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Directi Case Study Contest 2010- XLRI ViniVidiVici



Directi Case Study Contest 2010 submission by Team ViniVidiVici from XLRI Jamshedpur

Directi Case Study Contest 2010 submission by Team ViniVidiVici from XLRI Jamshedpur



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Directi Case Study Contest 2010- XLRI ViniVidiVici Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Case Study Contest
    Team Name : ViniVidiVici
    XLRI, Jamshedpur
    Neha Gupta
    Vikram Singh Rathore
  • 2. PPT Flow
    Slide 2
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 3. Social Networking Sites
    Why Social Networking?
    • Swap ideas
    • 4. Post comments/updates
    • 5. Participate in activities/events
    • 6. Chit chat
    • 7. Breaking news
    • 8. Schedule a date
    • 9. Follow election results
    • 10. Serious research
    Slide 3
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 11. Social Networking Sites – India Perspective
    • There has been tremendous growth of social networking sites in India
    • 12. Few of the factors that are contributing to this growth are –
    • 13. Rise of per capita income
    • 14. Youth bulge (large chunk of the population lies between 18 – 23 years age bracket)
    • 15. Rise of mobile phones usage
    Slide 4
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 16. Location Based Social Networking (LBSN)
    • If the connection to the home is the ‘last mile’, location based services are the ‘final inch’
    • 17. Allow users to ‘check-in’ through a smart phone application
    • 18. Visitors earns points & rewards like a discount
    • 19. Users provide reviews and tips
    • 20. Users learn about the spots popular in their social circle
    • 21. Learn what co-workers/friends are doing
    Slide 5
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 22. What are they ?
    Slide 6
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 23. What’s in it for you ?
    • With GPS capability, target consumers with a higher degree of receptivity with mobile advertising.
    • 24. Coupons and special deals can be better positioned to consumers.
    • 25. Rather than segmenting by demographics, behavioural segmentation allows for the right message to get to the right consumers on a real-time basis.
    • 26. Build word-of-mouth and brand advocacy by allowing users to post reviews, comments and testimonials while interacting with the product at any given moment.
    ABI Research Report states that -
    • Location Based Social Networking to generate $3.3 billion by 2013
    • 27. Most of the networks make money from licensing and revenue sharing with network providers or handset manufacturers
    Slide 7
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 28. How do they do it ?
    • Mobile website & iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Symbian application
    • Partnership with Nokia after Blackberry & iPhone
    • Deals with Garmin & Samsung
    • Partnership with various US mobile carriers
    City Sense
    • Actual mobile application available only on Blackberry
    • Symbian & Windows mobile Smart phone users
    Slide 8
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 29. How would you grow in India ?
    Smart Smartphones
    • The rise of smartphones that allow Internet access, and participation in social networking sites, grew significantly in recent years
    Mobile Internet Users
    • BCG Report 2010 states that India will reach 237 million mobile internet users by 2015
    Social Networking Sites
    • There has been tremendous growth of social networking sites in India
    Slide 9
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 30. PPT Flow
    Slide 10
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 31. Target Segments
    Age Group : 15 – 18 years (School Goers)
    Interest : Gaming
    Schwartz Values : Achievement, Stimulation, Personification
    McClelland Needs : Need for Affiliation
    With decreasing fertility rate in India, Influence of teenagers in family decision making is increasing. Their pockets are getting deeper too.
    Age Group : 18 – 23 years (College Goers)
    Interest : Friendship, Dating, Connectedness
    Schwartz Values : Hedonism, Self-Direction
    McClelland Needs : Need for Affiliation and Power
    Social networking sites like Facebook is primarily used by College students, need for connectivity is highest. Their receptiveness for innovative platforms is high too.
