Directi Case Study Contest - Team idate from MDI Gurgaon


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Directi Case Study Contest - Team idate from MDI Gurgaon

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  • It would be better if it talked about competition ur product will face and who all are present players in the market and how your product is different and how u plan to tackle your competiton.

    And I don't think anyone would be willing to give 3000 without having some trust on your product (again how is the product different from other scams online), therefore I suggest to have some free accounts so that people can at least start talking about it.
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Directi Case Study Contest - Team idate from MDI Gurgaon

  1. 1. Case Study Competition 2011Presented by: Members: Harpreet Singh Team iDate Pinak Mukherjee MDI - Gurgaon Rakinderjit Singh Sahil Agarwal
  2. 2. Agenda Industry Overview Target Group Insights Mesmerize me: Concept Features Marketing & Promotion Strategy Monetization
  3. 3. Industry: Online DatingIn 2010, online dating industry was $4 billion worldwide. The mobile phone dating market was worth $330 million in 2007, $550 million in 2008 and is predicted to double to $1.3 billion by 2013 It is estimated that at least 10 percent of new accounts created each day are from scammers On average 10 percent of members pay for the dating service and stay for less than 3 months www.bizopedia.bizIn India, there are 15 million online dating users dating-overview.comIndian Online dating industry will grow by 25% in 2010 Times Of India,2010In India, there is a long standing culture of matrimony which is similar in nature to onlinedating. Weve found that the new generation, which is wired and technologicallyadvanced, is embracing online dating as opposed to working with matchmakers Meir Strahlberg, CEO,
  4. 4. The rising Internet Penetration in IndiaAccording to IMRB and the Internet & Mobile Association of India report “Report on Internet in India (I-Cube) 2011” Internet Users(in millions) Frequency of Use140 28% 121 30% 27%120 25% 95 20%100 20% 80 67.5 12% 15% 60 53.5 10% 7% 40 5% 2% 20 0% 0 Daily 4-6 Times a 2-3 Times a Once a 2-3 Times a Once a 2008 2009 2010 2011 week week week month month  More than 75% of Internet Usage is driven by younger generation of people  Around 33% of young men and working women are heavy users spending more than 16.5 hours on the net
  5. 5. Where is the Target Audience? Top 3 Internet Usages(Urban Areas)*100% 89%80% 71% 64% *Base : Active Internet User (Urban),60% 2011 - 30 cities [As of March 2011]40%20% Source: Report on Internet in India (I-Cube) 2011 0% E-Mail Social Network Education Email Gmail | Yahoo | Outlook | Rediff Users of Social Networking Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Orkut  Our Target Audience would be those who are already present on Social Networking sites as they give a fair representation of the active internet users  Facebook is the dominant Social Network around the world and in India; so the Facebook users in India represents the size of the potential user base
  6. 6. Target Group Definition Hunger to expand horizons; Self-Obsessed; Materialistic fear of being left behind Money is the barometer ofStaying ahead of style curve is success; Real joy lies in very important spending Moving from sustenance to indulgence Technology is the great enablerProfile Age: Below 30 years | Educated | Urban | Present on Social Media | Always connected online: Mails, Facebook & Twitter Enthusiastic Experiencers Lively Value seekers Intuitive Adventurous Target Group has embraced technology and has significant presence online They are willing to spend money to indulge themselves
  7. 7. Ideation for Features: Target Group InsightsInsights from a primary survey conducted among 63 young Indians (below the age of 30 years) in NCR We have hesitation in Finding true love is initiating conversations all about LuckHumor and wit are themost valued attributes in a conversation Serendipity Lounge It’s fun being wooed by the opposite sex To find common ground we mostly prefer discussing about: We need to be sure about the Books | Travel | Movies | credibility of the people we Food | Music meet . Safety is an issue mesmerize me Big 5 Compatibility Matcher Credibility Features
  8. 8. What is mesmerize me…? An India specific Online dating portal providing users with a unique way to initiate conversations and woo the opposite sex and get mesmerized through wit and humor It allows users to find and mesmerize that someone special… Connect Features Credibility Features mesmerize me  Mobile number Verification Serendipity lounge  Iovation Service Big 5 Compatibility Matcher Location Based Connect App  Active Users Only Theme Based Profile Dating Concierge
