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Directi Business Case Study Presentation '09 Team BlogGobblers - FMS Delhi
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Directi Business Case Study Presentation '09 Team BlogGobblers - FMS Delhi


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Team name: Blog-Gobblers
    Institute: FMS, Delhi
    Aditi Bhattacharya
    Mansi Prasad
    Scrawling your thoughts together….
  • 2. The Indian Online media space
    • Number of internet users: approx. 45 million (2008)
    • 3. Number of bloggers: approx. 0.4 million blogs (2008)
    Indian Internet Usage Statistics
  • 4. The Indian Blogosphere
    • 92% Blogs are in English.
    • 5. 50% of all Indian blogs receive 10 visitors or less a week
    • 6. Men dominate blogosphere in India with around 88% blogs owned by Men
    Geographical distribution of Bloggers
    Age distribution of Bloggers
  • 7. Nominees for the Blogger’s Choice Award :
    * In comparison with all websites
  • 8. What are they doing?
    Revenue Sharing
    • Website pays video up-loaders/bloggers/users based on views they bring to the site
    • 9. These new users can further drive traffic
    Information Sharing with Advertisers
    • Advertisers/sponsors can place links/static or dynamic ads on user profiles/pages based on filtered demographics
    • 10. Affiliate programs
    Strategic Alliances
    • Tie-ups with mobile service operators, brands (i-phone) and other social networking websites(twitter, facebook etc.) generating indirect traffic for them
    Monetizing user generated content
    • Making professional blogging into a consulting business
    • 11. Blog-Guest writing
  • Consumer Insights…
  • 12. Redefining blogging need and scope
    Mass Audience
    Expression of thoughts, information and opinion seeking
    Niche Audience, Less scope of expansion
  • 13. Where are the bloggers?
  • 14. Where are the bloggers?
  • 15. Who are potential bloggers?
  • 16. Who are potential bloggers?
    the young,
    the educated,
    the (not so) rich
    and the urban
  • 17. Exploring the mind space..
    Social networking
  • 18. A blog with a difference
    We would like our blog site to be…
    A (not so) personal diary..
  • 19. We don’t blog..We “SCRAWL” ..
    Product Concept
    Blogging –
    Scrawl– “to write in a sprawling, careless manner”
    • A platform for bloggers and non-bloggers to express themselves in a casual free-spirited way
    • 20. A personal page to leave an imprint (your thoughts) in the blogosphere
    Micro-blogging -
    • Shown as RSS feed- XYZ jotted on your scrawlbook
    Visit notification –
    • Shown on your personal page – XYZ peeked in your scrawlbook
    Scrawl your world away…
  • 21. What we aim for…
    • Better service and more features to existing bloggers
    • 22. Attract non bloggers by making the site entertaining
    • 23. Make it one of the top 5 most visited sites in the long term
    • 24. Maximize the average time spent on the site thus increasing site “stickiness”
    Our USP
    • Personal diary-cum-planner
    • 25. One stop network platform for event updates, Email and Facebook/ Twitter updates
    • 26. Communication forum for like minded interest groups
  • How do we create COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE?
    P.O.P + P.O.D =
  • 27. Our Points of Parity are ..
    • Varied Profile Themes
    • 28. Visitor Statistics
    • 29. Filters spam comments
    • 30. Tags to drive user traffic
    • 31. Photo/Video uploads
    • 32. Multiple Language Blogs
    • 33. Individual domain name (
    • 34. Voice Publishing
    • 35. Group Blogging
    • 36. Communities
    • 37. Mobile Blog Updates
    • 38. Security Options- Private blogs accessible by members only
    • 39. Widgets
  • But what about our P.O.D?
    Points of Differentiation
    Sources of Competitive Advantage
  • 40. Points of Differentiation
    POD I
    POD II
    One stop shop by updates on developments in other sites where the user has an account
    Capture User Interests and Lifestyles
    • Net users spend most of their time on e mailing, Social Networking and Information search
    • 41. Gmail and other emails provide updates on Twitter, Facebook, Orkut etc
    • 42. Provide optional updates to users about developments in their Facebook, Orkut and Linked in accounts
    • 43. These updates to be shown on user profile pages on a real time basis
    • 44. Real time applications on stock market index, Live cricket scores, election results etc
    • 45. Updates and reminders on events like theatre, parties, concerts, theme nights; launches on a calendar installed on the user home page
  • Points of Differentiation
    POD IV
    Blog related features making blogging User friendly as well as FUN
    Superior Blogging Experience by Customized Services
    • Customized Audio tracks matching the blog theme
    • 46. Selective security enabling specific blogs being visible to selected friends
    • 47. Optional Scrawl updates- each time a friend Scrawl a new update is shown on your profile page
    • 48. Micro Blogging- For those on-the-go to post micro blogs
    • 49. Animated Profile Pics on User Profile Page
    • 50. Dummy’s guide to become a super blogger
    • 51. Dictionary and Thesaurus features
    • 52. Translation software to convert English blog into other languages
    • 53. Sticky options, Reference Tagging options-incase you make a persons reference you want to include
    • 54. Interesting emoticons
    • 55. Funky blog responses eg: Thumbs up, Drink a beer, Groan, High 5, etc.
