Directi Case Study Contest - Team Acti-Date from ISB Hyderabad


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Directi Case Study Contest - Team Acti-Date from ISB Hyderabad Business Plan for an Online Dating Portal

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Directi Case Study Contest - Team Acti-Date from ISB Hyderabad

  1. 1. DON’T JUST DATE, ACTI-DATEAnanth Vas Ashish Ajmera Gayatri Sharma Sartaj Chawla
  2. 2. WHAT IS ACTIVITY DATING? • Users join the website and create profiles for free, but pay for Join participating in Activities.Create • Users select preferred activities from a range of indoor andActivity outdoor activities such as Trekking, Rafting, Dinner, Play list watching, Bowling, Paintballing etc Go on • Users are matched as per their preferences and then choose to participate in Group/ Single Acti-Datesan Acti- • After the Acti-Dates, the users review and rate the people they went on a date Date! with and indicate if they wish to go on a date with that person again.
  3. 3. DON’T JUST DATE, ACTI-DATE Activity • Users are matched to activities of their preference . Based • Users will also have the facility to post their own activities . DatingFacebook • Using Facebook allows easy login, faster market penetration, access Page and to large numbers of users profiles etc.Mobile app • Mobile App to help leverage the reach of smart phones in India . Rich • Users have the flexibility of Dating in groups or individually. Dating • Paid users will have access to features such as buddy circles , onlineExperience chat, review and rating, ability to post own activities and gifting .
  4. 4. 500,000 Members and counting! Sign in What is Activity Dating? Membership plans Acti-Blog Featured Activities List your Activities now !!! TIRED OF THE SAME BORING OLD DATES? 28 people WORRIEDJUST CAN’T BREAK THE ICE? ABOUT SAFETY? 1. Cycling 2. Paintball 83 people 3. Trekking 6 people 4. | Sign UpLatest single members who joined Acti-Date-Ananth , 28, Sartaj , 26, Manika , 26, Pavithra , 25, Ashish , 24,Mumbai Gurgaon Delhi Hyderabad Mumbai
  5. 5. Activity based search that searches on the basis of Acitivity, Location, EducationMy Activity List About me Edit xWhat activity do you want to take part in? add add Facebook Connect Edit xThe people I have subscribed to are… Users can subscribe to other users to know Suzanna added River-rafting to her activity list when the activities they are interested in and the events they are attending Suzanna is attending Super cyclathon 2011 See more …
  6. 6. FEATURES The USP of Acti-date is its powerful activity based search feature which helps search based on the following parameters (in order of priority): 1. Activity 2. Subscribed users within the activity 3. Location 4. Age 5. Education This feature helps users find a closest match thereby increasing the probability of meeting a suitable date
  7. 7. FEATURES In a twitter-like model users can subscribe to another user of their choice. Helps users follow the activities and events attended and organized by other users of their ‘interest’ By following the subscribed users’ posts and messages the subscriber can know the subscribed user better and decide to date or not
  8. 8. Users can create their own event29 people want to do this.Cycling Post an EventPeople doing this in Hyderabad My Activity List Suzanna, Age : 24, F, Hyderabad, India What activity do you want to take part in? add Activities : Cycling, Paintball, Tennis, river-rafting Education : Indian School Of Business add ad d Acti-date organized Manika , event with partner Age : 25, F, Hyderabad,organizations– India Activities : Cycling, Bowling, Rappelling. Incentivizes the user by Education : IIIT, Hyderabad providing volume See more … discountsUpcoming events for this activity Hyderabad Cyclathon , Hyderabad, India 20% discount Date : 24/11/2011 Sponsored event Super Cyclathon 2011, Hyderabad, India Date : 02/12/2011 See more …
  9. 9. Primary Research – SURVEY AT ISBBased on survey data of 30 students at ISB, we obtained the following: How Willing are you to join the website on a Monthly fee basis or Willingness to pay for Indoor a Pay-per activity basis? Activities 120.0% % Respondents Monthly Fees Pay-per Activity Undecided Not Willing 100.0% 80.0% Indoor Activity 3% 7% 7% 60.0% 40.0% 20.0% 0.0% Price Premium 83% In INR Willingness to pay for Outdoor Activities 120%% Respondents 100% 80% 60% Outdoor Activity 40% 20% 0%