  9. 9. Introducing mesmerize me ‘mesmerize me’ to signify that a person needs to be wooed and impressed at the Red color to start of asignify Love and relationship passion A boy and a girl to signify our TargetAudience engaged in a conversation Speech bubbles to A gamut of conversation lines to signify: signify the importance  the most often asked questions on the first date of Conversations  that conversations are the best way to impress someone during dates
  10. 10. Feature #1: mesmerize me Core Idea: mesmerize me Users will put up incomplete sentences/thoughts on their profile and possible suitors can comment on the profile of the initiator to “Mesmerize” him/her. The initiator can then choose to contact the person who has given the best reply in their opinion Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Initiating user gives the Suitors respond and try to She chooses the guy who mesmerized call for Mesmerization mesmerize her her & Connects with him Sahil: “Love is like tanning on Anjuna beach” Harry: “Love is in knowing that some1’s @Sahil: I have fond memories of Anjuna there for me at the end beach. How many times have u been there? of the day ” mesmerize me:“Love to me is like the English Aman: “Love is an eternalwinter’s sunshine, warm and sensation of care andcozy…what is it for you?”... giving”
  11. 11. Feature #2: serendipity lounge Concept: Serendipity Lounge Connect feature based on Serendipity for die hard romantics. Users who want to find someone on the basis of luck can use this option. The Lounge will be featured as a tab on the Home page Serendipity Lounge Step 1 Step 2 Step 3On clicking the Serendipity Lounge tab, users System will wait for matching As soon as matches arewill have to answer the Serendipity Question answers from other users found:of the day Users will be informed about their Serendipity profile matches for the day via instant updatesSerendipity Lounge Serendipity Lounge: Riki: Serendipity Lounge:Which is your favorite movie? Dark Knight Inbox Loading your Luck..Please Wait
  12. 12. Feature #3: Big 5 Compatibility Matcher Concept: Big 5 Compatibility Matcher Big 5 Compatibility On the basis of a primary survey among 63 young Indians (below the age of 30years) in NCR, we found that the top 5 things discussed on a first date were:  Travel | Books | Movies | Cuisine | Music Our algorithm will solicit information from users on these 5 parameters and match profiles on the basis of compatibility in these areas Step 1: Registration/Sign-up Step 2: Results Spot-checkOn Registration/Sign-up, Users will be The Big 5 Compatibility Matcher Users can also requestsolicited for information on these 5 Algorithm will then create a profile spot compatibility checksparameters if they want to use this score for profiles they findfeature The score will be indexed in our interesting database & high compatibility profiles will be suggested to the user
  13. 13. Feature #4: location based Connect App Concept: Location based Connect Appmesmerize me Connect feature based on the Location based services concept. Users can download our app on their mobile phones or access it by liking it on Facebook It will use our Connect features (Mesmerize me, Serendipity Lounge and Big 5 Compatibility Matcher) to connect people on the basis of their proximity to each other Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Users will download the app Users can utilize our connect on their smart phones or features: access it by liking it on  mesmerize me, Serendipity Lounge Facebook or Big 5 Compatibility Matcher To find matches in their local area OR Location: Delhi
  14. 14. Feature #5: Credibility Features Concept: Credibility The insights from the target group clearly state the need for safety and credibility of the other person. To be assured about the trustworthiness of users, our website will provide the following features Feature# 1 Feature# 2 Feature# 3 Active Users Only Mobile Number Verification Iovation Service Level of activity will be shown on To detect & prevent fraudsters users’ profiles to differentiateDuring sign-up/registration the and habitual offenders from ghost users. Profiles which haveusers would be authenticated harming our reputation we will been inactive for 3-6 months willthrough mobile number tie-up with Iovation. be shown as Inactive,6-12verification to prevent months as Dormant and moremultiple accounts and It captures a “digital fingerprint” than an year as Deadfraudsters of each device and establishes a unique device reputation that is • Active Activity stored in it’s shared network Status • Inactive (650 million strong) • Dormant
