag; banners on rs Enterprise Business conference website, signage; advertising in vertising program) Solutions 2010 Diamond Level (1 available): $5000 - Lunch 0 June 2010 - On June 2nd, Sponsor plus table top display as well as Directions Media will present literature in the attendee bags and banners at d an online virtual conference the LI website. on the applications of geospatial technology for Platinum Level (1 available): $3500 – Sole 0 retail, banking, and insurance. Sponsor of Breakfast and the Registration area. stration This 3.5 hour event will highlight applications, spatial models, Gold Level (5 available;): $2500 – Coffee break C geospatial business sponsors; table top display as well as literature in intelligences demographic the attendee bags and banners at the LI t data for these industry sectors website. and new technology trends. The format will offer one industry sector per hour and Now in its seventh year, LI 2010 expects between 200- 200 conclude with a Q&A session. 250 attendees in a one-day conference. For rence. For more details, contact Nora more details, send email request to o Parker at info@locationintelligence.net. You can follow us info@locationintelligence.net on Twitter @geocloud or join the Geocloud eocloud Group on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/e/vgh/2158476/ 158476/
  10. 10. Rocket City cket Rocket City Geospatial Conference Geospatial 2010 patial Novem mber 16-17 Davidson Center son for Space Exploration ploration Huntsville, AL tsville, The Rocket City Geospatial Conference presents a wide range of key nference topics of local and regional interest from the Southeaster United States. terest Now in its fourth year, the conference draws approximately 200 erence geospatial professionals from state and local governments and supporting solution providers. We attract top speakers from around the country to keynote our conference and cover a broad spectrum of ence topics including: Evolving Directions for Discovery and Access to Geospatial Information d Visualization and Analysis Tools for Geospatial Decision Support eospatial Homeland Security: Emergency Preparedness & Response paredness SDI Full Motion Video Open Source vs. Open Standards: Clearing up the confusion Emerging Technologies: Ubiquitous computing; Sensors Web; GeoRSS; Microsatellites Integration of GIS and "Virtual Reality" in Battlefield Management y" Interoperability & OGC Specifications ns Mobile Geospatial Solutions and Field Service Management d State issues: Data sharing, council formation, etc. rmation, The latest technology in remote sensing, aerial orthophoto, satellite & other sensors sing, (LIDAR, radar imaging, thermal imaging, & passive microwave, etc...) ging, Transportation & Utility GIS Web Services for Geospatial Information ation Applications of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) - various interesting things going on erial at the Arsenal in this area GIS Certification, Job Classification, Workforce development - Have a jobs board set up at the exhibit hall GIS Data Integration (i.e. Intergraph, ESRI, Bentley, and others working together , Social and policy issues relating to privacy in regard location tracking rivacy Technology transfer from DoD to civilian use ilian Partnerships with DoD, SMDC, and other federal agencies ther Airborne LiDAR for Mapping and Geospatial Base maps ospatial Environmental GIS
  11. 11. “It’s all about sales” Directions Mag Webinar Series PROVEN METHODOLOGY Directions Media offers a proven methodology to produce and promote a n webinar that offers the most cost effective means for capturing sales leads. We will publicize your webinar with banners on all of our websites and with ar two or more direct email blasts to internal and purchased lists. Directions sts will participate as the host of the "live" webinar and the webinar will reside in our archives for six months for rebroadcast our readers. To avoid list fatigue, this opportunity is limited to two webinars per month. ited SOUND VALUE PROPOSITION For Sponsors of the webinars, there are key objectives including: ere Sales lead generation Raise product or brand awareness reness gazine Increase thought leadership position Provide a turn key service for a smooth pathway to results For Attendees of the