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Vdc secretary training

Vdc secretary training






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    Vdc secretary training Vdc secretary training Presentation Transcript

    • Policies related to DRR on Nepalese Disaster Management
      • Presented by
      • Rameshwor Dangal
      • Under Secretary
        • Ministry of Home Affairs
      • Disaster Management Section
    • Major Natural Disasters in Nepal
      • Floods
      • Landslides
      • Earthquake
      • Fire
      • Droughts
      • Glacier lake out burst flood
      • Windstorms
      • Hailstone
      • Thunderbolt
      • Avalanches
      • Epidemics
      • Swine flu, Bird flu,
      • Hydro-Meteorological Disasters
        • Flood, Storm (Cyclone, Tornado), Storm Surge, Drought, Forest Fire
      • Geophysical Disasters
        • Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcanic Eruption, Landslide, Avalanche
      • Biological Disasters
        • Epidemics, pandemics, Insect Infestation, swine flu, Avian Influenza
      Natural Disasters
    • Technological Disasters
      • Industrial accident
        • Chemical spills, Industrial collapses, explosions, gas leaks, poisoning, radiation, etc.
        • Transport accidents
        • By air, rail, road, water transport,
      • - Miscellaneous accidents
      • Collapse of non-industrial structures, explosions, fire, Nuclear accidents etc.
    • Complex Disasters
      • Civil Unrest / War / Refugee Problems
      • Ethnic Cleansing
      • Border Disputes
      • Terrorism
    • Natural threats to human ( by Floods )
    • Tsunami
    • Earthquake
    • Some facts
      • Exposed to two disasters at any time
      • 1.06 reporting of natural disaster/day
      • In last 24 years
        • 1000 people/year lost their lives
        • 33 billion rupees lost
      • MoHA has data about 8 types of disaster since 1983
    • Disaster Management Cycle
    • k|of;x?
      • b}jL k|sf]k p4f/ P]g, @)#(
      • s]Gb|Lo b}jL k|sf]k p4f/ ;ldlt
      • p4f/ tyf /fxt sfo{ k"j{tof/L -@% hgf tof/L, ;fwg_
      • /fxt ljt/0f dfkb08 @)^$
      • If]qut dGqfnosf k|of;x?
      • u}/ ;/sf/L ;+3 ;+:yfsf of]Ufbfgx?
    • ljkb Joj:yfkgsf] at{dfg 9fFrf (Framework) M –
      • gLltut sfg"gL ;+/rgf
        • bzf} of]hgf -@)%(–)^$_
        • lqjlif{o cGtl/d of]hgf -)^$–@)^&_
        • b}jL k|sf]k p4f/ P]g @)#(
        • /fli6«o sfo{ of]hgf @)%@
        • /fxt ljt/0f ;DaGwL dfkb08 @)^$
        • af9L k"j{tof/L lgb]{lzsf, @)^%
        • cGo If]qut gLltx?