  15. 15. Other Features Theme based Profile Users can select from a plethora of relevant profile themes like F1 racing, Harry Potter, James Bond, etc. The visual elements for their profile & virtual gifts range available for them will be from their theme. Men and women with similar interests can also easily connect through this feature. Dating Concierge An end to end dating concierge will provide: Pre-date, Date & Post-date services by planning out the whole day for customers through our tie-ups with complementary players like salons, beauty parlours, cab services and restaurants. Other Features  Winks & Pokes Profile searching:  Local area search options Basic & Advanced with multiple criterion  Mailbox Virtual Gift Shop  Past profile Views Video Instant Messenger & Video chat  Contact imports SMS Connect  Facebook Log-in
  16. 16. Mock-Ups: Home
  17. 17. Mock-Ups: Feature #1 mesmerize
  18. 18. Mock-Ups: Feature #1 mesmerize me (Details)User can post a new sentence or thought and get Mesmerized Ankit is Logged in. His Activity status is: Active Navigation Panel Mesmerize me Panel:User can view Status linesthe replies to from other his updates users would be displayed here. User can then Profiles ofselect the best compatible reply and users would beconnect to that shown user
  19. 19. Mock-Ups: Feature #2 serendipity lounge User can usethis feature byAnswering the Question of the DayOnce answeredthe system will wait for matching answers
  20. 20. Mock-Ups: Feature #2 serendipity lounge (contd) As soon as matches becomeavailable users are informed via Insta updates Matching answers along with the users is displayed with the option to contact them
  21. 21. Marketing Plan Countdown Accelerate Invigorate Launch Engage Up to 12 After 12 - 30 Days Day 0 + 30 Days months Months Create Generate Awareness Create Use Intrigue Buzz and Trial Conversation Networks  RadioFocus Mediums  Print Ads  Radio  Refer a friend Launch Bus  Wall of Fame  Celeb  Online  Viral Print Ads  Mall Endorsements conversations Campaign Activations  Success  Viral campaign  OOH Media  Tie-ups with stories  OOH Media restaurants Online Social Media Strategic Tie Public Word of Perennial Advertisement Marketing Ups Relations Mouth
  22. 22. Phase 1: Countdown OBJECTIVE: Create intrigue around mesmerize me  Initially, shroud the brand in mystery and keep the audiences guessing as to what services or products are offered  This will help create Intrigue around the brand Media > Print Ads | Viral Campaign | OOH Media Print Ads Viral Campaign OOH Media Newspapers:  Social Media:  Malls: Times of India, Hindustan Facebook Posters on Elevators Times, Economic Times Twitter Hoardings Lifestyle Magazines: Four Square Danglers Cosmopolitan, Outlook, Vogue Stumble Upon  Stations Pamphlets: Bus stops Distributed in specific regions  Viral Video Metro/Local stations Behind bills: Funny videos to be released  Cabvertisements Movie tickets, Petrol bills, Radio to social media for generating Meru cabs Cab bills conversations Quick cabs
  23. 23. Phase 1: Countdown (Contd) Theme: ‘Can you mesmerize me’ To create intrigue about what is mesmerize me Can be used as bookmarks for Lifestyle magazines Placed at table tops in coffee shops and malls and restaurants Behind bills and at major intersections Print Ads Hoardings/Banners Evolution of Dating What ‘s the new way to mesmerize? 1950s 1980s 2000s 2011
  24. 24. Phase 2: Launch OBJECTIVE: Generate buzz around mesmerize me  Create a bang on Launch Day with spectacular campaigns to get eyeballs  And generate conversations around the Brand  At the time of launch, questions and intrigue created around mesmerize me would be answered through a set of ads Media > Launch Bus | Print Ads | Viral campaign | Online Marketing splash Launch Bus Print Ads Viral Campaign Launch Bus to be used in  Newspapers:  Leverage social media: select metro cities: Times of India, Hindustan Release viral videos about Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Times, Economic Times mesmerize me and it’s Pune to grab eyeballs and benefits which are humorous  Pamphlets: and witty generate free publicity Distributed in specific regions Online Marketing Splash Create a splash online on the day of the launch to maximize reach & create awareness Banner ads |Pop-ups | E-mails | Search Engine Optimization | Roll-over ads | Sponsored ad