webinars, they are interesting in learning about: hey Best practices from innovative Case Studies ve New technology or applications ons In depth product information to make informed purchasing decisions n The opportunities to leverage their existing technology investments e COMPLETE REVIEW OF ATTENDEE INTERESTS EE Upon completion of the webinar, a recording of the event will be uploaded to r, our servers and we encourage you to promote the replay of the webinar ge through your own resources. Statistics on the number and demographics of attendees, attention rank, and answers to poll questions as well as other nd essential information will be provided to support your sales team. The cost of the webinar production includes message development, ion interfacing with the hosting service, critique of any graphics or PowerPoint ervice, slides used in the webinar, advertising and promotion, and a Directions' dvertising editor to act as the moderator of the webinar. See page 17 of this media or kit for pricing information. “We recently partnered with Directions M Media to have them promote, produce and host a very successful webinar. Their team did a wonderful job in working with us each step of the way to deliver a high quality n event with 365 registrants and 175 attendees We'll be back with Directions Media on other webinars to help es. us with our thought leadership position as w transition from location intelligence to operational insight." we Reid Hislop - VP Marketing, Pitney Bowes Business Insight
  12. 12. Webinar Client List VUEWorks®
  13. 13. ENGAGE DIRECTIONS MEDIA FOR YOUR EVENT Media Sponsorship Directions Media covers many conferences throughout the year. Each event is a ences marketing opportunity for both Directions and you. Directions offers a mutually beneficial arrangement that supports your goals of getting news t and information into the hands of a broader audience. PAST CONFERENCES SUPPORTED American Association AGI's GeoCommunity eoCommunity ASPRS of Geographers (AAG) Autodesk University CTIA Bentley’s BE Conference Canalys Navigation deCarta’s devCON a’s DGI Scandinavia DMTI’s Expedition ESRI UC ESRI Fed UC ESRI GeoInfo Summit FOSS4G G GEOINT geoVue’s User V ’ U GeoWeb G Webb GIS Brasil Conference GIS in the Rockies GIS in Public Safety ublic GIS-T GITA’s Annual Intergraph User’s aph Information Builders Conference Conference ence User’s Conference International GIS Crime Korem’s GEODiffusion s LiDAR Mapping Mapping NAVTEQ’s LBS NAVTEQ Connections Q LBS World Forum Challenge Location Summit-India MapWorld Forum orld Forum-India MapInfo’s Map World MetaCarta’s User National States al New York State Conference Geographic aphic Geospatial Summit Information Council tion Northeast GIS (NEGIS) Oracle Spatial Special Pecora Interest Group Pennsylvania GIS Safe Software’s FME ftware’s SiRF’s Location Summit Conference ence SpatialTech TechCoire oire Telematics Update Telogis’ Geobase Trimble Dimensions URISA’s Annual Summit Conference Ventana Connections Where 2.0
  14. 14. Summary of Results from our 2009 Reader Survey 2009 Directio Media Reader Survey ons
  15. 15. 2009 Directions Me Reader Survey...more edia
  16. 16. 2009 Directions Me Reader Survey...more edia
  17. 17. 2009 Directions Me Reader Survey...more edia
  18. 18. Directions Magazine—Web Traffic Rank ne— The top graph indicates the web traffic “rank” from October 2009 to March 2010 of Directions Magazine versus competitors in the geospatial technology market petitors including GISCafe, GISUser, Spatial News (geocomm.com) Geoplace.com al (GEOWorld Magazine). The independent page ranking service, Alexa.com, shows pendent that Directions Magazine is well above its closest competitor in delivering the news bove to a worldwide readership of geospatial professionals. ospatial Moreover, as shown on the second graph, Directions Media is now competitive with nd other mainstream information technology publications such as CIO Magazine, chnology Federal Computer Week (FCW), InformationWeek and Government Technology nformationWeek (Govtech). While other online publications are losing audience share and reach, Directions re Magazine keeps adding to its loyal readership. al