        • ljkb hf]lvd Joj:yfkg /fli6«o /0fgLlt,@)^^
      • k|wfgdGqL b}jL k|sf]k p4f/ sf]if
    • ;+:yfut Joj:yf - Institutional Arrangement) dlGqkl/ifb / Cabinet -gLlt, /0fgLlt, P]g, ah]6, ;+s6u|:t If]q_ s]Gb|Lo b}jL k|sf]k p4f/ ;ldlt -u[x dGqL cWoIf_ Central Natural Disaster Rescue Committee ;dGjo, p4f/ tyf /fxt If]qLo b}jL k|sf]k p4f/ ;ldlt Regional Natural Disaster Rescue Committee -If]qLo ;fwg ;|f]t kl/rfng, lgb]{zg_ lhNnf b}jL k|sf]k p4f/ ;ldlt District Disaster Rescue Committee -gLlt lgod sfof{Gjog, p4f/ tyf /fxt, clen]v_
    • cGt/fli6«o ;xeflutf
      • UN different institution
      • Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) Bangkok
      • Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC)Kobe Japan
      • SAARC Disaster Management Center
      • UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UN ISDR)
      • INGOs
    • b}jL k|sf]k p4f/ P]gsf] s]Gb|ljGb'M k|ltsfo{ Focus of the Act: Response
    • Rescue Saptakoshi Flood, 2008
    • ;fwg ;|f]t / Resources
      • ;/sf/L, u}/ ;/sf/L / cGt/f{li6|o ;|f]t af6 k|fKt /sdx? (Fund of Governmental, Non-governmental and International Sources)
      • b}jL k|sf]k p4f/ sf]if -jflif{s % s/f]8_ s]Gb|Lo,If]qLo / lhNnf (CNDRC Fund - Center, Regional and District - 50 Million NRs. Yearly)
      • If]qut dGqfno, ljefu sfof{nox?sf] cfof]hgfsf] ah]6 (Sectoral Mininstries Project Budget but still not Collectively Counted )
      • :yfgLo lgsfosf] ah]6 (Local Bodies Budget)
      • u}/ ;/sf/L ;+:yfsf] sfo{qmd (NGO's Program)
      • cGt/f{li6|o ;xof]usf] sfo{qmd (International/Donor's Support Program)
    • ;&quot;rgf k|jfx s;/L e}/x]5 < uf lj ; g kf k|x/L rf}sL lhNnf k|x/L sfof{no lhNnf k|zf;g sfof{no u[x dGqfno lhNnf ljsf; ;ldlt
    • pknlAwx?
      • Response (Light Search/Rescue and Relief) Capacity from Central to Local
      • Small Scale Contingency Plan/Preparedness Plan
      • Relief Distribution Standard by MoHA
      • Mitigation-based development activities by DWIDP, DOFSC, Building Code, etc.
      • Some Municipality-based Earthquake Preparedness Plan
      • Hazard Mapping in small scale
      • NGOs/INGOs
      • Technical Capacity is Increasing in DDCs, Community
      • Early Warning System gradually developing, eg: Kailali,Banke,Chitawan,Bardia,Nawalparasi
    • pknlAwx?
      • Committment-Hyogo Framwork for Action (2005-2015)
      • National Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction is established -ljkb hf]lvd Go&quot;gLs/0f /fli6|o sfo{d~r :yflkt_
      • Sectoral-Responsibilities are defined
      • One-Window Policy, Cluster Approach (expertise-based)
      • Damage Assessment Tool (format) are developed - IRA
      • New Disaster Management Act is in under consideration
      • Focal Points Establishment at 12 Ministries/NPC/WECS
      • District Disaster Management Plan Development in 10 Districts
      • Response Kits Standardized! (Food, Hygiene, Shelter)
    • Forward Moving Strategies: Priority Actions of Nepal
      • A nationally-owned and implementable national strategy on disaster risk reduction to implement HFA
      • Mainstreaming disaster risk reduction into national and local level planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation frameworks
      • Strong institutional base for effective response to disaster risk preparedness and reduction: Networked, decentralized, entrepreneurial, collaborative, professional and virtual
      • Strengthening prevention and preparedness : systems, mechanisms, methodologies and actions
      • Scientific, educational and technological interventions
      • Behaviour-change
      • Reconstruction, recovery, relocation and rehabilitation
      • Sub-regional, regional and international cooperation and collaboration: SDMC
    • gLltut k|of;x?
      • ljkb hf]lvd Joj:yfkgsf] /fli6|o /0fgLlt ,@)^^ (National Strategy on Disaster Risk Reduction)
      • ljkb Joj:yfkg P]g d:of}bf (Disaster Management Act is finalised )
      • Standard Operating Procedures
      • Preparedness Plans shall be developed !
      • Contingency Plans Shall be developed!
