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  • 1. 1 Day orientation to Masson Program Report 20 January 2010 UPCA Nepal in collaboration with Action aid is conducting different activities of disaster preparedness through SURAKSHIT SAMUDAYA II in Inaruwa municipality ,Babiya V.D.C and Narsing V.D.C.On the occasion of Earthquake safety Daydifferent activities were conducted . Masson Training is also a one of the activities conducted on the occasion of Earthquake safety Day.This events was organized to trained the Masson to construct the safe buildings .. Program objectives : 1. To inform the Masson about the Earthquake Safety Day sfo{qmd cfof]hs 2. To aware the Masson to construct the safe buildings. pKsf g]kfn, ;g;/L 3. To create an environment to cooperate in construction of safe builidings. sfo{qmd ;+of]hg 8sld{ tyf /fhld:qL dhb/ Methodolgy: olgog, ;g;/L 1.The event was organized with the coordination with Masson of sfo{qmd ldlt Sunsari District . @) hgj/L @)!) 2.Altogether 30 Massons were presented from Babiya VDC,Narsing VDC and Inaruwa MP . sfo{qmd :yfg 3 Inaruwa MP official will be requested for the Chief guest and let him xf]6n kmnaf/L committed . Participantsld:qLx? ;xeflu 4.The program was started from 10 oclock and ended at 5 oclock in Fulbari Hotel . Name listdlxnf k?if ;xhstf{ Bindeshor Ram Khalil saphi z/h >]i7-OGhLlgo/ wgkf Sakaldebi Chaudhary Manikachan Rai tnf/fd e08f/L, w/fg Karuna Pandit   Gitaram Khatwe Prabesh Sharma Ambarlal Khatwe Ram Kusan Sharma     Rajesh Urau Dilip Sardar Karmu Urau Rahis Miya   Rahim Ansari Nadakishor Meheta Haniph Saphi Alam Mansuri   Madan Meheta Ishlam Mansuri Tularam Bhandari Arun Meheta   Binod Chaudhary Kausiladebi Meheta Phul kumari Urau Ganit Saphi Karmi Urau Shobi Mandal   Rajendra Chaudhary Badri Mandal Srilal Pandit Chandradev Sardar   Rarachan Khatwe Conclusion: At last the participants seems committed .Masson union will start to construct the earthquake safety buildings in Inaruwa MP .And assured to follow up the building code of conduct .They appreciated the orientation program and demanded the skills training to them with coordination with Building Administrative .For the training Masson union will coordinate with Inaruwa Muncipality .