Directi Case Study Contest 2010-ISB DedhShahnas


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Directi Case Study Contest 2010 submission by Team DedhShahnas from ISB Hdyerabad

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  • directi and competitions ? I dont think the bosses sitting in mumbai , care about announcing prize winners and then awarding prizes

    reference : Finals 09 , Campus presentations , Across IIM's
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Directi Case Study Contest 2010-ISB DedhShahnas

  1. 1. D I R E C T I C A S E S T U D Y C O M P E T I T I O N LEAP: Location Based Social Networking T E A M D E D H S H A H N A S K A R T H I K L A K S H M I M N A R A Y A N A N S I D D H A R T H A J A I N S R E E R A M R A M A C H A N D R A N G V I S W E S W A R A N
  2. 2. Table of Contents 1. The Product: LEAP 2. LEAP’s Value Proposition 3. The Consumer 4. The Need 5. Marketing and Promotions 6. Monetization Strategies 7. Strategy Execution
  3. 3. The Product: LEAP A virtual world for sports fans
  4. 4. LEAP LEAP is a sports based product in which the user is a branded “Avatar” • Register on the network: access avatar through Mobile/PC • Personalize the avatar, select team loyalties (eg: Mumbai Indians or Manchester United) • Challenge users in your vicinity and set up virtual sports matches using augmented reality and LBS on any location around you. • Earn points/achievements /titles based on various location based events such as hosting/joining live match viewings, uncovering and answering sports quiz questions and so on.
  5. 5. Linking Needs to Consumers LEAP will bridge the gap between consumers and what they value most
  6. 6. Let’s take you on a guided tour through the world of LEAP
  7. 7. Feature: Customize Your Avatar • Customize your avatar on the network • Customization options include • Kit: Tees, Jerseys, Shorts, Shoes etc • Accessories: Watches, wrist bands, Sunglasses, Water bottles, duffle bags etc • Gadgets: These include mobile phones, Laptops etc • Fan clubs: Choose which fan club you belong to. Eg: Mumbai Indians, Arsenal etc. Points get added up to the fan club group every time you win points for hosting/ joining live matches • Sponsors: Choose from a wide array of sponsors for the various assets that the avatar owns. Such as Nike for the tee. The users gains points for choosing sponsors. The sponsors pay Directi for having their logo put up on the drop-down list
  8. 8. • Also visible are: • Achievements: Based on the number of competitions won which were organized by “businesses” such as Nike etc. Stadiums owned will also be included as an achievemnt • Current title: Exchange points for titles. Win varying degrees of points based on your title. Eg: A rookie would get 10 points for every game won whereas a pro would get 20 points and so on • The users sponsors, points, achievements and current title will be visible to everyone in the vicinity Feature: Customize Your Avatar
  9. 9. Customization Page: Avatar Create your Profile 1000 Points Tally Superstar Current Title 12 Achievements Player Name Your name has to be under 20 characters. Please choose your name carefully as unsuitable names are liable for deletion Colors It is up to you to design yourself
  10. 10. 1000 Points Tally Superstar Current Title 12 Achievements Player Name Your name has to be under 20 characters. Please choose your name carefully as unsuitable names are liable for deletion Colors It is up to you to design yourself Create your Profile Tees Shoes Nike (x points) Adidas (x points) Proline (x points) SponsorsKits Customization Page: Avatar
  11. 11. Feature: Hosting Matches • You are leaving work at 6pm and will reach home only at 8pm • There is a match you want to catch at 7pm • Log on to the network and view who is hosting a match in the vicinity(individuals/ sports bars/restaurants) • Request the host to join the hosted match and earn points if you join • You could also walk in to the sports bar/ restaurant screening the match to earn points • Every cricket and football club will have an all India group on the network where points get summed up based on the number of fans watching matches(not necessarily their clubs matches) • This live club points counter will be visible on the application to all users Trend: People love watching games with friends/in sports bars/restaurants