    • Disaster Risk Managment
    • ljkb hf]lvd Joj:yfkgsf] /fli6«o /0fgLlt lsg <
      • b}jL k|sf]k p4f/ P]g, @)#( p4f/ / /fxtdf dfq ;Lldt
      • tLg r/0f (Pre-Disaster, During Disaster & Post-Disaster) df ug{kg]{ k&quot;j{ tof/Lsf lqmofsnfknfO{ ;3g / ;/n agfpg,
      • ljkb hf]lvd Go&quot;gLs/0fdf ;/sf/n] af/Daf/ b]vfPsf] k|ltj4tfnfO{ :ki6 cjwf/0ff ;lxt 7f]; /0fgLltsf] ?kdf k|:t't ug{,
      • ;+efljt hf]lvdsf] klxrfg u/L To;af6 kg{ hfg] c;/ Go&quot;gLs/0f ug{,
      • ;/sf/n] Hyogo Framework for Action- HFA(2005-2015) b]vfPsf] k|ltj4tf sfof{Gjog u/L cGt/f{li6«o dfGotf / cEof; cg'?ksf k|efjsf/L ;+:Yffut ;+oGqsf] ljsf; ug{,
      • ;fwg ;|f]tsf] a'l4dtfk&quot;0f{ pkof]u / k|efjsfl/tf ;'lglZrt ug{,
      • ljkb h:tf] ax'cfoflds If]qdf ;/sf/L, u}/ ;/sf/L / cGt/f{li6|o If]qsf] ;xsfo{sf] efjgfnfO{ dnhn lbg,
      • Millennium Development Goals ;Fu tfbfDotf Nofpg
      • ljkbaf6 hgtfsf] hLpwg, ;fj{hlgs ;DklQ / k|fs[lts ;Dkbfsf] ;+/If0f, ;+j4{g / k|j4{g ug{ .
      ljkb Joj:yfkgsf] /fli6«o /0fgLlt lsg ===
    • /fli6o /0fgLltsf k|d'v ljz]iftf
      • !_ljkb hf]lvd Go&quot;gLs/0fsf] /fli6|o Ph]08fnfO{ sfof{Gjog ug]{
      • @_ljkb Joj:yfkgsf lqmofsnfknfO{ k|fyldssLs/0f
      • #_ljkbsf] k|sf/ cg'?k ckgfpg' kg]{ If]qut sfo{qmd lgwf{/0f ug]{
      • $_g]kfnnfO{ ljkb pTyfgzLn (Disaster-Resilient Nepal) ;d'bfosf] ?kdf :yflkt ug]{
      • %_xfnsf] ;+:yfut Joj:yfnfO{ k'g{;+/rgf u/L ;'b[9 ;+oGqsf] :yfkgf / tbg'?k sfg&quot;gL k|fjwfgnfO{ Jojl:yt t'Nofpg .
    • /0fgLltsf If]qut ls|ofsnfk
      • Sector-specific strategies
        • Health and Nutrition
        • Education
        • Water Supply and sanitation
        • Shelter Housing , infrastructural and physical planning
        • Information, communication, coordination and logistics
        • Search and rescue (SAR)and Damage/Need analysis (DANA)
        • Agriculture and food security
        • Livelihood protection
        • Forest and soil conservation
      • Cross-cutting interventions
        • Human rights and protection
        • Gender and social inclusion
        • Staff safety and security
        • Decentralization and local self-governance
    • Search and Rescue (SAR)
    • Proposed Disaster Management Act k|:tfljt ljkb Joj:yfkg P]gM Ps emns Disaster Risk Management Preparedness Rescue and Relief Rehabilitation and Reconstruction
    • P]gsf] k|:tfjgf cyf{t d&quot;n p2]ZoM
      • ] k&quot;j{tof/L, cNkLs/0f, Go&quot;gLs/0f, p4f/ tyf /fxt, k'g?pTyfg / k'g:yf{kgfsf ;fy} k'glg{df{0f sfo{x¿ Jojl:yt tyf k|efjsf/L ¿kdf ;dGjo ug]{ .
      • hgtfsf] hLpwg tyf JolQmut Pj+ ;fj{hlgs ;DklQsf] ;'/Iff Pj+ Go'gtd dfgjLo ;]jfsf] k|Tofe'lt lbg]
      • k|fs[lts ;Dkbf Pj+ ef}lts ;+/rgfx/sf] ;+/If0f, ;+j4{g / k|j4{g ug]{ .
      • ljkb hf]lvd Go'gLs/0f nfO{ /fl:6o ljsf; k|ls|ofdf d'nk|jfxLs/0f ug{ gof ;+:yfut Joj:yfsf nflu /fli6«o ljkb Joj:yfkg k|flws/0fsf] u7g ug]{ .
