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Directi Case Study Contest 2010- MDI Gurgaon Exter boy


Directi Case Study Contest 2010 submission by Team Exter boys from MDI Gurgaon

Directi Case Study Contest 2010 submission by Team Exter boys from MDI Gurgaon

Published in Education , Technology , Business
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  • 1. LBS + Game Dynamics = Web 3.0!
    Team Name : Exter Boys
    Team Members: AmritanshuPandeyNikhil TanejaGauravBudhrani
  • 2. Mobile Phone is becoming the greatest social leveller
    To tap into the vast market of Mobile users by offering Addictive, Fun and Useful Location Based Services
  • 3. Agenda
    LBS Industry
    Product Overview
  • 4. LBS Industry Overview
  • 5. LBS is one of the hottest new technologies and one that excites marketers the most
    Market overview
    • India has more than 600 million mobile users out of which 100 million are already net-connected through GSM or CDMA
    • 6. LBS accounts for less than 1% of the total $2 Billion VAS market
    • 7. The services that are provided ,as of now, cater to the upper end of the pyramid.
    • 8. Airtel recently launched Airtel Buddy Finder Service, a handset agnostic LBS offering.
    Current Players in the Market
    Source: Research on India: Used Car market – India (April 2010)
  • 14. Game Dynamics
  • 15. Game layer on top of Social Layer – Significance of Game Dynamics
  • 16. Game Dynamics – Panacea for operators of virtual world
    Appointment Dynamic
    Progression Dynamic
    Communal Discovery Dynamic
    Influence & Status Dynamic
    Quest Dynamic
    Elastic Velvet Rope Dynamic
    Game Layer
    The game layer is all about influencing behavior. Construction has just begun
    Social Layer
    The social layer is about building connections. The construction is complete
  • 17. Product Overview
  • 18. Concept (1/3)
    Product Overview
    Exter – “Get Addicted to the outdoors!!”
    • A platform for location based social networking
    • 19. UI present on smartphones, Facebook and a dedicated website.
    • 20. Works with Packet Data, SMS & E-mails
    • 21. Based on the principals of Game Dynamics
    • 22. Users share their location with friends by “Checking in”
    • 23. Syncs data with Facebook, Twitter etc.
    • 24. Uses techniques like Geo-Tagging, Geo-Networking and Geo-Targeting
    Get Addicted to the outdoors!!
  • 25. Concept (2/3)
    Check In
    Points System
    • Users share their location with friends by “checking in” via a smartphone or SMS
    • 26. Points are awarded for checking in at various venues
    • 27. All updated can be linked with Facebook and Twitter
    • 28. Users can tag images based on the location
    • 29. Search Index to be prepared which will show images on the smartphones
    • 30. Users earn points by checking in at various venues, new connections, sharing reviews etc.
    • 31. Brand specific challenge will be different from the overall points system.
    • 32. Points will be used to unlock levels and redeem goodies
    Brand Specific Challenges
    Information Search
    Micro Communities
    • Various brands can be promoted through the use of points/levels and rewards
    • 33. e.g. If you have checked in 100 times at Pizza Hut, you will unlock the discounts and receive a badge
    • 34. The search will be based on the current location of the user
    • 35. For smartphones, users can download the geo-tagged images as well
    • 36. Various partner brands will be promoted through this
    • 37. Since privacy is a major challenge in LBS networking, the application will focus only on the micro communities
    • 38. This will also help in exploring uses of “Communal Discovery Dynamic”
  • 39. Concept (3/3)
    The user interface for the application would be similar to Gowalla. The UI would be present for various smarthphones /multimedia phones(iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, Java based etc.), dedicated website and also integrated with Facebook.
  • 40. Product Specifications
    (According to Game Dynamics)
  • 41. Progression Dynamic
    A dynamic in which success is granularity displayed and measured through the process of completing itemized tasks.
    Popular examples – Linkedin, World of Warcraft
    Progression in Exter
    Munna Mobile
    Pappu Pager
    This could be different for different cities and sexes
    • These are the titles which will be given to the users on the basis of the overall points.
    • 42. If 2 users are checked in at the same location, one user can challenge the other user
    • 43. The winner will be decided based on the title. E.g. Bhaubali will beat Munna Mobile
    • 44. The winner will receive extra points and points will be deducted from the losers overall points
    • 45. This will provide incentives for users to progress to the “Don” title
  • 46. Influence and Status Dynamic
    The ability of one player to modify the behavior of another’s action through social pressure
    Popular examples – Platinum Credit Card, Modern Warfare (One of the most popular games)
    Influence and Status in Exter
    If you check in to “Punjabi by Nature” more than 30 times you will earn the badge of “Pure Punjabi”.