    Slide 11
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 32. Target Segments
    Age Group : 20 – 30 years (Deal Seekers)
    Interest : Knowledge, Sharing, High Social Involvement, Frequent Shopping, Leisure Travelling
    Schwartz Values : Social Recognition, Convenience
    McClelland Needs : Need for Power
    With the rise in double income family in Indian Urban populace, the spending power of this segment is very high
    Age Group : 25 – 40 years (Office Goers)
    Interest : Time Management, Business Travellers
    Schwartz Values : Security, Social Recognition
    McClelland Needs : Need for Affiliation and Power
    This segment has the customers whose rapid naturalisation with our Location Based Social Network (LSBN) would promote our B2B money making business. They are stable and long terms members too.
    Slide 12
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 33. PPT Flow
    Slide 13
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 34. Directi LBSN – Scape
    An escape
    A feeling of freedom
    Our services stands for being free but connected
    Symbol stands for being affixed while on move
    Slide 14
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 35. PPT Flow
    Slide 15
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 36. Scape Business Model
    • Scape is a LBSN website & mobile application software & requires the facility of GPS & internet on the smartphones
    • 37. Inbuilt feature for the new compatible handsets to be manufactured
    • 38. Freely downloadable for the existing compatible handsets
    Phase 1 -Launch
    • Application developed only for Symbian OS run mobile handsets: Nokia, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson
    • 39. Revenue sharing model with the above handset manufacturers
    Phase 2 - Expand
    • Application later developed for other platforms: iPhone, Android and Blackberry
    • 40. Revenue sharing model with the above handset manufacturers
    Slide 16
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 41. PPT Flow
    Slide 17
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 42. Scape – User Interfaces Types
    Slide 18
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 43. Scapes – Scape’s Virtual Money
    • Scapes is the virtual Currency on Scape Network
    • 44. Users could earn it through different means like creating and joining Community pages, traffic feeds and reviews
    • 45. Users also earn Scapes through a Scape Earning Program: ‘Checking-in’ the locations and updating his status for the same
    • 46. Certain threshold number of scapes leads to consumers enjoying rewards and discounts
    Slide 19
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 47. Community Page
    • User created scape page for a particular place such as Restaurants, Hotelsetc.
    • 48. Scape users can become member of a community page by subscribing to it and earn Scapes(virtual money)
    • 49. The board is collection of scribbles by community members
    • 50. 61 friends indicate that 61 of your friends have subscribed to this page
    • 51. Members can write reviews about the place which make them eligible for more Scapes(virtual money)
    • 52. Members can also upload photos and videos on the community page
    • 53. By going to users can find out whether they can earn Scapesby visiting and pin-up(ing) there location at these places
    The TajMahal Hotel, Mumbai
    61 Friends
    Scribble …
    Try the new Wasabi at the Sushi Bar.. Happy Hours from 3pm – 6pm… Avail now!!
    Order for Cheese Corn Roll at Masala Kraft (not in menu) ..
    Slide 20
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 54. Business Board
    Deals – These are the B2B offers from Scape
    Free Services
    • Community Page (CP) Update– Businesses have an option to go to their CPwhere they can scribble latest offers for consumers, connect with CP subscriber, update photos and videos on CP too.
    Paid Services for businesses
    • Scapes (virtual money) Status- If business provide certain Scapesto users when they visit their premises and pinup their location then through this tab businesses can check the current  Scape balance of all users
    • 55. Onsite Users- Through this feature Scape will get  a list of all the subscriber of its CP who are close to its location. Then it can initiate a one to one communication with them (scape - messaging)
    • 56. Analytics- This feature will supply market analytics data (demographics, visit frequency etc.) of all subscribers
    Fab India, Greater Kailash – I, Delhi
    Community Page Update
    Onsite Users
    Scape day on 10/10/10 (10th Oct, 2010).
    Click Here for more details
    Scape launches SMS services for onsite users with Airtel.
    Click Here for more details
    Slide 21
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 57. Dashboard
    Will have user and their friends updates on the network
    • Pinups – register your current location and share it with your friends
    • 58. Hotspots – best places to be
    • 59. Friends – enlist your friends closest to you
    • 60. Treks – Photo log of you latest explorations
    Details of each functionality are covered later
    Neha Gupta
    Pin Ups
    @ Marine Drive, Mumbai
    Cool Breeze and a walk with friends.. Awesome..