  25. 25. Phase 2: Launch (Contd) Theme: ‘mesmerize me’ Answer the questions asked during the countdown stage Used in Print, Online, Viral and Bus campaigns The objective of the phase is to create awareness and generate buzz Viral videos and campaigns to create word of mouth Evolution of Dating The new era of dating 1950s 1980s 2000s 2011
  26. 26. Phase 2: Launch (contd)Launch Bus: PARTY This Bus will be a party bus, having lots of couples, who will move across the city in it distributing flyers. Best Couple competition DJ
  27. 27. Phase 2: Launch (contd)Launch Bus: HANGOUT PLACES Stoppages at major hangout places where the couples in the bus will “Date” together Mumbai Delhi Bangalore PunePalladium Mall Select City Mall InOrbit Mall Koregaon ParkBandra Market Connaught Place UB City Mall FC Road Best couple competition will be held to encourage people to participate
  28. 28. Phase 3: Accelerate OBJECTIVE: Create Awareness and Trail for mesmerize me  Create a bang on Launch Day with spectacular campaigns to get eyeballs  And generate conversations around the Brand  At the time of launch, questions and intrigue created around mesmerize me would be answered through a set of ads Media > Radio | Wall of Fame | Mall Activations | OOH Media Radio Wall of Fame Mall Activations Radio slots during peak  Games on social media:  Balloons in Malls: travelling hours in: Competitions would be Balloons with ‘mesmerize me’>Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, organized on social media logo would be placed in malls Pune to spread awareness properties and winners would to grab instant attention be recognized on ‘mesmerize> 10 sec slots between songs me’ Wall of Fame OOH Media Hoardings in malls would be displayed with ‘Mesmerize me’ campaigns Elevators and Escalators in prominent malls would be used for innovative campaigns
  29. 29. Phase 3: Accelerate (contd) Radio Campaign Theme: Wall of FameRadio Campaign specific opinion leading cities Idea: Competitions will be organized on • Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore social media sitesTarget Group : 18 to 30` years  Incomplete line given every day to users whoIdeal part of week: Monday to Friday need to come up with witty or thoughtful ways to complete itRadio Partners: Red FM or Radio Mirchi A winner would be announced everydayPlan A:“mesmerize me” through Songs who will become part of the Wall of Fame Slots between songs would be used to on publicize ‘mesmerize me’Plan B: “mesmerize me” on Air Winners will be awarded a 2 week Free TrialCompetitions will be organized on radio where one caller Pack to the paid features of the websitecan give an incomplete line. Others can respond &complete the line. The best answer selected will win achance to go on a sponsored date with the originalinitiator
  30. 30. Phase 3: Accelerate (contd) Mall Activations: Balloons in MallsBalloons with ‘’ stickers will be placed in hangout places for couples,in malls
  31. 31. Phase 4: Engage OBJECTIVE: Create conversations around mesmerize me  After sustained campaigns to create awareness and promoting trials  Create specific campaigns to create conversations around the brand  Embed topics in the Social Media to initiate conversations and monitor them Media > Radio | Celeb Endorsements | Tie-ups with restaurants Radio Celeb Endorsements Tie-ups Continue running the  BTL activity in Malls/major  Tie-ups with key campaign launched in the markets: restaurants/coffee shops: previous phase Campaign to engage the Tie-up with key chains like audience in meaningful Pizza Hut, Costa Coffee, Café conversations with celebs Coffee day to leverage their engaged by ‘mesmerize me’ at reach major malls and markets
  32. 32. Phase 4: Engage (Contd) Mesmerize the Celebrity Theme : “MesmerizeOver Coffee Mesmerize over Coffee”Idea: Idea: BTL activity in malls where celebrities Certain featured profiles of the website would(eg. Gul Panag) will write an incomplete be put up in the prominent coffee shops likeline on mesmerize me’s branded huge Barista, CCD, Gloria Jeans etc.boards. Along with a white board where incompleteAnd participants will be invited to lines would be written. The patrons of thesecomplete the line and “Mesmerize Her”. joints can complete the lines and best answerThe best replies selected will get a will get a chance to win a sponsored datechance to have a date with the celebrity with the featured profile at the same place