    This is extremely effective in micro communities which are status conscious.
    • Badges and rewards will be used extensively to advertise for various partners
    • 47. In the above example, micro communities living in Punjabi dominated areas could be given such challenges
    • 48. Brand loyalty will be promoted and new customers will be introduced to the chains
    • 49. This will also lead highly targeted marketing campaigns which are much effective than bulk SMS and cold calling
    • 50. This will be a major source of revenue for the company
  • 51. Appointment Dynamic
    A dynamic in which to succeed, one must return at a predefined time to take a predetermined action
    Popular examples – Farmville, Happy Hours
    Appointment Dynamic in Exter
    If you check in at various partner stores between 3 PM to 6 PM you will get “10% off”.
    This is a way to promote businesses which see a low customer turnover at some times of the business hours.
    • Appointment Dynamic has influenced users in a big way. An example in the virtual world is Farmville where in millions of users return at predefined times to till their virtual crops.
    • 52. This could be dynamic in nature as well where in partner companies can ask Directi to launch an appointment dynamic during times when they are witnessing low customer turnover
  • 53. Community Discovery Dynamic
    A dynamic wherein an entire community is rallied to work together to solve a challenge. It leverages the network of society to solve various problems.
    Popular examples – Digg, McDonalds Monopoly, Darpa Balloon Challenge
    Community Discovery Dynamic in Exter
    The micro community which earn the maximum number of points in a month will get special benefits like “free CUG for 1 month” or “Photo shoot sessions” etc. along with their name displayed on the leader board.
    This is a way to promote businesses which see a low customer turnover at some times of the business hours.
    • This will not only increase the enthusiasm within the micro communities but also give users an incentive to increase the community base.
    • 54. For brands like “Virgin Mobile” who have focused tremendously on concepts like “Friends” this could be a platform for them to launch their various products
    • 55. Restaurant, Bars etc. can give special discounts if X members of the community visit the joint.
    • 56. The concept of “Friends Locator” which has launched by Airtel can be further extrapolated by using community discovery dynamic in Exter
  • 57. Quest Dynamic
    Quest dynamic is an established gameplay mechanic that is broadly applicable. They work because they give people something to do whey they first show up (and thereafter)
    This “Goal Interface” design is more important than UI design because it provides a framework of “what to do” that distinguishes games.
    Quest Dynamic in Exter
    • ‘N’ Users which complete ‘X’ number of challenges first will be awarded the “Achievement” badge.
    • 58. These could be based on social/environmental issues such as “First User who check in to eco friendly places gets an ECO Conscious Badge”
    • 59. Companies which Promote such issues could be major partners in promoting the Quest Dynamic
  • 60. Elastic Velvet Rope Dynamic
    Elastic velvet rope dynamic entices users to become paid members once they have amassed large number of points.
    Popular Example: Club Penguin
    Elastic Velvet Rope Dynamic in Exter
    • Online ‘Platinum Store’ store wherein only paid member can redeem points for various schemes and promotions
    • 61. The membership charges would be on a monthly basis and nominal (around Rs. 100)
    • 62. Promotions which are extremely lucrative will be put up in the platinum store
    Platinum Member
  • 63. Other Possibilities
    Replicating the Web Experience
    You walk into a shop anywhere in the world and you like what you see. Then you would check-in and the app would prompt you with the question: Would you like to receive email updates from X shop?This is a magnificent way to increase a business’ email database offline! 
    Adding Pictures to Check Ins
    Adding Pictures increase the emotions attached to the application. An individual can add his facial expression once he checks in to a place to indicate the level of his pleasure.
    There’s also value for checking out in specific locations/activities/events. The obvious advantage is that the application could give you the option to complete a very quick, multiple-choice, survey (The company could give away cool incentives in exchange). Also, the organiser could clearly measure the length of time that a person spent at that event/activity, like a website!
  • 64. Target Segment
  • 65. Target Segment for Exter
    Current Scenario
    • More than 33 million internet users in India visited social networking sites in July 2010, that is 84% of the total internet audiencein India.
    • 66. India now ranks as the seventh largest market worldwide for social networking,.
    • 67. The total Indian social networking audience grew 43 percent in the past year, more than three times the rate of growth of the total internet audience in India.