    @ Gucci, Connaught Place
    Ooooohhh… Great Collection..
    Slide 22
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 61. Dashboard – Product Offerings
    Pin Up
    • This would be one of the basic feature of Scape.
    • 62. When ever you are at some location and you feel to tell your friends about that or earn some Scapesmoney you need to Pin Up yourself to that location
    • 63. It will also prompt you to update your Twitter, Facebook account, Myspace etc. accounts
    Neha Gupta
    Pin Up
    Pin Up
    Your Current Location – East of Kailash, Delhi
    Pin Up
    Auto Detected Current Location
    Follow Up
    Slide 23
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 64. Dashboard – Product Offerings
    • Tells about all the places (Restaurants, clubs, shops etc.) situated nearby
    • 65. The display shall entail the users that have liked the community page of that place
    • 66. Link to community page (displayed by blue arrow on the screen)
    Neha Gupta
    Pin Ups
    Levis , Phase – II, Def Col
    Benetton, Def Col
    Nizam’s , ArjunMarg, Def Col
    McDonalds, Lajpat Nagar
    Stone (Lounge and Bar), Lajpat Nagar - II
    Slide 24
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 67. Dashboard – Product Offerings
    • Enlists all the friends who are closest (register) to your current location
    • 68. The order of display is based on recency of the pinup by your friend
    • 69. Leave a message on your friend’s dashboard or can send them an offer to chat
    Neha Gupta
    Pin Ups
    ParidhiBhuwania, Mochas
    Rosy Oberoi, McDonalds
    RishabhChindalia, Nizam’s
    Vikram Singh Rathore, Stone
    Sandeep Singh, Levis
    Slide 25
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 70. Dashboard – Product Offerings
    Photo log - Take pictures and upload to your photo log
    Travel Challenge - Design your own travel challenge for your friends
    • Pin-up your self to few places and upload pictures of those places
    • 71. Create travel challenges with the set of pictures of places which the users visited in his last trip (intra/Inter city) and had pinned up
    • 72. The travel challenge would be posted on your friends’ Itinerary
    • 73. Earn Scapes(virtual money) for designing trek challenges and completing challenges made by his friends
    Virtual Money have been covered in detail later
    Photo Log
    Sandeep Singh
    Gateway of India
    Marine Drive
    WTC, Mumbai
    Travel Challenge
    Slide 26
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 74. Dashboard – Product Offerings
    Neighborhood Search
    Neighborhood Search
    • This is modification of Google search
    • 75. For example, if a user enter “restaurants” in the search bar, the search results will display relevant restaurants based on the proximity to current location of the user. The current location will also be shown in the results.
    Sandeep Singh
    Yo! China
    Auto Detected Current Location
    Le Cafe
    Star Grand Villa
    Storm Restro Bar
    Slide 27
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 76. Dashboard – Product Offerings
    Hitch – Dating Service
    • It is an application for friendship/dating someone you don’t know
    • 77. Share profiles with this application
    • 78. When you are in places like concerts/ stadiums/discotheques and you switch on this application, software will match your profile with that of the other users of this application who are closest to you and have logged into the application at that moment
    • 79. You will see name and dashboard links of your match
    • 80. Message/chat to decide meeting location etc.
    Step 1 – Update your location
    Step 2 – See who is nearby
    Step 3 – Meet Up !
    Slide 28
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 81. Dashboard – Product Offerings
    Traffic Feeds
    • If you are on the road and you log on to this application, you can upload traffic feeds
    • 82. Other users who close to that area and using this application would be able to see your traffic feed
    • 83. Once people liked your update, you will earn Scapes
    • 84. This would help them to take an alternative route in case of heavy traffic congestion.
    Neha Gupta
    Pin Ups
    Traffic Feeds
    Your Friends after seeing the traffic feed, will choose different route
    Really Bad Traffic!!!!! Avoid the route.. Speed 10kmph!!