      • PsLs[t / ;dGjofTds k|of;sf nflu :ki6 sfo{ lhDd]jf/Lx? lgw{f/0f ug]{
    • P]gsf ljifoj:t'x?M
      • kl/efiff
      • ;:yfut Joj:yf
      • ;ldlt / sfd, st{Ao
      • k&quot;j{tof/L / clNks/0fsf lqmofsnfkx?
      • p4f/ tyf /fxt cj:Yffdf ul/g] k|d'v sfo{x¿
      • k'gM :yfkgf tyf k'glg{df{0f cj:Yffdf ul/g] k|d'v sfo{x¿
      • If]q, lhNnf tyf :yflgo:t/df ul/g] ljkb Joj:yfkg
      • ljleGg :t/df ljkb Joj:yfkg sf]if
      • g]kfn ;/sf/sf lhNnf tyf :yfgLo:t/sf sfof{nox¿sf] sfd, st{Jo / clwsf/
      • ;'/Iff lgsfo, ;+3 ;+:yf, snsf/vfgf tyf lglh If]q, gful/s ;dfh, JolQmx¿sf] st{Jo
      • ljkb ;DefJo If]q
      • s;'/ tyf b08;hfo
    • ljkb Joj:yfkgsf] k|:tfljt ;+/rgf /fli6«o ljkb Joj:yfkg kl/ifb -k|=d=cWoIf_ /fli6«o ljkb Joj:yfkg k|flws/0f If]qLo ljkb Joj= ;ldlt K|ffljlws ;ldltx? s= k&quot;j{tof/L Joj:yfkg ;ldlt v= p4f/ tyf /fxt Joj:yfkg ;ldlt u= k'g{:yfkgf tyf k'gMlgdf{0f ;ldlt lhNnf ljkb Joj= ;ldlt :yfgLo ljkb Joj= ;ldlt
    • Devastation
    • Millions of people lost their beloved ones, their homes, their belongings. Yet there is no looting, no complaints, just people helping each other ( CNN )
    • xof]uf] sfo{;+/rgf
      • ljZjJofkL ljkb hf]lvd Go&quot;gLs/0fsf] nflu ;+o'Qm /fi6«;ª3sf ;b:o /fi6«x?n] cg'df]bg u/]sf] ;femf /0fgLlt g} æxof]uf] sfo{;+/rgfÆ (Hyogo Framework for Action) xf] . ;g @))% sf] hgj/L !* b]lv @@ tfl/vdf hfkfgsf] sf]a] ;x/df cfof]lht bf]>f] ;+o'Qm /fi6«;+3Lo ljkb Go&quot;gLs/0f ljZj ;Dd]ngdf ljZjsf !^* /fi6«n] ;j{;Ddt ?kdf] xof]uf] sfo{;+/rgfnfO{ cg'df]bg ub}{ cjnDag ug]{ k|lta4tf hgfPsf lyP .
    • SUMMARY of the Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015: Building the Resilience of Nations and Communities to Disasters (Hyogo Framework) Expected outcome, strategic goals and priorities for action 2005-2015
    • xof]uf] sfo{;+/rgfsf k|d'v k|fyldstf
      • xof]uf] sfo{;+/rgfn] kfFrj6f k|fyldstfsf sfo{x? klxrfg u/]sf] 5 . o;nfO{ xof]uf] sfo{;+/rgfsf] d'Vo efu klg dfGg ;lsG5 . k|To]s k|fyldstf cGtu{tsf ;Defljt sfo{x?nfO{ o; ;+/rgfn] lj:t[t ?kdf JofVof u/]sf] 5 .
    • != /fli6«o / :yfgLo k|fyldstf cg';f/ ;+:yfut ;'b[9Ls/0fsf cfwf/df ljkb hf]lvd Go&quot;gLs/0fsf sfo{ ;~rfng ePsf] ;'lgZrt ug]{ .
      • ;+:yfut ;'b[9Ls/0fsf nflu /fli6«o 9fFrf, ;+:yfut ;+/rgf tyf sfg'gL vfsf, ;|f]tsf] lbuf] Joj:yfkg / ;fd'bflos ;xeflutfnfO{ ;zQm agfpg] .
