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Directi Case Study Contest 2010-ISB Gryffindors



Directi Case Study Contest 2010 submission by Team Gryffindor from ISB Hyderabad

Directi Case Study Contest 2010 submission by Team Gryffindor from ISB Hyderabad



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  • This can be good only for seasonal illness and for far remote rural areas that too for small diseases that requires little pathological tests.
    People in India take medical prescriptions seriously and don't take hasty decisions. Indians don't risk their money and health both.

    Also this will require consumers to be literate with both medical and technological knowledge otherwise social communication could lead to unnecessary confusion.

    Although this model suits for naturopathy, yoga like medicine practices in which people are self-learned and also has comparatively less side-effects.

    But I am sure that one day we Indians will be so literate that this actually would make sense, Till then try to socially connect rural - rural, rural - urban and urban - urban doctors,paths for cross-referencing. This has a social service aspect as well, In which a doctor in AIIMS or Medanta could actually help a doctor in some village and then that doctor could pass it on to common man.

    Hope for a Better World to Live in.........
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  • @Sireesha -- Visit www.docSuggest.com
    docSuggest is doing exactly the same thing. I am promoter of the company. We should speak sometime.
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  • its a no go in India... similar idea tried in nigeria failed bcos of unawareness and lack of internet at the right time and right place..india has still a long way to go for web dependent products..
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  • Thank you Kshitij ... Very good suggestion
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  • Revenue generation-Pharma companies, small pharmacies, insurance companies can give advertisements on the site and can provide offers, new membership card schemes coming up in a particular location. Directi can generate revenue from these ads.---The problem here is doctors are not allowed to advertise as per Indian laws.(came to know recently)Marketing strategy/Market segmentation , retain professionals. – search more relevant words.Income class -Middle/upper income class patients would be cateredProfessional class -Consultants/executives/It professionalsDoctorsPatientsHospitalsThe basis of segmentation - what are the parametersSegment based on type of users.
  • Refer to previous slide for information on consumers
  • Write on viral marketing. – more stuffhttp://www.techipedia.com/2007/6-ideas-for-viral-content/Put website facts in weight machines, general healthcare tips on websitesMake a video contest – the best video about a disease.How to figure out mavens……doctors…..people who are using aapkahealthcare.com , filter profiles of doctors who have social networks on facebook etc and target them
  • 4 Ps of marketingPromotion – viral marketing- post automatic feeds on twitter, affiliated marketing –get big hospitals to interact with, word of mouth/offline marketing – organsing/sponsoring events in medical colleges, healthcare events etc. and give free goodiesProductPeople Place
  • New openings ads, doctors needed – sireesha to send the link.
  • Healthcaremagic.com
  • http://www.mcgraw-hill.co.uk/openup/chapters/0335199666.pdf

Directi Case Study Contest 2010-ISB Gryffindors Directi Case Study Contest 2010-ISB Gryffindors Presentation Transcript