    Your Current Location – Defence Colony, Delhi
    @From – DivyaMarg
    @To – Moolchand
    Heavy Traffic!! Update on Scape
    2 Users Liked your update
    Congratulations, 50 Scapes Earned !!
    Slide 29
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 85. Dashboard – Product Offerings
    Social Animal
    • Indicate that you will attend a proposed get-together, or suggest a venue for a proposed get-together etc.
    • 86. Your plan will get added to application database
    • 87. The system will connect you with friends-of-friends who have also expressed an interest in attending similar get-togethers
    • 88. Once a group of friends-of-friends have decided to attend a get together, they might get a surprise group deal offer from the venue
    Slide 30
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 89. PPT Flow
    Slide 31
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 90. Scape – Phases Rollout
    • Expand to more cities
    • 91. Collaborate with businesses
    • 92. Build Brand Loyalty
    • 93. Enrich database
    • Gamification
    • 94. Loyalty program
    • 95. Increase visibility
    • 96. Identify avenues to Monetize
    • 97. Direct Marketing
    • Value Creation
    • 98. Content Building
    • 99. Partnerships
    • 100. Buzz Marketing
    Slide 32
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 101. Phase 0 – Value Creation
    • The 1:9:90 rule says that 90% of all users are consumers, 9% of all users are curators and only 1% of the users are creators
    • Idea that social media facilitates the aggregation of small individual actions into meaningful collective results
    • Idea that social media facilitates sustained collaboration around a shared idea, over time and often across space
    Cumulative Value
    • Idea that the social web enables us to not only aggregate individual actions, but also run sophisticated algorithms on them and extract meaning from them
    Slide 33
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 102. Phase 0 – Content Building
    Seeding Social Network (Content Building)
    • We would make community pages of many famous places of target cities
    • 103. We would also Build content for Community Pages, Traffic feeds, Hotspots, Social Animal(upcoming events) etc.
    • We would use free sources like Wikipedia to add relevant information on Community Page
    • 104. Partner with online repositories and information websites
    • Indiatimes.com (Bennett - Coleman) : News & upcoming event data
    • 105. Placesonline.com : Specification about places in each of the cities, we are targeting in Phase 1
    • 106. Timescity.com : List of restaurant, bars and pubs in 5 of our target cities
    Slide 34
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 107. Phase 0 – Content Building
    Partnership contd…
    • Symbiotic Model - Using their database while providing them user generated traffic (their link would be shared) (acting as affiliate directory for them)
    • 108. Purchase Model - We could get into purchase contract with above website to let us use their content for certain period until we generate enough user generated data
    • Could be an expensive affair (A very good pitch for Scape would be required to make people understand this new concept)
    Slide 35
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 109. Phase 0 – Pre - Launch Business Partnership
    • One of the Basic feature of user engagement with brands and places is the ScapeEarning Program.
    • 110. We would get into Pilot Partnership with businesses for the scape earning program
    • 111. Examples - Café Coffee Day, McDonalds, KFC, Pantaloons, Westside, Lifestyle
    • Target Consumers frequent above places
    • 112. Business like Café Coffee Day and modern apparel retail is based on increasing footfalls, and Scape earning program does that
    • We can offer Pilot Programs to businesses for short time period like three to six months
    • Revenue earned from such Partnership would less in initial months because established brands would have higher bargaining power
    Slide 36
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 113. Phase 0 – Targeting Innovators
    Target Innovators
    • Opinion leaders on whose opinion further adoption of Scape depends
    • Most will be flattered since we sought their opinion ahead of time (Viral Marketing Opportunity)
    • 114. Reviews and mentions by influencers on their blogs would help create buzz – and buzz creates traffic
    • Any flaw that fails to please any influencer could lead to generation of negative buzz.
    Who are these Innovators
    • Social Media Activist : http://www.gauravonomics.com ?