    • @= k|sf]ksf] hf]lvd klxrfg, d'Nofªsg / cg'udg ug]{ tyf k&quot;j{r]tfjgL k|0ffnLnfO{ k|efjsf/L agfpg] .
      • :yfgLo, If]qLo / /fli6«o txsf] hf]lvd klxrfg, d&quot;Nofªsg / cg'udg ug]{, k&quot;j{r]tfjgL k|0ffnLsf] ljsf; ug]{ / ;Defljt hf]lvdsf] ;fdgf ug{ ;Sg] Ifdtf clej[l4 ug]{ .
    • #= 1fg, vf]h / lzIffsf] pkof]u u/]/ ;a} txdf ;'/IffTds ;+:s[lt / k|sf]ksf] ;fdgf ug]{ Ifdtf clej[l4 ug]{ .
      • :yfgLo, /fli6«o txdf ;&quot;rgf Joj:yfkg tyf cfbfg–k|bfg, lzIff tyf tflnd / cg';Gwfg;lxt hgr]tgf clea[l4 u/]/ ;a} txdf ;'/IffTds ;+:s[ltsf] ljsf; tyf k|sf]k–;fdgf Ifdtf clej[l4 ug]{ .
    • $= hf]lvdsf cfwf/e&quot;t sf/stTj Go&quot;gLs/0f ug]{
      • jftfj/0f tyf k|fs[lts ;|f]t Joj:yfkg, ;fdflhs tyf cfly{s ljsf;sf cEof; / e&quot;–pkof]u of]hgf tyf cGo k|fljlws pkfo ckgfP/ hf]lvdsf vf; sf/s tTjnfO{ 36fpg] .
    • %= ;a} txdf k|sf]ksf] k|efjsf/L k|ltsf/sf nflu z;St k&quot;j{tof/L ug]{ .
      • k|sf]k Joj:yfkgsf nflu If]qLo, /fli6«o tyf :yfgLo :t/df ;DjlGwt k|ljlw, tflnd Pjd dfgj tyf ef}lts ;+;fwg ljsf; u/L gLltut, k|fljlws tyf ;+:yfut Ifdtf ;zQm agfpg] .
    • /fli6o cfktsflng sfo{ ;+rfng s]Gb| Emergency Operation Center (EOC)
      • e&quot;sDk k|lt/f]ws ejg lgdf{0f u/L @$ 306} v'nf /xg] ;&quot;rgf sIfsf] Joj:yf
      • g]kfnsf] k|fs[lts, ef}uf]lns gfk, gS;f / b&quot;/L ;lxtsf] ljj/0fx? s]Gb|Lo :t/df /fVg
      • ljkbsf 36gfx?sf] ;&quot;rgf ;+sng ug{
      • ;a} lgsfo;Fu t'?Gt cfjZos ;dGjo ug{
      • e&quot;sDk k|lt/f]wL sDKo'6/, :of6]nfO{6 kmf]g h:tf cTofjZos / cfw'lgs ;fdfu|Lx? k&quot;j{–tof/L xfntdf /fVg
      • qmdzM k|fGtLo,If]qLo÷lhNnf :t/df klg cfktsfnLg lgoGq0f sIf :yfkgf ul/g] .
      • o;sf nflu Australian ;/sf/ / UNDP sf] ;xof]u k|fKt
      • u[x dGqfnodf o;sf] ;+rfng ug]{ tof/L e};s]sf] .
    • ljkb Joj:yfkg sfo{ ;+oGq (Working Modality) One Window Policy -b}jL k|sf]k p4f/ ;ldltx?, ljkb Joj:yfkg ;ldltx?_ Cluster Approach -If]qut ljz]if1tf cg'?ksf tof/L_
    • k&quot;j{tof/L of]hgfsf] vfsf /fli6|o k&quot;j{tof/L of]hgf lhNnf ljkb Joj:yfkg of]hgf af9L k&quot;j{tof/L of]hgf Pandemic Preparedness Plan
    • Thank You !