    Source: www.allfacebook,com
  • 68. Target Segment for Exter
    The target segment for Exter are the people on the social networking website
    These people are majorly concentrated in big cities
    This segment believes in sharing, collaborating and having fun on the social networks
    Since we want to build a game layer on top of the social network, we want to leverage on these connections and target this segment
    Smartphone users in India account for 4.6% of the total number of mobile phone subscribers ( around 600 million)
    Thus there are 27.6 million smartphone users in India, with the number expected to increase manifold
    The large number of smartphone users are expected to use Exter
  • 69. Perceptual Map
    Online Social Networking
    Location Based Social Networking
  • 70. Marketing Plan
  • 71. Utilizing both online and offline marketing
    Brand Building Hybrid Model
    Brand Tieups
    TV Campaign
    Social Media
    Indian Sites
    Phone seller
    Apps SItes
    Phone OEMs
    Toll receipts
    Stickers on outlets
    Phone dealers
    Local News papers
  • 72. Online Advertising
  • 73. This is the age of social networking
  • 74. 29
    Social Media has emerged as the most important medium of advertising for location based services
    Search Engine Salience
    • Search engine results need to be improved by
    Search Engine Optimisation
    • Words and phrases such as ‘mobile social networking’ ‘social networking’ ‘mobile social apps’ etc should be bid for sponsored links as well
    Facebook & Twitter
    • Integration with Twitter and Facebook is very important as a large number of these users are expected to use location based services
    • 75. Import Contacts from FB, Twitter, Gmail, Orkutetc.
    • 76. Updates on Facebook and Twitter about recent places visited
    Online Advertising and Blogging
    • Advertisements on most visited Indian sites such as rediff, indiatimes etc.
    • 77. Getting top bloggers to use Exterand write about it
    • 78. Getting Exter featured on App sites such as Nokia Ovi store/Google Store etc as the top rated product for free download
    Online Marketing
    • Youtube viral videos should be posted explaining the service and its benefits
    • 79. These Youtube video links should be provided on the Facebook and Twitter pages of the product
  • Exter could target customers on different social networking sites depending on the location
  • 80. Offline Advertising
  • 81. Offline Advertisements and Partnerships are essential in India
    • Companies can provide its employees smart phones with Exter installed
    • Stickers outside those restaurants/bars/shops that give discounts/promotions to Exter users
    • 82. National TV campaign on the
    lines of Ibibo/bigadda etc
    Print & Radio
    • Advertisements given on receipts given at Delhi-Gurgaon toll plaza
    • 83. Ads on airline tickets/metro cards
    • 84. 30 second ads on radio stations
    Partnerships & Advertisements
    • Tie ups with Mobile Network Operators to ensure easy check-ins via SMS
    • 85. SMS promotion about Exter; free download available at MNO WAP sites
    • 86. Free CUG service to top winning teams for a period of 1 month
    Phone Dealers
    • A lot of customers get software installed from phone sellers. Tying up with them would ensure that the phone is sold with Exterinstalled.
    Phone OEMs
    • Directi should tie up with phone OEMs so that Exter is preinstalled in the smart phones
  • 87. Opportunity Details
    Parameters to be gauged for implementation
    FacebookPage, FB and Twitter Integration, Youtube videos, Tie ups with Phone OEMs and Dealers
    Search Engine Optimisation needs to be undertaken. Blogs to highlight the benefits
    TV Campaigns and stickers outside outlets, Tie ups with MNOs, App Download Sites
    Promotions through corporates, SMS, Radio and on metro cards/ toll receipts
    Low/ Near term
    High/ Long term
  • 88. Monetization Strategy
  • 89. Brand Specific Challenges
  • 90. Sponsored Search
    • The concept of sponsored search is more effective in Location based searches than anywhere else
    • 91. Users who search for content related to a particular location will be provided with the sponsored ads first.
    • 92. The charges for sponsored ads will depend upon the queries in the particular area and would range from anywhere between Rs. 5000/year to Rs. 1,00,000/year
  • 93. Platinum Membership + Miscellaneous
    Platinum Member
    • Exter would give option to the users to upgrade to platinum membership on a monthly basis. The charge for the same would be Rs. 100 a month.
    • 94. This will be successful because of the presence of lucrative offers/rewards for the platinum members as discussed in Velvet Elastic Rope Game Dynamic.
    Exter could sell data pertaining to customer’s preferences which is highly sought after by the market research companies
  • 95. Revenue and Expenses
  • 96. Thank You