Iron & Steel sector


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Iron & Steel sector in India

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Iron & Steel sector

  1. 1. Iron & Steel Sector
  2. 2. Contents Sector Overview Market Size Iron & Steel Making Process Growth Drivers Policy Support Past Deals Contacts – Existing & Future
  3. 3. Sector Overview
  4. 4. Market Size
  5. 5. Market Size
  6. 6. Iron Making Process Iron Ore (extracted to get) Iron (Base Metal) Hot Metal (Liquid Iron) It is the hot, liquid, metallic iron product obtained upon reduction of iron ore Primary input for production of steel in the Integrated Steel Plant Pig Iron product in solid (lumpy) form obtained upon solidification of Hot Metal in Pig Casting Machine Foundry Grade Pig Iron Pig iron used in the Foundries for production of Cast Iron (CI) Castings . This is the major use of pig iron. Basic/Steel Making Grade Pig Iron Pig iron (including hot metal) used for production of Steel. SI – Sponge Iron DRI – Direct Reduced Iron HBI – Hot Briquetted Iron SI/ DRI/HBI DRI / SI: Solid metallic iron product obtained upon Direct Reduction of high grade iron ore in solid state itself without being converted into liquid form like that in Blast Furnace. HBI: At times the DRI/SI coming out from the furnace is converted into a bigger compact mass i.e. Briquettes for ease in transportation/charging in steel making furnace, which are known as Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI)
  7. 7. Steel Making Process ►
  8. 8. Structure of the Steel Sector
  9. 9. Terms used ► ► ► Integrated Producers / Primary Steel Producers – those that convert Iron Ore to Steel Secondary Producers - These are the mini steel plants (MSPs), which make steel by melting scrap or sponge iron or a mixture of the two Ferro Alloys – refers to various alloys of iron with a high proportion of one or more other elements, manganese or silicon for example. It is used in the production of steels and alloys as a raw material
  10. 10. Growth Drivers – Steel Industry
  11. 11. Policy Support aiding growth in the steel sector
  12. 12. M&A Scenario
  13. 13. Key Deals in 2011 Date Target/Issuer Total Transaction Value ($USDmm, Historical rate) 11/12/2011 ACE Steelfab Pvt. Ltd. Buyers/Investors Sellers Action Construction Equipment Ltd (BSE:532762) 9.21 11/11/2011 Mahindra Ugine Steel Company Limited, Steel Business 10/05/2011 National Laminations Group Navyug Special Steel Private Limited Mahindra Ugine Steel Company Limited (BSE:504823) - 26.75 OJSC Novolipetsk Steel (LSE:NLMK) 8.0 09/28/2011 Usha Ispat Limited 36.85 06/29/2011 Welspun Maxsteel Limited 210.58 04/27/2011 Two Mines in Goa and Karnataka 03/24/2011 Uttam Galva Ferrous Date 200.0 - Target/Issuer Fomento (Karnataka) Mining Company Private Limited Apollo Global Management, LLC (NYSE:APO); Welspun Corp Limited (BSE:532144) Halcyon Finance and Capital Advisors Private Limited ArcelorMittal India Limited Total Transaction Value ($USDmm, Historical rate) 07/18/2011 Maharashtra Elektrosmelt Limited 08/12/2011 Ankit Metal & Power Ltd. (BSE:532870) 50.97 12/20/2011 Rohit Ferro-Tech Limited (BSE:532731) 28.36 06/10/2011 Topack Fittings Ltd. 02/14/2011 Innoventive Industries Limited (BSE:533402) Gallantt Ispat Limited (BSE:533265) 09/26/2011 337.46 15.0 10.11 7.79 Tata Metaliks Ltd. (BSE:513434) Welspun Steel Ltd. Obulapuram Mining Company Private Limited Buyers/Investors Steel Authority of India Limited (BSE:500113) Concast Ispat Limited; Mayank Securities Private Limited; VNG Mercantiles Private Limited; Cube Fintex Private Limited; Invesco Finance Pvt Ltd.; Nucore Exports Private Limited; Arthodock Vinimay Pvt.Ltd; Shreyansh Leafin Pvt. Ltd. Vasupujya Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.; Poddar MechTech Services Pvt. Ltd.; VNG Mercantiles Private Limited; Shreyansh Leafin Pvt. Ltd. Wayzata Investment Partners LLC Standard Chartered Private Equity Limited Gallantt Udyog Limited
