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School renovation

School renovation






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    School renovation School renovation Document Transcript

    • hL0f{ cj:yfdf /x]sf] ljBfno ejg esDkLo ;/Iff ;/Iff ;lxt kg/lgdf{0f k|ltj]bgk[i7eld M;g;/L lhNnfsf] ;fdbflos / ;+:yfut ljBfno u/L sn #%! j6f ljBfnox? 5g . h; dB] jnfxf >f]t s]Gb| cGtu{tkg]{ eujlt dfBlds ljBfno klg Ps xf] . of] ljBfno Og?jf gu/kflnsf j8f g+ ! df kb{5 . of] ljBfno ljqmd;Djt @))( ;fn dfu{ @ ut] :yfkgf ePsf] xf] . ljBfnosf ejgx? hDdf !# j6f 5g . h; dB] ;j} ejgx? hL0f{cj:yfdf 5g . sg} klg j]nfdf esDk cfPdf ejgx? eTs]/ ljBfnosf afnaflnsfx?sf] Hofg vt/fdf kg]{ cj:yfdf5.eujlt dfBlds ljBfno nufPtsf lhNnfsf] w]/} ljBfnox? eslDko b[li6sf]0fn] clt hf]lvd cj:yfdf 5g . o; tkm{;r]tgf cleofgsf] ;?jft ug{sf] nflu ljBfno kl/;/df esDkLo ;/Iff ejg lgdf{0f u/L gdgfsf] ?kdf k|:tt u/L;j} ljBfnonfO{ cjnf]sg e|d0f u/fpFb} ;r]tgf cleofg ug]{ h?/L 5 . hL0f{ cj:yfdf ePsf] ejgnfO{ kg/lgdf{0f -Renovation_ u/L eslDko ;/Iff gdgf 3/ lgdf{0f ug]{ ;f]rn] of] k|:tfjkq pKsf g]kfn, eujtL dfljsf] ;xsfo{dfsfd ;DkGg ul/Psf] 5 .k|:tfjsf] p4]Zo M• ljBfnodf eslDko ;/Iff ejg lgdf{0f u/L lzIff sfof{no dfkm{t ;j} ljBfnox?nfO{ eslDko ;/Iff ejg lgdf{0fsf] nflu ;dGjo ug]{ .• ljBfnodf /x]sf] hL0f{ ejgnfO{ kg/lgdf{0f u/L afnaflnsfx?nfO{ eslDko hf]lvdaf6 ;/IfLt xg] jftfj/0f lgdf{0f u/L lge{o 9+un] cWoog cWofkg -Learning with out fear_ sf] :yLlt ;[hgf ug]{ .pknAwL M Location of the mitigation work Date of Starting Date of District VDC/MP/Ward Tole Local implementing group completion Sunsari Inaruwa 1 inaruwa June 25, 2010 25 Nov 2010 Bhagawati Secondary school Physical specification of work District  VDC/Ward  Tole/location  Physical dimensions • sf]7f ;+Vof M @, • sf]7fsf] leqL efu M rf}8fO{ !^ lkm6, nDjfO{ @# lkm6 • hDdf ejgsf] nDjfO{ $( lkm6, rf}8fO{ !^ lkm6 Sunsari Inaruwa 1 inaruwa • hu % lkm6, 5t 9nfO{ • 9f]sfsf] ;+Vof M $ aflx/ vf]Ng] • Efmofnsf] ;+Vof M * • ¥ofDk, !(^ :Sjfo/ lkm6, /]lnË !&@=% :Sjfo/ lkm6nfefGjLt afnaflnsfsf] ;+Vof MBeneficiary list (for completed work and work in progress) Total  Dalit Janajati  other VDC/ward  Tole/location  Class  Boys  Girls  Total  Boys  Girls  Boys  Girls    Inaruwa 1 Inaruwa 4 35 30 65 7, 4 13 ,12 24 22 46 3 7 5 5, ,8
    • TOTAL  9 59 52 111 12 7 20 20Employment generated locally by the work (for completed work) VDC/ward  Tole/location  Skilled labourMason Unskilled labour Free labour by people Inaruwa 1 Inaruwa 1        hDdf nfut M wide Gug DIPECHO  Governme Total VDC/ward  Tole/location  length   Ralling  RAMP  support  nt support  Inaruwa 1 Inaruwa 1 16 Feet  5  196 Sq feet  355000  1190000  49 Feet  Feet  172.5 Sq feet  835000  16 Feet  5  196 Sq feet 355000 1190000  TOTAL (In Nepali Rupees)  49 Feet  Feet  172.5 Sq feet  835000