  12. 12. Hosting Matches: 1st use case LEAP users Sara(Chelsea fan) earned 20 points for hosting a soccer match between Real Madrid and Chelsea James also a Chelsea fan earned 10 points for joining in. Jack is a ManU fan. Earned 10 points for joining in. The points these users earn will also be added to their pan India club networks to encourage competition between clubs Earn points to host and join matches screened by friends/strangers/ sports-bars
  13. 13. Bill, A LEAP user earns 20 points for catching a match at Pop Tate’s Pop Tate’s hosts a cricket match and offers points to LEAP users for joining in. LEAP users in the vicinity will view the ad if their LEAP app is turned on. Hosting Matches: 2ND Use Case
  14. 14. Feature: Challenge Users/Live Playoffs • A bored boyfriend is stuck in a mall as his girlfriend shops. • How does he kill time? • He logs on to the network and finds others around him • He challenges them to live playoffs: for anything ranging from cricket and football on the mobile, to trivia challenges Trend: Mobile based challenges has taken off though only in the form of SMSes
  15. 15. • The graphics on games such as Cricket and football matches can be both hi and low resolution • 3G and augmented reality can allow users to play virtual games on any location around them: right from the street outside, to the parking lot, to the mini-corridor in the hallway of your office space
  16. 16. Feature: Location Based Sports Trivia Quizzes • You are on a bus, travelling to work. You have 45 mins to kill. • How do you keep yourself entertained? Trend: Trivia based game shows have been catching on
  17. 17. Sports Trivia: 1st Use Case Who scored the most runs in IPL 2010? (10 pointer) -DhirenManu1 How many goals did Ronaldo score in the Lal Liga last season? (10 pointer) - Sumit3221 • As you enter any location, you can see sports trivia questions put up by users in those locations • Answering questions gives you points, as does putting up questions • Answering pop-quiz questions, when tied in with more gratification, is very addictive, as seen with success of quiz-based VAS apps and that of games like Trivial Pursuit
  18. 18. Bonus Question 100 points (Enter store to open question) • Bonus questions worth extra points will be placed in specific stores by the enterprises • Questions get activated when you enter the store/shop • These will be sponsored questions, with sponsors paying more to get a higher- valued question Sports Trivia: 2nd Use Case
  19. 19. LEAP’s Value Proposition What gratification would one derive from our product?
  20. 20. TO USERS • Exchange points for: • Own stadiums: Get additional points for hosting matches on your stadium • Real discounts at stores: Tied in to your avatar being loyal for more than a specific period • Gaining Titles: The higher up the hierarchy you go the more points you make per win(Levels: Rookie, Amateur, Pro etc) • Be associated with a bunch of loyal fan club members • Bragging rights: Achievements and Titles TO BRANDS • Insight into their consumer demographic by way of “Avatar” characteristics(age, gender, location etc) • Running targeted campaigns: • Nike can run a “Nike” challenge across all their showrooms in Mumbai for specific Nike loyalists • An Adidas versus Nike tournament • On vacation: Wacky Banner ad by Yatra when the user has set his status to “On Vacation” Value Proposition
  21. 21. Use Case: Own a Stadium Trend: Increasing number of people paying to buy virtual properties • Once you have 200000(representative) points you can build a stadium • Sponsors will pay Directi and give users points to upload their banners in users’ stadium • You can host games in your cricket/football stadium to earn double the amount of points than a regular game challenge • Once participants begin to join the game they will be given a virtual tour of your stadium which will also cover the banner ads in the stadium • Games begin in a regular fashion after this point
  22. 22. The Consumer Who is our target audience, where are they right now and why sports?
  23. 23. Target Consumer • College Students • Age bracket: 16 to 22 • Family income: Rs. 3: 4 lakh per annum • Consumers typically spend 5-10% of their income on mobile phones • Family size: 3 to 5 • Working professionals • Age bracket 23-35 • Personal Income: 1.5 lakh upwards • Location: Metros(Launch market: Mumbai) • Gender: People with a high interest level in sports • Turns out to be predominantly male • Access to technology: 3G enabled Smart phones • Watch English Sports channels • Access social networking sites through mobile phone Gender ?