  • Location Based Social Networking (LBSN) in Healthcare
    The Gryffindors
    Deepshikha Yadav
    Sireesha Dandu
    Vibha Naryan
    ISB Hyderabad
  • Content
    Current Scenario
    • LBSN in Healthcare
    • Healthcare LBSN in INDIA
    • Existing Social Networking sites
    • Facts and Figures
    Product Concept
    • Mission
    • Process Flow
    • Product Features
    • USP
    Marketing Strategy
    • Market Segmentation
    • Viral Marketing Strategy
    • Revenue Generation
    • Challenges
  • Why Social Networking in Healthcare ???
  • LBSN in Healthcare
  • Healthcare LBSN in INDIA
    Smart phone usage increased by 19 Million from 2007-2010.
    Expected to double between 1995 and 2015. Increased awareness in patients and doctors on social
    India has location based prevalent diseases - Huge demand for increased awareness
    Healthcare LBSN in India
    More than 5 Million inbound travel and about 500 million Intra –national travels.
    85 Million internet users - growth rate of 19%
    Average usage 15 hrs per week.
    12 Million mobile internet users,
    Top 10 social networking sites have 36 Million users .
  • Healthcare fitness
    Relating genetic info to family tree
    Health Consulting and Information
    Current market players
    in Healthcare
    Professional health network
    Location based healthcare
    Provides comprehensive Doctor directories.
    Online way to remember medications, provide long-distance care, and improve health
    Specialized healthcare
    Social networking site for diabetic
    Location based social networking site dedicated to oncology
  • Some facts and stats
    • India comes third in world in social networking.
    • India spends US 22.7 Billion on Healthcare. Healthcare is the largest in India in terms of Revenues and second largest in terms of employment.
    • India second to US in Mobile Internet traffic.
  • Current Scenario
    • LBSN in Healthcare
    • Healthcare LBSN in INDIA
    • Existing Social Networking sites
    • Facts and Figures
    Product Concept
    • Mission
    • Process Flow
    • Product Features
    • USP
    Marketing Strategy
    • Market Segmentation
    • Viral Marketing Strategy
    • Revenue Generation
    • Challenge
  • Integrated Health Services: Panacea
    Panacea: Cure for All
  • Product Features
    Health Content
    Personalized Services
    Health Advisory services
    Content Search
    • Health related search customized based on location
    • Live Chat with Doctors
    • Speak with Doctors over the phone
    • Fix appointment with Doctors
    • Personal reminders based on locations
    • Health related reminders
    Online community
    • Physician only community
    • Separate patients community
    • Check-in at hospital
    • Post comments
    Health tips
    General Health tips
    Customized based on Profile
    Health Assessment
    • Set health and fitness goals
    • Track your progress
  • Process
    Step 1:Sign-In
    Set Health Goals
    Join a community
    Get Location based Services
    Live Chat with a doctor
    Get Health Tips
  • USP-1:Multi feature Platform
    One Stop Shop
    • .
    • Lots of Physician specific services are provided through social networking sites.
    • Each service involve separate Portals
    • The presence of numerous health 2 websites, providing different services could be confusing for the user.
    • It also risks overloading users with unnecessary information delivered with it.
    • At Panacea Health professionals can avail a range of services; they can create their professionals network, they can provide online consultations and they could receive feedback from patients.
    • Panacea provides co-ordinated service which minimizes both the number of stages in availing a service and the number of separate logins on websites.
    Panacea differentiates itself from competitors by providing high integration for both users and Providers
  • Platform Envelopment
    • By Bundling all the functionalities in a single-platform, Panacea
    can deliver sustained high performance in ways that rivals cannot easily match.
    • Network effects and switching costs could be taken care of by bundling the platforms
    Physician only community
    Blogging physicians
    Live Chats with Doctors
    Pharma services utility
    Mobile Platform
    Health Monitoring and Tracking
  • USP2:Customized Content
    Content Customized based on Location
    Examples of Location-specific Medical/Health Information –
    Local disease rates and information,
    Maps and guidelines;
    Targeted health education
    Addresses of local healthcare facilities
    Local health news
    Local health risks and hazards
    Travelers' health information
    Local drugs/drug trade names and prices (in local currency)
    Information whose digital distribution rights are limited to some location(s)
    Language(s) relevant to the viewer's location.
    • Users' profiles and needs are affected by where they are.
    • Certain diseases tend to occur in some places and not others.
    • Health information needs vary with location.
    • Prescribers need to know not only the history of patients they treat but also information about the social and environmental context within which those patients live.
    Panacea delivers personalized information to users based on their locations.