  • Points of Differentiation
    POD V
    POD VI
    Seducing Non-bloggers by Viral marketing and new features
    Increasing Blogging Frequency by Interest generating and Rewarding features
    • Non member service- Site homepage includes category wise compilation of famous blogs including those from different platforms
    • 56. Linking the Profile page with Facebook/orkut /Twitter etc- every time a new scrawl is written, an update on these accounts will be visible to all your friends
    • 57. Import friend options(Gmail, facebook, etc)
    • 58. Friend tagging options available even for non-members of the blog site
    • 59. News papers tie-ups for selected blogs being featured in Editorials
    • 60. Brand sponsored contests wherein bloggers can post entries in the form of write ups, photos, videos
    • 61. Live popularity tickers tracking the popularity of the blogger and the same being representative of his blog quality and popularity. Will also attract companies to sponsor the blog page
    • Kingdom for social networking for all Scrawlers
    • 62. Open to non-members: Promote the blog culture
    • 63. Collection series: Compilation of famous blogs across categories from various blogsites
    • 64. Interest group blogging: Popular subjects like cricket, music, movies, celebrities, etc
    • 65. Polling and rewards : Scrawler of the month
    • 66. Personal merchandising : Yardsale
    • 67. Making friends: locating like minded scrawlers
    • 68. Event campaigns/contests
    • 69. Real-time search engine – aggregate search results from blogs, microblogs, videos and bookmarks
  • A peek at our Scrawl Book..
  • 70. Moving on to our PROMOTION OBJECTIVES
    To attain market leadership in the Indian Blogosphere
    Target10 million unique users/month ( is around 9 million)
    Revenue generation model dependent on website popularity therefore low ROI for first few months
    The site will be a Cost centre initially . Hence, marketing budget to be minimal
    Concentration on online marketing, strategic tie-ups and viral marketing to gain fast visibility and awareness at a lower cost
  • 71. MEDIA MIX
  • 72. By the way, we love
    Online Marketing
    Online Tie Ups…
  • 73. Online Marketing
    Innovations on Yahoo, MSN, Rediff, Sify
    Applications on Orkut, Facebook,
    BigAdda, Ibibo
    Search Engine Marketing on competition and relevant keywords
    Video Advertsing on Online Video Streaming Websites
    Display Media inventory on portals, ad networks
  • 74. Online Marketing Plan
    Type of Online Advertising
    Search Marketing
    Viral Marketing/Social Media
    Online Tie-ups
    Display/ Banner Advertising
    Advertising Objectives
    Generate relevant traffic, focus on conversions
    Word of mouth Publicity
    Leverage on the popularity of other sites
    Visibility/Awareness/Blog Recall
    Need based
    Heavy during the initial Phase
  • 75. Display Innovations on web portals that we suggest are..
  • 76. Display Innovations [1/2]
  • 77. Display Innovations [2/2]
  • 78. Search Marketing
    • Google Insights show very few people use the word ‘blog’ in their keywords
    • 79. The site has to be designed by SEO experts to gain maximum rankings in results
    • 80. The site can bid for popular keywords like cricket, movie, books, blog etc to get a high ranking in sponsored links
    • 81. Focus on SEO to give it a feel of authenticity
    Use SEO for blog related keywords
    Ideal Position
  • 82. Search marketing-Keyword strategy
    Keyword Strategy
    Google Trends
    Cricket vs cricket blog
    Movie vs Movie blog
  • 83. Search marketing-Keyword strategy
    Brand and Tactical keyword strategy
    Ad copy
    Scrawl: Create your free blog
    The best blogging features to give
    you a never before blogging experience
    Blog, Blogging, Blogger,
    movie blogging,
    cricket blogging, articles,
    Blog (Search Engine
    Generic Keyword Strategy
    Ad copy
    The best blogs on cricket
    Cricket Scrawls: taking Cricket blogging
    To the next level
    shah rukh khan, matches,
    A R Rehman, Avataar,
    Movie Reviews
    Cricket, movies, songs
    (Search Engine
  • 84. Search marketing-Paid Advertising
    Bid for popular keywords related to cricket, Hindi movies, restaurants, travel and appear on the sponsored results to gain exposure and leverage on popular trends
    Restrict paid advertising to popular words where you cannot gain a high ranking in organic rankings
  • 85. Social Media and viral marketing
    • Tap high traffic social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, YouTube,
    • 86. Applications on Facebook with a ‘like’ option to create virality
    • 87. Import contact options from Twitter, Facebook, Gmail
    • 88. Scrawl updates on Emails
    • 89. Periodic Viral Videos on YouTube
    • 90. Updates on Twitter every time the user posts a blog on Scrawl
    • 91. Have a dedicated Scrawl Page on Facebook and Orkut
    • 92. Blog Embed feature
  • Sample Illustration on Facebook..
