Teenagers are unaware of the dangers of smoking


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Teenagers are unaware of the dangers of smoking because they see adults enjoy smoking.

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Teenagers are unaware of the dangers of smoking

  1. 1. Teenagers are unaware of the dangers of smoking
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  3. 3.  Teenagers are unaware of the dangers of smoking because they see adults enjoy smoking.  One of the most common culprit of teen smoking is peer pressure, but most of the time it is a result of too much curiosity and defiance.  If you are a parent and you suspect that your teenager is smoking, then you need to do something to help them.
  4. 4.  This problem is very common to different countries around the world and smoking is no doubt affecting and eating young lives.  It is true that cigarettes can give higher tax revenues, but it can also endanger the future of the society.  This problem remains unresolved just like early warnings of global warming that already leads to climate change that is happening right now.  This is something that you cannot ignore as a parent if you really love your child.
  5. 5.  Different types of cancers are developed due to years of smoking or exposure to cigarette smoke.  Young people are at higher risk of developing such illnesses because they started smoking at a very young age.  Quitting this bad habit is as difficult as quitting heroin addiction.  Teenagers who are already addicted to the habit must join a support group to begin a healthier life away from diseases.
  6. 6.  Many parents do not caught their children doing it at home because most of the time they do it outside together with their peers.  What you can do is to know their friends and where they usually hang out after school.  You will surely find someone who can tell you if they are into smoking.
  7. 7.  It is very important to get the attention of the school administrator and organize a campaign against smoking.  The school must be a non smoking zone for teenagers and adults as well.  Smoking is a deadly habit, so it is good to be cruel in order to save the life of your children.  Smoking teenagers will soon become smoking adults and they will not be a good example for the society.  Your child will surely thank you later on because you do something for them to quit smoking.
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