    Health service providers can react immediately to the changed location of a mobile user by delivering personalized timely information and services for his/her new roaming region
  • USP3:Informed HealthCare Choices
    Following are the reasons why Users can make Informed Decisions
    Access to Integrated Health Record, Personalized Health Tips, Tools to monitor and Track Personal Health Goals, Online Consultations from doctors
    Recommendations on Doctors/Hospitals from Other Patients through Online Community, User location check-in comments
    Leveraging Location based services to utilize Real-time, dynamic, customized information
  • Additional Benefits to Healthcare Providers
    The integrated Platform could be used as one of the data streams for health care ecosystem for behavioral analysis and other analytics.
    It also provides an opportunity to map health problems and relate them to available online information resources. This can be of great help to healthcare policy makers, planners and managers (helping them make informed decisions).
  • Current Scenario
    • LBSN in Healthcare
    • Healthcare LBSN in INDIA
    • Existing Social Networking sites
    • Facts and Figures
    Product Concept
    • Mission
    • Process Flow
    • Product Features
    • USP
    Marketing Strategy
    • Market Segmentation
    • Viral Marketing Strategy
    • Revenue Generation
    • Challenges
  • Whom do we reach out to ???
  • Segments & sub segments
    Frequent travelers /professionals
    • Male & female
    • Age group - 18 to 60
    Most active age group - 20 to 40
    • Urban and semi urban
    • Income – middle/upper middle class
    IT professionals
    Chronic disease patients
    Patients in need of primary care
    E-healthcare users
    Doctors , hospitals and insurance agencies…….
  • Identifying influencers……
    . The trick, is to identify such trendsetting subscribers and keep them on board with special discounts and promotions.
    Spot the “influencers”, these subscribers frequently persuade their friends, family and colleagues to follow them when they switch to a new service, and
    Adoption is being driven by the availability of more sources of information, and by the fact that network-analysis software is becoming easier to use.
    According to the Jupiter Research report, 17 percent of "online health connectors" said they used the Internet "to get emotional support" for a health condition.Mobile based social networking would help connect patients to each other through disease-specific online communities, virtual support groups, real-time Web chats, and other features whereby patients share experiences and advice, and even rate their doctors.
    Eg -Tetracycline was initially tried by a group of doctors(influencers) and now its used world
    Identify the networks to target as follows -
    COIN- collaborative innovation network
    CLN – collaborative learning network
    CIN – collaborative interest network
  • Consumer analysis
    Panacea targets these two categories and adopts marketing methods to spread out to later ones.
    Product life cycle curve
    S shape diffusion model
    Mavens/innovators - Doctors, patients who are active on e-healthcare.
    Early adopters - Insurance agents, hospitals , pharma companies, patients.
    Tipping point - People active in other social networks.
    Late majority - Ones who rely more on advice of their relatives, friends.
    Conservationists – sensitive and useful field like daily healthcare would force them to join the site.
  • Viral marketing
    Perceived method of gathering information about a product
  • Spread the word!!!
    • Gain mindshare through word of mouth.
    • Spread videos, blog links, advertisements on hospital sites
    • Including website health facts on shop gift cards , general healthcare tips on websites
    • Link up with pharmacies like Apollo pharmacy and
    providing information on the membership cards.
    Identifying the Mavens
    • Identifying the network of doctors active on health sites in India.
    • Check out for the social network of these doctors on social networking sites.
    • Identify the doctors who are Power Brokers and the ones with large social network .
  • Make a video contest !!!!
    Panacea wallpapers
    The health quiz
    • Directi would organise a make a video contest. The best video would be featured in all healthcare sites with prizes and goodies to winners.
    What are your chances of surviving a H1N1 ????
    • Float a health quiz regarding the common disease. The user would click on it to answer and would be directed to the site where he can type in the response.
    • creating awareness about general disease.
    • The user would come to know of other features of the site
    Wallpapers would be offered for free on web.
    • wallpapers would feature health habits.
    • A health personality would be featured weekly in the wallpapers.
    Click on panacea.com
    Health care that is always there!! – video contest
    • Affiliate marketing
    - Tie ups with hospitals like apollo , max for health awareness.
    - ensures visibility, awareness
    • Internal affiliate marketing –
    - promoting participants to join – referral system
    - In terms of healthcare advice people believe in referals from friends.