  33. 33. Phase 5: Invigorate OBJECTIVE: Use Networks and word of mouth to create mass appeal for mesmerize me  Leverage networks of existing users – referrals  Create and focus on positive Word of mouth of existing users to create a mass appeal Media > Online Referrals | Publicized Success stories | Sustained ConversationsTheme: Referral System Referral SystemIdea:Users who refer our website to their friends & acquaintances would be given bonus pointsto spend on our paid services. Thus, create incentives apart from a great product togenerate user referrals Success StoriesTheme: Referral SystemIdea:Use the success stories of our website and how it helped connect soul mates using PR onmedia like: Website, Affiliates, Sponsored Ads, and magazines like HT Brunch, CosmopolitanThis would help in the purposes of establishing our credibility & would remove the taboo ofonline dating and generate word of mouth
  34. 34. Monetization And of course: Google
  35. 35. Assumptions used for Monetization Facebook users in India in the age group 18-30 years(Nov 2011) Single (a) 7.8 million Undisclosed relationship status(b) 10.3 million Total(a+b) 18.1 million Assumptions:Optimistic estimates:a) 3% of Target group on FB use during first yearb)6 % use during second yearc)Singles and All people with undisclosed relationship are includedModerate estimates:a) 2% of Target group on FB use during first yearb)4 % use during second year ac)Singles and Half the people with undisclosed relationship are includedConservative estimatesa) 1% of Target group on FB use during first yearb)2 % use during second yearc) Only singles are includedFacebook is currently adding around 2 million users / month in India)
  36. 36. Monetization#1: FREEMIUM MODEL Feature Free PremiumBasic Features available to all users while the following mesmerize me Up to 5 usages unlimited features available only to premium users Serendipity lounge Up to 5 usages unlimited• 10% of users Big 5 Compatibility Matcher No unlimited will go for premium accounts(Industry average) Location Based Connect App No unlimited• Price would be increased by 10% in the second year• NPV Values are for two years Theme Based Profile No unlimitedOptimistic Estimate Dating Concierge No unlimitedNPV: Rs.74.93 croreModerate Estimate: Advanced Profile searching No unlimitedNPV: Rs. 35.74 crore ,Virtual Gift Shop, Video Instant Messenger & VideoConservative Estimate: chat, SMS Connect, Winks &NPV: Rs. 10.76 crore Pokes Price/year Free Rs. 3000
  37. 37. Monetization#2: DATING CONCIERGE Customer chooses services and pays per transaction to 1 Concierge of services like flowers, cabs and restaurants 2 Customer gets a coupon of a scheme or discount for the service used Optimistic Estimate: NPV: Rs. 69.6 lakh• Price charged/transaction : 10% of transaction amount• Average size of transaction : Rs. 500• Only 10% of premium users will use Moderate Estimate: NPV: Rs.33.19 lakh this service and frequency of every second month• NPV Values are for two years Conservative Estimate: NPV: 9.99 lakh
  38. 38. Monetization#3: DATE ASSIST & ADVERTISE Expert advice to build attractive profile Advertise your profile and make it Help to present yourself in a better way using Feature in more searches help from dating experts. Increase the chances to Help to reach more prospects and increase the impress chances of interaction• Price charged : Rs. 1000/year Optimistic Estimate: NPV: Rs. 1.24 crore• Price will be increased by 10% every year• Assuming 5% of premium mesmerize me users will go Moderate Estimate: NPV: Rs. 59.5 lakh for this service• NPV Values are for two years Conservative Estimate: NPV: Rs.17.94 lakh
  39. 39. And Obviously Google AdSenseGoogle Ad Sense is a free program that empowers online publishers to earn revenueby displaying relevant ads on a wide variety of online content•Average revenue estimate : .40 $ / click•Assuming revenues only from premiumusers and a frequency of one click per month•NPV Values are for two yearsOptimistic Estimate: NPV: Rs. 5.56 croreModerate Estimate: NPV: Rs. 2.65 croreConservative Estimate: NPV: Rs. 79.9 lakhExcel Calculations for Monetization Models
  40. 40. Organization structure Managing DirectorDirector Director of HR of Director of Engineering & Research Support Head Marketing HeadFinanceAccounting Engineering Product Design Testing Research Sales Marketing HR System Network Help Desk manager Team manager Team Team Team Manager Manager Manager Admin Admin 2 1 9 2 3 2 2 1 1 1 1 1
  41. 41. Profit & Loss Statement for 4 years Rs. Lakhs Year 2012 2013 2014 2015 Sales 859 3379 7754 14017 Salary 309.2 1351.6 3101.6 5606.8Gen. Administration 120.3 405.48 852.94 1401.7 Sales & Marketing 223.3 574.43 1163.1 2102.55Engineering and R&D 85.9 270.32 542.78 911.105 Support 68.72 236.53 465.24 841.02 Misc. 34.36 101.37 232.62 420.51 Depreciation 25.77 84.475 21.475 21.475 Net profit -8.59 354.795 1374.2
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