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  • 1. REVEAL.JS HTML PRESENTATIONS MADE EASY Createdby /HakimElHattab @hakimel
  • 2. HEADS UP reveal.js is aframework for easilycreatingbeautiful presentations usingHTML. You'llneed abrowser with support for CSS 3D transforms to see itin its fullglory.
  • 3. VERTICAL SLIDES Slides can be nested inside of other slides, trypressing .down
  • 4. BASEMENT LEVEL 1 Press down or up to navigate.
  • 5. BASEMENT LEVEL 2 Cornify
  • 6. BASEMENT LEVEL 3 That's it, time to go back up.
  • 7. SLIDES Notacoder?No problem. There's afully-featured visualeditor for authoringthese, tryitoutat .
  • 8. POINT OF VIEW Press ESC to enter the slide overview. Hold down altand click on anyelementto zoom in on itusing . Alt+ click anywhere to zoom back out.zoom.js
  • 9. WORKS IN MOBILE SAFARI Tryitout!You can swipe through the slides and pinch your way to the overview.
  • 10. MARVELOUS UNORDERED LIST No order here Or here Or here Or here
  • 11. FANTASTIC ORDERED LIST 1. One is smaller than... 2. Two is smaller than... 3. Three!
  • 12. MARKDOWN SUPPORT For those of you who like thatsortof thing. Instructions and abit more info available .here <sectiondata-markdown> ##Markdownsupport Forthoseofyouwholikethatsortofthing. Instructionsandabitmoreinfoavailable[here]( </section>
  • 13. TRANSITION STYLES You can selectfrom differenttransitions, like: - - - - - - -Cube Page Concave Zoom Linear Fade None Default
  • 14. THEMES Reveal.js comes with afew themes builtin: - - - - - - Default Sky Beige Simple Serif Night Moon Solarized *Themedemosareloadedafterthepresentationwhichleadstoflicker.Inproductionyoushouldloadyour themeinthe<head>usinga<link>.
  • 15. GLOBAL STATE Setdata-state="something"on aslide and "something" willbe added as aclass to the documentelementwhen the slide is open. This lets you applybroader style changes, like switching the background.
  • 16. CUSTOM EVENTS Additionallycustom events can be triggered on aper slide basis bybindingto the data-statename. Reveal.addEventListener('customevent',function(){ console.log('"customevent"hasfired'); });
  • 17. SLIDE BACKGROUNDS Setdata-background="#007777"on aslide to change the fullpage background to the given color. AllCSS color formats are supported.
  • 18. IMAGE BACKGROUNDS <sectiondata-background="image.png">
  • 19. REPEATED IMAGE BACKGROUNDS <sectiondata-background="image.png"data-background-repeat="repeat"data-ba ckground-size="100px">
  • 20. BACKGROUND TRANSITIONS Pass reveal.js the backgroundTransition: 'slide' configargumentto make backgrounds slide rather than fade.
  • 21. BACKGROUND TRANSITION OVERRIDE You can override background transitions per slide byusing data-background-transition="slide".
  • 22. CLEVER QUOTES These guys come in two forms, inline: “The nice thing about standards is thatthere are so many to choose from”and block: “For years there has been atheory thatmillions of monkeys typing atrandomon millions of typewriters would reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare. The Internethas proven this theory to be untrue.”
  • 23. PRETTY CODE functionlinkify(selector){ if(supports3DTransforms){ varnodes=document.querySelectorAll(selector); for(vari=0,len=nodes.length;i<len;i++){ varnode=nodes[i]; if(!node.className){ node.className+='roll'; } } } } Courtesyof .highlight.js
  • 24. INTERGALACTIC INTERCONNECTIONS You can link between slides internally, .like this
  • 25. FRAGMENTED VIEWS Hitthe nextarrow... ... to step through ... 1. any type 2. of view 3. fragments
  • 26. FRAGMENT STYLES There's afew styles of fragments, like: grow shrink roll-in fade-out highlight-red highlight-green highlight-blue current-visible highlight-current-blue
  • 28. EXPORT TO PDF Presentations can be , below is an example that's been uploaded to SlideShare. exported to PDF
  • 29. TAKE A MOMENT Press b or period on your keyboard to enter the 'paused'mode. This mode is helpfulwhen you wantto take distractingslides off the screen duringapresentation.
  • 30. STELLAR LINKS Trythe online editor Source code on GitHub Follow me on Twitter