  10. 10. STRATEGIES OF MONETIZATION Member to Member Gifting Solutions Advertising Activity and co-Premiums branding Website Revenue
  11. 11. STRATEGIES OF MONETIZATION Based on the survey results, about 83% of respondents would be willing to try Acti-date on a Pay-per-activity basis. The activity organization will be outsourced to event management/ activity management organizations. Members will pay the activity fee (as per standard rates) and a premium. This premium will be principle monetization strategy for the website. Based on the survey data, the following Premiums are proposed for activities: 1. Outdoor activities such as trekking, rafting, biking etc : `450 / person 2. Indoor activities such as bowling, movies etc : ` 300 / person
  12. 12. STRATEGIES OF MONETIZATION Members will have the facility to gift items to other members or non members through an easy user friendly interface. Some items that may be gifted are as follows: 1. Acti-date coupons for group and individual dates 2. Flowers, Soft Toy, chocolates and cards. 3. Music Cd’s, Serenading services and other such gifts. These gifts will be paid for by credit-card or via users PayPal accounts, another viable option is to use facebook dollars to pay via the users facebook account.
  13. 13. STRATEGIES OF MONETIZATION Ad Revenues are the major monetization strategy of a large no of social media sites such as facebook , Twitter etc and represent significant potential for The principle advertising will come from brands/products focused on the dating site audience, which will mostly comprise of single adults between the ages of 18 – 35. In the initial years, while the website builds its member network by offering free membership and low activity premiums, the advertising will provide a large chunk of projected revenues.
  14. 14. STRATEGIES OF MARKETING Increasing Customer Base Introduction Growth Maturity• Situation: Low type-in traffic (most • Situation: Medium organic traffic, low • Situation: High quality traffic,, more users will visit via CTR, growing confidence in service by time spent on site per user advertisements), very low WOM, explorative nature of users • ADS: Leaderboards and Boxes wrapped CTR, skepticism towards the • ADS: Skyscrapers, Boxes within site around by site content. Contextually authenticity of the service content targeted for maximum revenue• ADS: PPI (Direct contract with • Advertisers: Skyscraper- same as (Google Adsense) advertisers), single skyscraper to avoid ‘introduction phase’. Boxes – • Advertisers: Contextually matched for distraction PPC, Brands & activities associated user demography, location, etc.• Advertisers: Reputed and relevant with Acti-Date like Cadbury, Adventure • Benefit: Leverage the popularity and brands like Femina. Tour operators high traffic volumes• Benefit: appear legit, make female • Benefit: Keep ads relevant, strengthen users feel at home revenues from Member Gifting and Activity Premiums
  15. 15. STRATEGIES OF MONETIZATIONHead Value Source : ex.htmlBrand Potential (No. of users) 20,000,000 p qCT scanners (50-99 beds) 0.018 0.288nt p*N + (q-p)nt-1 *q/n(nt-1)^2 No. of users Year No of Users 2000000 Yr 0 - 1500000 1000000 Yr 1 360,000 500000 No. of users Yr 2 455,334 0 Yr Yr Yr Yr Yr Yr Yr Yr Yr Yr Yr Yr Yr Yr 3 570,567 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 Yr 4 706,535
  16. 16. STRATEGIES OF MONETIZATIONHead Figure (in Rs.) RevenueAd revenue - A 50subscription Fees (Rs. 60 per month) 720 Rs. 2,000,000,000Rs. 50 premium/per activity/ per user * 1 activity per user / 2 months 300 Rs. 1,500,000,000subscription Fees per user per year - B 1020 Rs. 1,000,000,000 Revenue Rs. 500,000,000Gift premium per user per year 200Gift premium * No of users buying gifts (30% of user base) - C 60 Rs. 0Total Revenue per user per year (A+B+C) 1130 Yr Yr Yr Yr Yr Yr Yr Yr Yr 1 4 7 10 13 16 19 22 25Sales figures for the first four years of operation :Yr 0 0 Rs. 0Yr 1 360000 Rs. 406,800,000Yr 2 455333.76 Rs. 514,527,149Yr 3 570567.4396 Rs. 644,741,207Yr 4 706534.9251 Rs. 798,384,465