  24. 24. Launch Market Mumbai Why not Delhi ? • Vast area: Lower mobile phone density • No walking culture in Delhi • Rich, Middle class divide is bigger: Lesser sharing Delhi Launch City: Mumbai • 3G phones going to become a norm (40% of the phones in 2013 will be 3G enabled) • Richer experiences can be devliered through 3G. The product will have to evolve • Pan India metro operations will ensue. 3G instead of GPRS should be the technology of choice The Changing Consumer Mumbai (2010) Total subs: 17.082mn Mobile internet usage 3G subscribers 100,000 GPRS subscribers who access social networking websites (7% of tot subs base) 1.2mn Total 1.21mn Delhi (2010) Total subs: 19mn Mobile internet usage 3G subscribers 300,000 GPRS subscribers who access social networking websites (10 % of tot subs base) 1.9mn Total 1.93mn India (2013) Total subs: 1.159bn 3G enabled handsets 395mn People who activate the 3G service 20mn Sources: TRAI, Evalueserve &
  25. 25. Youtube IPL channel viewership has crossed: 49.5 million 20 mn, people watched the DLF IPL matches on Max. Max's prime time channel share of 29.3% across the 3 HSM Metros is way higher that the top 9 GE Channels put together (25.5%)!! Sports Consumption Changing Modes of Content Consumption DID YOU KNOW?
  26. 26. The Need What consumer needs does this product satisfy?
  27. 27. Visceral need to show off…without showing off Every sports fan, at an instinctive level, wants to establish his credentials within his peer group as someone who knows his stuff and is good at it . Hence, the drive to answer more questions, garner achievements, score points in public, build stadiums that everyone can see… “Fantasy sports games see over 1 million registered users in India.” Need: Pride
  28. 28. Need to express your loyalty towards the team, club or sport. The team or sport supported is an extension of a sports fans personality and therefore, the desire to express it wherever possible. “Sports merchandize industry in India set to grow at CAGR of 25%.” Need: Belongingness
  29. 29. Need to connect with the community A Manchester United vs Arsenal is always more exciting when you watch it with fellow Man U/Arsenal fans. The thrill of a sporting fixture increases exponentially when you share experiences, opinions and ideas. Need: Connecting
  30. 30. Need to play the sport wherever possible, need for entertainment LEAP exposes sports fans to the addiction of setting up live street cricket, football, racing games anywhere, anytime. Need: Entertainment
  31. 31. Marketing and Promotions Part 1: Philosophy and Strategy Thinking through the marketing plan
  32. 32. Understanding the Urban Indian Sports Nut Is a follower, not a fan Has a strong sense of community and brotherhood with fellow sports followers. EPL fans across the country, for instance, share a connect with each other even if they have never met Is influenced by this community, this network and identifies his tastes with theirs Possess a strong sense of ownership about their sport. You can’t ‘sell’ him an idea…he will have to ‘buy’ into it.
  33. 33. Therefore… • All marketing efforts have to aim at selling through the community, rather than to the community. • Focus on activations, guerilla marketing, PR and virals rather than on mainstream advertising. • No hardselling the product, only soft-selling the habit. • Low cost, high yield strategies leads to high RoI
  34. 34. Marketing and Promotions Part 2: Execution The Actual Plan and its Implementation
  35. 35. Innovation Adoption Cycle We are here We need to get here First target innovators i.e. mavens. Enter the community through them. Once they are convinced, they become unofficial ambassadors of the brand.
  36. 36. First Six Months: By Invite Only • Create a sense of exclusivity, which will… • …Plant at a subliminal level some aspiration value • Grab attention, be taken seriously But who gets invited?
