50 likely interview questions for graduates


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50 likely interview questions for graduates

  1. 1. 50 Likely Interview Questions For Graduates Perfect Interview
  2. 2. 50 Likely Interview Questions For Graduates • The fact that you will have a degree in the discipline required by the recruiter usually means that the first question “ Can this person do the job?” has been answered. • This being so, the thrust of the interview will be in the areas of motivation, personal style & interpersonal skills. • It’s obviously not possible to guarantee questions in interviews, but the following slides carry examples from the four major topic areas.
  3. 3. 50 Likely Interview Questions For Graduates • A good method of preparation would be to write out an answer for each question. If you do this you’ll discover that there is a significant difference between “knowing the answer” and “giving the answer.” • Writing out the answers will also encourage you to select the most powerful examples & words. • Once you have written your answers it is suggested that you practice them out loud so that your fluency at interview will be at its optimum.
  4. 4. Questions About Your Course/Degree • • • • • • • • How did you come to choose your degree/discipline? Why did you come to this college/university? What do you like most/least about your subject? What class of degree do you anticipate gaining? why? How will your studies relate to your work? How have your studies been funded? Tell me about any project work you’ve undertaken? What is your strongest/weakest subject?Why?
  5. 5. Questions About Your Course/Degree • What have you contributed to the university? • What have you enjoyed most at university? • What recent developments in your discipline have taken your interest recently?
  6. 6. Career Questions • • • • • • • • Tell me about your career aspirations? Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years time? What attracted you to this industry/sector? How will your studies support your career? What are you looking for in a career? Describe your ideal employer. What are you looking for in a job? What plans do you have to gain further qualifications?
  7. 7. Career Questions • Why are you interested in management? • Tell me something about your ambitions?
  8. 8. Potential Employer Questions • • • • Why did you apply to us? How much do you know about our organization? Do you know anyone who works for us? What aspect of your training are you looking forward to most? • Why should we select you? • What do you think you have to offer? • Where are you prepared to work?
  9. 9. Potential Employer Questions • What do you suppose are the main problems & opportunities facing our organization/ industry/ sector at this time? • Given your career plans how long will you stay with our organization?
  10. 10. Questions About Your Personality & Interests • How would you describe yourself? Can you give me some examples from your life to support your statements? • How would your friends describe you? • How would your lecturer/professor describe you? • What are your strengths? Your Weaknesses? • What do you look for in a good manager? What sort of manager do you think you will make? • What are your interests outside your studies?
  11. 11. Questions About Your Personality & Interests • • • • How do you spend your spare time? How do you spend your vacations? What newspaper do you read? Why? What have you read recently that has taken your interest? • How have your interests changed since coming to the university? • What motivates you? • In what societies are you active?
  12. 12. Questions About Your Personality & Interests • Tell me about any of your extra-curricular activities? • Besides your degree, what else do you feel you have gained from the university? • What positions of responsibility do you hold/have you held? • Apart from your studies, what will you remember most about your college days?
  13. 13. Miscellaneous Questions • Tell me a little about your family. • What do your parents think about your chosen career? • What will you do if we don’t hire you? • What other firms/organizations have you applied to?