  19. 19. DirectionsMag.com 2010 Directions Magazine—Rate Card WEBSITE - Monthly cost per 1x 3x 6x 12x insertion Top Banner 700x90 $2,175 $1,954 $1,850 $1,750 Skyscraper Banner 170x600 $2,075 $1,854 $1,700 $1,500 Special Announcement Area $2,075 $1,854 $1,700 $1,500 170x200 or 170x300 s Magazine— Transitional 300x250 or 500x500 $1,500 $1,250 $1,000 $850 Inline Spotlight #1 518x90 $1,250 $1,000 $900 $750 Right Column #1 – 170x125 $850 $800 $750 $650 Right Column #2 – 170x50 $750 $700 $600 $500 Inline Spotlight #2 - 518x90 $750 $700 $600 $500 Bottom Banner 700x90 $500 $455 $430 $380 Classified ads (per 25000 $500 impressions) DIRECTIONS’ DAILY NEWSLETTER- 1X 4X 8X 12X 25X cost per single in insertion Top Banner 700x90 $780 $700 $650 $550 $450 Skyscraper Banner 170x600 $720 $660 $600 $525 $430 Standard 125x125 $600 $528 $492 $420 $330 Text #1 $480 $420 $390 $330 $250 Text #2 $300 $260 $240 $200 $150
  20. 20. All P Blog Rate Card AllPointsBlog.com 2010 WEBSITE 1X 3X 6X 12X Monthly cost per insertion Top Banner 700x90 $450 $400 $350 $300 Special Announcement Area ea $450 $400 $350 $300 170x200 or 170x300 Daily Newsletter (Daily delivery ery cost for 30 days of a single text ext ad that appears at the top of $425 $400 $375 $350 each newsletter) - Distribution: 1000 n: subscribers dialy Points
  21. 21. Banner Positions for Directions Magazine
  22. 22. Podcasts, White papers an Webinars—Rate Card DIRECTIONS MEDIA PODCAST 3 6 12 1 Month & TV SPONSORSHIP Months Months Months Weekly Directions on the News Podcast – Audio ad at the beginning and end of each $2,995 $2,545 $2,245 $1,995 podcast; 4 PODCASTS PER MONTH. nd Webinars— Sponsored Podcast – 12 to 20 minute podcast with client to $3,995 or express thought leadership; $2995 if promoted with banners and podcast is archived for 6 months; lead generation enabled; complete pre- production with music recorded introduction. Weekly Directions TV Webcasts – Video ad at the beginning and end of each $2,995 (introductory webcast; 4 Webcasts per price; regularly month. (video ad creation $3995) included in cost; text/graphics to be supplied by sponsor) DIRECTIONS MEDIA WEBINAR Single SERIES SERIES SERIES Webinar OF 3 OF 5 Turnkey production plus $11,995 $34,185 $53,975 promotions; Call for details WHITE PAPER SIX MONTH NTH HOSTING MINIMUM(COST (COST PER MONTH) NTH) Hosted White paper service $295 with lead capture
  23. 23. Conference Sponsorship Options • LI GeoCloud - Location Intelligence for cation Geospatial Cloud Computing Executive d Symposium – Diamond Sponsor $5000 (Lunch Sponsor and sor speaking positions) ons) – Gold Sponsors (5) - $2500 (Breakfast and break sponsors) – Sponsorship includes table top display plus cludes program advertising and literature with rtising attendee bag, banner advertising on conference website and onsite signage. ebsite • LI Virtual - Business GIS ess – Sponsorship: $1000 per industry presentation 000 – Presentation format: 7 rmat: 7-minute solution provider/7-minute user/client ute – Sponsor receives complete attendance report es • Rocket City Geospatial Conference 2010 spatial – Diamond: $2500 (Lunch Sponsor with keynote 00 address) – Gold: $995 (Breakfast and break sponsors) eakfast
  24. 24. Monthly Cost per Insertion ertion Equivalent US Dollars Directions Magazine français—Rate Card Canadian Dollars s (Dec. 2009-subject to change) Website 1x 3x 6x 12x 1x 3x 6x 12x Frequency Top Banner $545 $490 $450 $400 $518 $466 $430 $380 Special $520 $465 $425 $375 $495 $443 $404 $357 Announcement français— Area Transitional $375 $315 $250 $215 $357 $300 $238 $205 Inline $390 $350 $310 $290 $371 $333 $295 $276 Spotlight#1 (150x50) Right $195 $170 $165 $145 $185 $162 $157 $138 Column(150x50) Inline $190 $175 $150 $125 $180 $166 $143 $119 Spotlight#2 Newsletter 1x 3x 6x 12x 1x 3x 6x 12x Top Banner $195 $175 $165 $140 $185 $166 $157 $133
  25. 25. Directions Magazin Español—Rate Card Monthly Cost per Insertion rtion Tabla de precios 2010 10 Equivalent US Dollars (Dec. 2009-subject to change) Tipo de publicidad Coste mensual ( euros ) sual 1x 3x 6x 12x 1x 3x 6x 12x Banda superior (Top $532 $479 $439 $391 354 318 292 260 banner) ne Español— Zona de anuncios especiales (Special 338 302 276 244 $508 $391 $454 $367 anouncement) Banda de transición (Transition 244 205 162 140 $367 $308 $244 $211 Banner) Anuncios intercalados #1 253 227 201 188 $381 $342 $302 $283 (150x50) (Inline Ad#1) Columna de la derecha (150x50) 127 110 107 94 $191 $166 $161 $141 HTML (Right Column) Anuncio intercalado #2 123 114 97 81 $185 $172 $146 $122 HTML (Inline Ad# 2) Banda inferior 81 75 71 62 $122 $123 $107 $93 (Bottom banner)