  14. 14. Companies No. 1 2 3 4 5 Company Name Rohit FerroTech Limited Tata Steel Limited Mahindra Ugine Steel Company Limited Sarda Energy & Minerals Limited Facor Alloys Ltd. Total Revenue LTM (INR mm) 11,667 1,290,851 14,560 8,880 3,963 Product Description Carbon Ferro Chrome, Ferro Manganese, Ferro Silicon, Manganese Alloys, Silico Manganese Bearings, Galvano, Agrico Products, Alloy Steel Ball Bearing Rings, Annular Forgings and Flanges Proposition Prospective buyer for UFACL Met with M&A Team: Currently not looking at acquisitions in steel; Merger is Ok, no cash acquisition. Can look at Coking coal mines( 50mn + reserves) with linkage to infrastructure, Iron Ore mine – preferably producing stage (drilling stage – low priority) Bearing Races, Panels, Bearing Steels, Case Met them Carburising Steel, Castings Blocks & Tiles,Coal, Coal Washery Services, Secured mandate – Electricity, Ferro Alloys looking at a Coal Mine Ferro Chrome, Ferro Alloys Any Co in Ferro alloys, any sick Ferro alloy co looking at turnaround, any steel co. Size: 1525cr.
  15. 15. Company No. Name 6 Shri Bajrang Power And Ispat Limited 7 Innoventive Industries Limited 8 VISA Steel Ltd. 9 Ankit Metal & Power Ltd. No. Company Name 10 Lloyds Metals & Energy Ltd 11 Vandana Group 12 Hira Ferro Alloys 13 Maithan Alloys 14 Abhijeet Group Total Revenue LTM (INR mm) 2,947 7,662 Product Description - Proposition RS has contact with Anand Goel Precision Steel Tube, Auto Components, Portfolio company of CRCA Coils, Membrane Panel Strips Light House. Looking for opportunities in steel Tubes 13,242 Coke. Bar and Wire Rods, Chrome Concentrates, Chrome Ore Powder, Coal TMT Bars, Electricity, Ferro Alloys: Ferro Group Co of Rohit Total Revenue 7,058 Manganese, Ferro Silicon: Ferro LTM (INR mm) Product Description Proposition Cold Rolled Steel Coils and Sheets, Pradip Sir’s Contact 6,900 Electricity, ERW Precision Tubes: Sponge Iron Products, Steel Pipes: 2679 C.A. O.P. Singhania (Dhiren Sir’s Contact knows them) 1,586 Briquet, Electricity, Ferro Alloys, Ferro C.A. O.P. Singhania Manganese, Fly Ash Bricks (Dhiren Sir’s Contact knows them) 6,075 Ferro Alloys, Electricity Shreyas Kampani’s contact Power, mining, roads construction, steel, To Pitch and ferroalloys businesses
  16. 16. No. 15 Company Name Century Ply Total Revenue LTM (INR mm) 17,021 16 JSW Ispat Ltd 82,267 17 Bhushan Steel Ltd Product Description Manufacture, sale, and export of plywood, laminates, cement, Ferro alloys, and paper products in India and internationally Cold Rolled Steel Coils, Colour Coated Sheets, Galvanised Sheets, Hot Metal, Polysteel Proposition Shreyas Kampani”s contact Met Mr. Balan from Ispat Industries in past. Reinitiate a dialogue to check if they looking at any acquisitions now. 70,035 Steel Coils, Steel Sheets, Steel Strips, Tubular Sections, Zinc and Aluminum Coated Sheet To pitch To Pitch 18 Uttam Galva Steels Ltd 50,348 Cold Rolled Annealed Sheets and Coils, Galvanised Plain and Corrugated Sheets, Long Steel Products, Cold Rolled Unannealed Sheets and Coils, Color Coated Sheets and Coils 19 Adhunik Metaliks, Ltd 18,006 Auto Steel, Billets, Carbon Steel, Cold Heading Steel, Ferro Manganese To Pitch 20 Impex Ferro Tech Ltd 6,528 Ferro Chrome, Ferro Manganese, Silico Manganese, Trading of Iron and Steel Products To Pitch
  17. 17. Techno-Economic Parameters ► ► ► ► ► BF Productivity – measured in terms of tonnes of hot metal produced, per cubic meter of blast furnace volume, per day (T/cubic met/day) Coke Rate : This is measured in Kgs. of BF Coke consumed per tonne of Hot Metal produced in the Blast Furnace(Kg/THM). By convention, this excludes coke (nut/pearl coke) mixed with sinter etc. Energy Consumption : This is measured in Giga Calorie (i.e. 1000 million calorie) per tonne of Crude Steel produced(Gcal/TCS). Power Consumption : This is measured in terms of Number of units of electrical power consumed in KWH per tonne of crude steel produced (KWH/TCS). Refractory Consumption : This is measured in terms of total refractory consumed per tonne of crude steel(Kg/TC).
  18. 18. Parameters BF Productivity (T/M3/Day) World SAIL IISCO VSP TISCO Norm (BSP/DSP/RSP/BSL) 2-3 1.51 (1.72/1.36/1.11/1.60) 0.75 1.95 1.82 Coke Rate (Kg/THM) 350400 538 (498/573/611/536) 798 474 528 Energy 4–5 9.19 6.32 5.28 400500 498 (460/430/602/505) 500 540 430 15 NA 18.5 13.6 Consumption (Gcal/TCS) Power Consumption (Kwh/T Sal Steel) Refractory Consumption (Kg/Tcs) 7.5 (6.84/7.36/8.88/7.77) 18.2 (20/16/
  19. 19. Thank You ► References ► ► ► ► ► Ministry of Steel IBEF Aranca Research World Steel Capital IQ