    - People tend to join more if they have relatives/close friends as doctors
    • OfflinePromotions –
    - facts about healthcare sites on buses, public places.
    Offline promotions
    Affiliate/inter affiliate
    marketing , online
    Viral marketing/social media
  • St Strategic Partnership
  • Revenue generation
    • Revenue stream through ads –
    Target -Ads by Pharma companies, insurance companies , hospitals.
    • Partnerships
    - healthcare agencies, hospitals, e-healthcare sites.
    Strategies used –
    Easy to use interface to place ads – ads management platform like
    Pubmatic , google ad manager
    Internal advertisement engine – Skenzo
    • Revenue through value added services – online consultancy
    • Site is a cost center initially
    -Revenue generation is dependent on popularity of sites among
    hospitals, doctors and patient community.
    Ease of monetization–
    Attracting pharma companies to place their ads, attract insurance companies for placing ads which needs
    Building community
    Credibility – good surgeons available online, feedback reviews, good hospital names add credibility
    Online health awareness can be increased in India by increasing awareness which comes through changed mindset.
  • Laws for Monetization basis
    Dramatic increase in the usefulness of electronic devices in every economic or social activity
    Doubling of computing power every 18-24 months
    Moore’s Law
    Dramatic increase in the salience of economic and social networks
    Value of a network grows exponentially with the number of connected users
    Metcalfe’s Law
    Dramatic increase volume of communication and information exchange
    Doubling of communication capacity every 24 months
    Bandwidth Law
  • Online consultancy revenue model
    Trial model
    • Select a specialist based on your location and status of specialist
    • Trial Package for new users - sign up – free chat/online consultancy
    • Frequency - free 2 online consultancies for 2 days (1 per day)
    Regular model
    Directi revenue sharing
    60% - Directi
    40% - Doctors
    • Move to Regular package
    • 400 Rs for 35 min online chat.
    • Follow up with doctor.
    Premium model
    • Move to Regular package
    • 500 Rs for 50 min online chat.
    • Follow up with doctor.
    • Social networking site users in India (taking facebook number as base) – 20 million
    • Assuming 10% users (in first year) interested in social networking healthcare – 2 million
    • Number of doctors (WHO estimates) – 4.4 lakhs
    • 25 % Doctors logging in to healthcare online services -27500
    • In first year Panacea aims to have number of doctors - 10000
  • ROI in 1st year = 1.325
  • Current Scenario
    • LBSN in Healthcare
    • Healthcare LBSN in INDIA
    • Existing Social Networking sites
    • Facts and Figures
    Product Concept
    • Mission
    • Process Flow
    • Product Features
    • USP
    Marketing Strategy
    • Market Segmentation
    • Viral Marketing Strategy
    • Revenue Generation
  • Challenges
    • Implementation challenges – There might be compatibility issues with mobile platforms, device capability has to be taken care of.
    • Getting doctors to consult online – Doctors in India are still into hospital based/clinic based consulting and it might require a little effort to get them onboard.
    • Getting on board appropriately qualified doctors would require appropriate selection procedure.
    • Competition in market – Social networking is growing at a very fast pace and venturing into new areas, new products are being launched frequently which has increased time pressures in launching a new product in this area.
    • Privacy – Patient shares data with the doctor online and it might create privacy issues. The moderator/inventor has to take care of these issues.
    • Insurance companies might get more information about patients and might charge differential premiums based on this information.
  • Regulations in Healthcare and Rapid evolution
  • Current Scenario
    • LBSN in Healthcare
    • Healthcare LBSN in INDIA
    • Existing Social Networking sites
    • Facts and Figures
    Product Concept
    • Mission
    • Process Flow
    • Product Features
    • USP
    Marketing Strategy
    • Market Segmentation
    • Viral Marketing Strategy
    • Revenue Generation
  • Conclusions
    • Online Healthcare is an emerging field and social networking can be used extensively in collaboration with online healthcare.
    • Location based social networking healthcare can be used to gather real time information of a chronic patient irrespective of his/her location.
    • There is a huge need-gap in preventive healthcare, healthcare information delivery. Existing sites in India like aapkadoctor.com are hardly functional. A huge consumer base awaits the advent of location based social networking product in India.
    • Healthcare is perceived as a sensitive and privacy oriented field, and is not completely explored by social media in India. Therefore Directi can maintain exclusivity in terms of launching a product for healthcare .
    • Collaborative tie ups with healthcare agencies and even health NGOs can ensure a great opportunity to ensure network enhancement for urban and semi urban areas.
  • References