  26. 26. Banner Positions For Directions Magazine Français and Español
  27. 27. Bundle of 3 online Suggested bundled Pricing Op -Directions Magazine banner advertising positions for just one 12 Months 6 Months 3 Months price to maximize impressions Top banner (700 x 90) $2520/month /month $2880/month $3003/month + Inline banner #1 Includes volume es Includes volume Includes (518x90) + Right discount + an nt discount + an volume additional 20% nal additional 20% discount + an Column banner (125 discount nt discount additional 20% x125 above discount Skyscraper) Skyscraper banner $2000/month /month $2320/month $2603/month (170 x 600) + Inline Includes volume es Includes volume Includes banner #2 (518x90) + discount + an nt discount + an volume ptions- additional 20% nal additional 20% discount + an ptions Right Column banner discount nt discount additional 20% (150x50 below discount Skyscraper) Newsletter banner Add 24 4 Add 12 Add 6 advertising – Top or Newsletter ads etter Newsletter ads Newsletter Skysraper position for only $8640 y for only $4680 ads for only $2565
  28. 28. Advertising (cost as per rate card) Directions Media — List of Marketing Services Brand Building Lead generation Web banner creative design Webinars ($11995 ea.) Thought Leadership & Branding Lead Generation Training Podcasts ($4995 ea.) Executive interview Thought Leadership Sponsorship of Directions on the News (weekly news podcast) ws Press and Media Relations Press Release posting (N/C) New product announcements (N/C) White Paper Distribution ($295/mo) Editing Support (as contracted) Lead generation (N/C) Event/Media Partnership ($5K to $10K value) Conference coverage Web banner advertising & promotion n Newsletter advertising Media Advice and counsel Working with the technology and IT press y Press release editing Social Networking Location-based advertising g o Speaker bureau Event Listing Virtual Conferences Single or multi-day online events (as contracted) Career Support (as contracted) Job Fairs & Webinars Job Announcements promoted through newsletter ugh Sponsor by Industry Targeted Vertical Industry News & News services (as contracted) es Develop RSS feeds for specific industry coverage try Customized news feeds International Language Support (as contracted) Location-based advertising Country/Language specific advertising ing Spanish Language content Magazine – Directions Magazine Español e French Language content Magazine – Directions Magazine français e Translation services Conferences (as per sponsorship fees) Location Intelligence Rocket City Geospatial Geospatial Market Research (as contracted) Job & Salary Survey Technology ‘in use’ survey Online Contests (as contracted) Web mapping Mashups Imagery Editorial Services (as contracted) Editing and manuscript review ($65/hr) (AP Style Guide Review) hr) Press release writing ($65/hr) (AP Style Guide Review) Freelance writing (as contracted) B2B Marketing Support (as contracted; SOP to be defined) e Executive leadership training Geospatial Technology briefings Competitive updates Partner Development
  29. 29. Advertising Contact us... Jane Elliott, Publisher Jane.Elliott@DirectionsMag.com g.com 847-849-9803 Mike Agron, Executive Producer for Webinars ducer Mike.Agron@DirectionsMag.com g.com 916-804-4703 Joe Francica, Editor-in-Chief & Vice Publisher ef Joe.Francica@DirectionsMag.com ag.com 256-650-0205 Fax Advertising Insertion orders to: 240 rders 240-250-7257 Editorial Joe Francica, Editor-in-Chief & Vice Publisher ef Joe.Francica@DirectionsMag.com ag.com 256-650-0205 Adena Schutzberg, Executive Editor tive Adena.Schutzberg@DirectionsMag.com ionsMag.com Nora Parker, Senior Managing Editor ging Nora.Parker@DirectionsMag.com ag.com Jean-Louis, Editor, Directions Magazine français ns jlduchesne@directionsmag.comg.com Alvaro de Garcia, Managing Director, Directions Magazine Español ng adegracia@mapintelligence.es ce.es For billing and other correspondence, mail information to: spondence, Directions Media 194 Green Bay Rd Glencoe, IL 60022 Phone: 847-242-0412 FAX: 240-250-7257