    • 115. Strategic Social Media Solutions: http://www.blogworks.in/ ,
    • 116. Social Media Opinion leaders: http://ritubpant.com
    • 117. Youth centric blogs: http://youthcurry.blogspot.com/ ,
    http://trivialmatters.blogspot.com/ ,
    Slide 37
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 118. Phase 1 – Launch Cities
    North Region
    Delhi (NCR) | Chandigarh | Ludhiana | Jalandhar
    • All the cities scores very high on per capita income and are educational hubs
    • 119. Punjab cities have Internationally minded Indians
    • 120. Scape will target Impulsives and Self Indulgents
    West Region
    Mumbai | Pune
    • Mumbai is the financial capital while Pune is the cultural hub.
    • 121. Scape will target Self Indulgents and Sociables
    South Region
    Bangalore | Hyderabad
    • Both the cities are IT hub.
    • 122. Scape will target Sociables and Dependables
    Slide 38
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 123. Phase 1 – Promotion through Gamification
    “ Integration of game mechanics or game dynamics into community with Scape application in order to drive consumer engagement”
    • Universities Activation Programs
    Example – Delhi University Scape Hunt
    We would go to different universities in our target cities and would organise scape enabled treasure hunts in which we would hide some clues at different locations in the campus and users would Pinup there location in Scape once they reach that spot . (Treks Product Offering can be used)
    Advantage - Promote Direct adoption in TG
    • City Activation Programs
    Example – Pune Scape Hunt 2011
    Treasure Hunt which would be organised in entire city and all scape users would be allowed to register and participate in it.
    Advantage - Mass Adoption
    Slide 39
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 124. Phase 1 – Increasing Visibility
    Search Engine Optimization
    “80% sites are discovered through search engines and about 60% first-time visitors are results of a search”
    • Team should work upon Search engine optimization, so that Scape gets best ranking in SERPs (search engine result pages)
    Paid Search Advertising
    • The site should bid for popular keyword related to Scape’s product offering like Restaurant, Earn, Free, Dating, Traffic, New, Foursqaure, Places etc.
    Contextual Advertising
    • Special Focus on blogs serving Youth and technocrats on Blogger and Wordpressusing AdSense
    Slide 40
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 125. Phase 1 – Loyalty Program
    Scapes (Virtual Money) Earning Program
    • We would Colloborate with Businesses in Scapes Earning Program (SEP)
    • 126. When users would visit a business’s premises which has subscribed to SEP, and pinup his/her location, the user would earn certain Scapes
    • 127. When the number of these Scapes would surpass a threshold, user can avail few free service or product from user.
    • User incentivisation to use scape
    • 128. Businesses would get more footfalls
    • 129. Will generate buzz and viral marketing
    Slide 41
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 130. Phase 1 – Direct Marketing and Strategic Tie-Ups
    Direct Marketing
    • Outdoor Advertisement in front of Restaurants, Stores, Clubs, Universities etc.
    • 131. Scape Facts in Metro/bus station
    Strategic Media Tie-ups
    • With newspapers and lifestyle magazine for promoting the concept of Scape and its advantages
    • 132. Online Websites
    • 133. Featuring on different Tech and Social media Critiques website to get coverage and favourable reviews
    Pinup for exciting offer
    Slide 42
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 134. Phase 1 – Social Media Optimization
    Social Media Optimization
    • Other Peoples’ Social (OPS) – Being on Facebook and twitter, having a Page, promoting stories about users, and new upcoming Incentives
    Examples -
    • Aggregating content from Scape and placing it on your Facebook and Orkut pages will give potential visitors a sense of what is on our platform.
    • 135. Many influential bloggers use Twitter to alert their readers about new content – we can too.