  37. 37. Roping in the Early Adoptors/Innovators • Run live, LBS-based sports challenges in colleges and college festivals • Different locations in the college are tagged with questions and challenges • Students challenge each other, participate in active quizzes • For colleges it is a unique, innovative new event for the festival, plus prize money and gratification Tie up with colleges: run competitions • On major EPL/IPL match days, run LBS-based challenges and competitions in sports bars and clubs. • Different bars tagged with questions and challenges. • Customers at the bar can throw spot bets and spot challenges at others in the network. • A new experience for patrons and a way to pull in patrons for bars Tie up with sports bars: run competitions • Volunteers from Directi explain how to download and use LBS • Users get introduced and learn about LEAP in the course of these challenges • A early database of registered uses acquired
  38. 38. Innovation Adoption Cycle We are here We need to get here
  39. 39. Expanding the User Base • Registered innovators are now given invites to distribute to their friends • Encouraged to invite others into the network so they can challenge them • Extra points and credits given for distributing invites
  40. 40. Next Steps… City-wide ‘treasure hunts’. Hidden gifts tagged at different locations in the city in the form of virtual mini-matches. Use LBS to spot them, play the game and win prizes. PR campaigns: Opinion leaders such as Harsha Bhogle go to different parts of the city to watch a match each week. Host matches on weekends, and if he joins you, you win prizes. Direct marketing aimed at existing users, encouraging them to invite more users and form networks.
  41. 41. Innovation Adoption Cycle We are here We need to get here
  42. 42. Hitting the Tipping Point • Tie up with the local IPL team: Mumbai Indians. • MI uses LEAP to organize ‘fan bases’ across the city. • Fans can locate these bases and go join them. MI Fan Zones: Now Live
  43. 43. Monetization Strategies Show Me The Money!
  44. 44. Monetization Types Pros Cons Examples Advertisements The largest source of revenues Will require critical mass of users Product Placements, Targeted ads* Usage Fees The immediate source of revenues Acceptability by users to pay is a suspect INR X/ download, Basic vs Premium Open Network of Developers Allow variety of games while reducing costs Control over quality will be difficult iTunes, Facebook styled model A mix of all these strategies is required to create continuous flow of cash *As detailed in slides 5, 16, 18, and 19
  45. 45. Partnerships Types Advantage Reason for Partnership Examples Sports Teams Allow loyalty to be built through affiliation Source of competitive advantage as switching costs are high for users Eg. Mumbai Indians, Mohun Bagan, ManU? Telecom Players Creates a strong base of users to target Source of revenues through customized offerings Eg. Vodafone, Airtel, Nokia, Micromax Game Developers Creation of Content to attract users Source of competitive advantage as it leads to first mover advantage Eg. Activision, EA Games, Nintendo Brands Allow users to customize their Avatar Source of revenue through integrated advertising Eg. Nike, Adidas, Speedo, Helly Hansen Diverse set of partners that build an ecosystem where others have stake in your success
  46. 46. Strategy Execution Lets get down to business
  47. 47. Indicative Timeline 0 6 12 18 24 30 36 College Campus Competitions Treasure Hunt Sponsorships Sports Themed Restaurants Competitions Product Launch Campaign Brand and Team Partnering Telecom Player Partnering Game Developer Partnering Open Network to Independent Developers Exclusive Invite to Enter Network to Users Open Network to Users Introduction to Basic Games Introduction to Graphic Intensive Games Enter New Metros Launch of Pan-India Fan Clubs
  48. 48. Timeline Description • Basic Games • Partnering Game Developers, Telcos, brands, and sports teams • Competitions in colleges and sports themed restaurants • Exclusive invite to network for users First 6 mths • Graphic Intensive Games • Open network to users through free SMS invites by current users • Product Launch Campaign • Open Network to Independent Developers 7-12 mths • Regular Competitions every 6 months • Direct marketing campaigns through SMS to sustain user interest • Enter into new metros like Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh13-24 mths • Launch of Pan-India Fan Clubs • Introduction of virtual products • Broadening of product offering to concepts like gaming • Introduction of premium membership • Second Life? 25-36 mths
  49. 49. Summary LEAP Features: • Form closed groups and get notifications when they are in the vicinity • Host/Join real matches and earn points • Earn points to Post/answer trivia questions on various sports • Enterprises (Sports bars/restaurants) give bumper points for trivia questions they post if the user walks into their premises • Challenge people in the vicinity(your closed group / open to all ) to sports games and earn points based on various parameters • Use points to build virtual stadiums • Use points to get real discounts based on what and how long your avatar wears the brand Value to Directi: • Ad revenue from brands looking to tap into niche marketing strategies (high customer involvement products) • Analytics and business intelligence (Brands that advertise on the portal) • Opportunities for cross selling
  50. 50. THANK YOU