    Application on Facebook with a Like option
  • 93. Online Tie-Ups
    Identify the major site in each category
    • Tie ups with these sites to leverage their popularity and gain publicity
    • 94. Strategic tie ups with web portals(yahoo, rediff) to outsource their blogging section to Scrawl
    • 95. Online blog Contests sponsored by various blogs to create publicity
    • 96. Partnering with Movie Review, Book and sports sites to lead users
  • 97. Online Contests on Scrawldom
    Online Contest
    Online poll for the best blogs on a particular subject and a jury to evaluate the blogs
    Most visited blogs
    Bigger Gratification – Get a chance to publish your book with support from
    Online Gratification – Autographed books from authors like ChetanBhagat, Salman Rushdie, Vikram Seth
  • 98. We also suggest
    Offline Advertising,
    Strategic tie ups
  • 99. Offline Advertising
    Outdoor Advertising in bookstores and coffee joints
    Strategic Tie Ups with editorial sections of newspapers where the best blogs are featured
    Contests organized in various colleges for visibility and brand building
    Scrawl Facts on Metro/Bus Tickets
    Scrawl Fact: The Metro runs at a speed of 120 km/hour which is less than the number of blog updates on Scrawl every hour
  • 100. Offline Advertising demos
    Scrawl branded bookmarks
    Tie ups with newspaper editorial sections
    Branding on coffee shop
    tables and Table standees
    This article is authored by Mansi Prasad
    Catch her on
  • 101. The challenge of Monetization
    Need for a multi channel approach
    The Obvious !
    The Not-so-Obvious
  • The Obvious! Advertising
    Pay per click
    Ads as applications
    with scrawler
    Contextual Ads
  • 109. The Not- so- obvious
  • The Not - so - obvious: 1
    Market Analytics
    • Operate self- owned CRM system, by offering in-house analytics dashboard to help brands track conversations within the blogosphere.
    • 116. Tremendous potential for sale of market data analytics to corporates to monitor, alert, track, prioritize, triage, follow-up, & report on bloggers’ interactions with brands
    My Analytics
    About Directi Analytics
  • 117. The Not - so - obvious: 2
    Company sponsorships
    • Liason between brands and expert bloggers in the related domain
    • 118. Fee based model with bloggers who review company products
    Track Blog
    • Launchpad Rewards E.g. Sony sponsoring an unbiased review written by most followed tech-blogger on their yet unreleased gadget[ published in the techie-me column of Scrawldom ]
  • The Not - so - obvious: 4
    Strategic Partnerships
    • Brand alliances
    • 119. Partner with online service providers like, by featuring them in blogs to increase SEO
    • 120. Develop online brand marketing applications to virally engage users that can be used on the corporate blogs hosted.
    • 121. Long term plan:
    • 122. Alliances with social media like Flickr, YouTube, etc for photo-blogging, audio-blogging, video-blogging, etc
  • The Not - so - obvious: 4
    Content Recycling
    A) Syndication
    • Syndication service with offline content publishers on one side and the bloggers on the other.
    • 123. Partner with publishers/ newspapers/ magazines to generate content while simultaneously helping bloggers earn revenue
    • 124. Future evolution to extend to various domains like music, film.
  • The Not - so - obvious: 4
    Content Recycling
    B) In-house Publishing
    • Develop in house digital publishing capabilities
    • 125. In line with trends of recent non fiction books having genesis in author’s blogs
    • 126. Support to budding authors to pilot in micro community
    • 127. If successful, carry forward to major publishing houses
  • The Not - so - obvious: 5
    • Help bloggers make extra bucks by selling their personally created merchandise through Yardsalesection of Scrawldom
    • 128. To be sold under brand Scrawlogy to give Branding to bloggers products and Revenue throughcommission on sales
  • The Not - so - obvious: 6
    Premium Services
    • Nominal fee to be charged per user for certain premium services like additional storage space, or a custom web domain.
    • 129. Blog Hosting
    • 130. Blog hosting services at $500 per month to big publishers like Om Malik, All Things D, etc
    • 131. Corporate Blog hosting
  • Monetization: A caveat
  • 132. How much is your platform worth
    • Metcalfe’s Law: Value of a network =square of number of users.
    • 133. Larger networks network externalities competitive advantage.
    • 134. Too much advertising = Reduction in Consumer Value
    • 135. Delay excess monetizing till the time of diminishing growth or till you are closer to long term stable size
    • 136. Additional considerations to Metcalfe’s law
    • 137. Rank of the social network
    • 138. Affinity between users
  • 139. Happy Scrawling !!