Wedding car hire points to consider


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Every bride needs to think carefully about the car she hires for her wedding day.

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Wedding car hire points to consider

  1. 1. WELCOME TO CBDLimousines
  2. 2. Every bride needs to think carefully about the car WEDDING CAR HIRE POINTS TO CONSIDER
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  4. 4. • Every bride needs to think carefully about the car she hires for her wedding day. • Some things to consider are not so obvious!
  5. 5. • If you are getting married in summer, make sure the car has adequate air-conditioning! • A lot of vintage cars do not have air-conditioning, or they have air conditioning that only has a very modest output. • Any stretch limousine older than a couple of years will have a reduced capacity to keep occupants cool if it has not been re-gassed.
  6. 6. • Check with the owner and go and have a look at the vehicle you are hiring if you are booking a summer wedding. • The opposite applies for winter. Some old cars have no heating. • Go and check the car you are booking for yourself, don't take the owners word over the phone if you are not comfortable.
  7. 7. • Some stretch limousines have a 5th Door or Bridal Door fitted. • This is a large door down the side of the car that opens much wider than a standard door allowing much easier access for brides with large dresses/trains and their bridesmaids.
  8. 8. • It also allows for more room to make an elegant exit from the car by swinging your legs out and then standing from that sitting position. • Be careful booking an S.U.V. (such as a Hummer) for your wedding. • Although larger in size there are impracticalities for a wedding. • They have steps to get into them as they sit much higher, and many a bride has tripped in her heels getting caught in the dress when entering or exiting.
  9. 9. • Make sure the driver, groom, father or bridesmaid is there at all times to ensure your safety. • These vehicles whilst larger on the outside are based on a truck chassis. • Their ride is much harsher, they can often have less head-room and less leg-room than a standard limousine. • Go and have a look at what you are hiring before you financially commit.
  10. 10. • When considering a stretch wedding car consider your venues. • Some churches and reception centres cannot accommodate all vehicles. • You don't want to have to do a hundred metre dash in a thunderstorm to get into the church, or into the reception.
  11. 11. • Living in Melbourne, Victoria, I get brides who ring me and ask if my cars can go up Mt. Dandenong. • Some companies refuse to do weddings in this location. • Some older cars have trouble with the incline, and nearly every stretch limousine requires care on the decline due to brakes overheating under heavy loads.
  12. 12. • If your wedding is in a challenging area, ask your limo provider before you book if they are aware of the location. • Ask your limo company if your chauffeur will be suitably dressed and well presented. • I am disappointed at stories of brides being upset when their chauffeur turns up in a pair of jeans, or dressed in blue suede shoes trying to look like Elvis. (Yes, this has happened)
  13. 13. • Lastly, have a contingency plan! • The latest and newest car is not guaranteed to be trouble free. • I had a 2 week old limousine break down with a faulty battery. • I have had a bridal party of 12 in a stretch limousine heading to the reception when an offending vehicle side swiped the stretch putting it off of the road.
  14. 14. • Ensure you have your mobile with you, your friends and family contacts in the phone and some back-up vehicles available in case of emergency. • If you are prepared on the day a small delay will be manageable and provide you with the best outcome..
  15. 15. • CBD Limousines provides 6, 10, 11 and 12 seat stretch limousines for all occasions. • We have a range of the latest models of white, silver and black stretch limousines, some with bridal doors. • We would love to assist you with your wedding needs.
  16. 16. • Please feel free to email us at or call on 0411 709 690 or 1300 780 581. • Weddings have been the lifeblood of our business for 10 years! There are no better jobs to attend!
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