    • Faster and Cheap way to disseminate marketing information
    • 136. Generates Referrals and Buzz (Viral Marketing)
    Slide 43
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 137. Phase 2 – Launch Cities for Expansion
    North Region
    Lucknow | Kanpur | Jaipur
    • Upcoming cities having high per capita income
    • 138. Educational hubs
    East Region
    • Metropolitan city of India having high youth bulge
    West Region
    Indore| Ahemdabad
    • Upcoming cities of India
    • 139. Ahmedabad is a textile hub having high per capita income
    South Region
    • One of the metropolitans that was left in the 1st phase of Scape Launch
    • 140. High poitential city having a large youth segment
    Slide 44
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 141. Phase 2: Scape Expansion Plans
    Expansion Strategy
    • The marketing activates of phase 1 would be continued in phase 2
    • 142. Scape will launch in few other metros and Tier-1 cities which has been shown before
    • 143. Adequate changes would be made after getting the feedback. A newer version of Scape will be launched in all the cities including the newer cities
    Scape Merchandize
    • To initiate Top of the mind Brand Recall
    • 144. Increase visibility to generate WOM
    • 145. Would be made available at all possible business partners of Scape
    Team ViniVidiVici XLRI Jamshedpur
    Slide 45
  • 146. PPT Flow
    Slide 46
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 147. Scape Viral Marketing Plan
    Team ViniVidiVici XLRI Jamshedpur
    Slide 47
  • 148. PPT Flow
    Slide 48
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • 149. Moolah Makers - Scapes
    Scape Earning Program
    • Collaboration between companies and Scape
    • 150. Users, after having earned certain number of Scapes specific to the company, win virtual badges and real life discounts and promotional offers from the company
    • 151. Company is incentivized by incurring a larger number of footfalls, greater visibility & loyalty
    Team ViniVidiVici XLRI Jamshedpur
    Slide 49
  • 152. Moolah Makers – On Site Users
    • Paid facility to the companies
    • 153. Scape messages to users who liked your community pages
    • 154. Messages sent when the user is in the vicinity
    • 155. Messages entail promotional offers & schemes
    Team ViniVidiVici XLRI Jamshedpur
    Slide 50
  • 156. Moolah Makers – Analytics
    • Enterprisers, consults, marketers and retailers like Café Coffee Day, KFC, Westside, Pantaloons, etc.
    • 157. The feature captures, analyses and illustrates real time data on shopper’s buying behaviour
    • Most recent visitors
    • 158. Most frequent visitors
    • 159. The time of day people check in
    • 160. Histogram of check-ins per day
    • 161. Gender breakdown of customers
    • 162. Break-through for companies looking to deliver personalized and locally relevant content & cross-sell products - Help companies in promotion, selling ads, opening new location
    Team ViniVidiVici XLRI Jamshedpur
    Slide 51
  • 163. Moolah Makers – Advertisements
    • Pay per click advertisements
    • 164. Advertisement bar at the side of the screen
    • 165. Location based contextual advertisements
    • Promotional offers & schemes, discounts, latest updates and collections
    Team ViniVidiVici XLRI Jamshedpur
    Slide 52
  • 166. Moolah Makers – Neighborhood Search
    • Users search for a particular entity in a specific location
    • 167. Entities include - Restaurants, Pubs, Discos, Retail, Apartments & Real Estate properties
    • 168. Collaboration with various players of each entity to get them listed
    • 169. Priority/order in the list to be based on a profit sharing model
    Team ViniVidiVici XLRI Jamshedpur
    Slide 53
  • 170. Moolah Makers – Social Animal
    • Featured page entailing the location specific events, conferences, seminars and concerts
    • 171. Strategic collaboration with the Media and Event Management companies: 360 degrees, Wizcraft, Percept D Mark, DNA Networks, Cox & Kings
    • 172. Users update their status abut attending the events on the above-said ‘Events’ page
    • 173. Influence friends to join
    Team ViniVidiVici XLRI Jamshedpur
    Slide 54
  • 174. Moolah Makers – Merchandizing
    • Sell badges & T-shirts of the most famous icons and logos for the obsessive users
    Team ViniVidiVici XLRI Jamshedpur
    Slide 55
  • 175. Thank You !!
    Pin Ups
    Happy Scaping !!
    Slide 56
    Team ViniVidiVici, XLRI Jamshedpur