IEC DIPECHO partners in nepal


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Contact Practical Action Nepal for the Resource kit DVD

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IEC DIPECHO partners in nepal

  1. 1. IEC and Resource Materials Developed under various DIPECHO cycles in Nepal ActionAid Nepal CARE Nepal DANISH Red Cross Handicap International Mercy Corps Mission East Oxfam Practical Action Nepal Partners’ DIPECHO IV Video Exit
  2. 2. Resource Material Brochure English1_DIPECHO V_AAN.pdf Brochure English2_DIPECHO V_AAN.pdf Brochure Nepali1_DIPECHO V_AAN 1.pdf Brochure Nepali 1_DIPECHO V_AAN 2.pdf DIPECHO III brochure_AAN (1).pdf DIPECHO IV.pdf Posters Mutthi Dan Poster1.pdf Mutthi Dan Poster English 1.pdf Mutthi Dan Poster English 2.pdf Mutthi Dan Poster.pdf Poster_earthquake-1 .pdf Poster_earthquake-2 .pdf Poster_epidemic .pdf Poster_Fire .pdf Poster_Flood-1.pdf Poster_Flood-2.pdf Poster_Flood-3.pdf Poster_General on disaster .pdf Poster_Landslide .pdf Home Brochures HFA 2.jpg HFA 3.jpg HFA 4.jpg HFA 5.jpg Exit
  3. 3. Resource Material Flip Charts Posters Final E.Q Poster.pdf Flip Chart earthquake and land slide Final-1.pdf Flip Chart Layout Corrected July - 9.pdf Poster - Flood & Fire Final.pdf 18x24_poster_combined-Revised copy.jpg Exit Home
  4. 4. Resource Material Annexes Annex 6 – Prototypes of IEC Materials.pdf Annex 9 – Standard First Aid Kit for CBMHRR.pdf Annex 10 – List of Item for Response Kits of Rural Districts.pdf Annex 22 – LSAR Equipments.pdf DRC DIPECHO IEC – Resource Material.pdf Home Exit
  5. 5. Resource Material Training Manual Training_manual.pdf Disability Terminology.pdf Five Types of Impairment.pdf Main Disabilities Models.pdf Tips for Communicating with PWDs.pdf Key terminology in VCA.pdf Material & Tools PWD screening form (blank form).pdf PWD screening form with guidelines for completion.pdf Approrpiate EWS for PWDs.pdf Evacuation PWD (physical imapirment).pdf IEC Material EWS Broucher.pdf Flip_Chart.pdf Poster.pdf Exit Home
  6. 6. Videos MC IEC & Info Material Kailali DRR Initiatives-Be Prepared to make a change-II Kailali DRR Initiatives-Be Prepared to make a change-I KAILALI DRR Initiatives-Nepali T Shirt Print-Final - Low Res Wall Calendar 2009-10-Low Res 18x24_poster_Flood combined-Final-Low Res Colour Book-1st Edition Final-Low Res DRR Booklet DRR Game 1 DRR Game 2 Fire_poster_24x36_Final-Low Res Flip Chart Text-Low Res Flood Information Flyer Final-Low Res Flood1_poster_24x36_Final-Low Res FloodA_poster_24x36_Final-Low Res Good Practice Report-English-Low Res KDRRI Case Study Report English 2009 KDRRI Case Study Report Nepali 2009 KDRRI II Factsheet Final_August 2009 Notebook (final layout) copy Pencil Box Sticker-Low Res Search & Rescue Booklet-Low Res Table Calendar 2009-10-Low Res Resource Material Exit Home
  7. 7. Exit Home
  8. 8. DKS Documents DisasterK_Introduction DKs_law and HS SD for disaster_DKS-3 Environment Pollution and Disaster Climate Change and Disaster_DKS-5 Earthquakel_DKS-6 Flood and its manage_DKS-7 Landslide and its controll_DKS-8 Drought_DKS-9 Epidemics_DKS-10 Windstromet_DKS-11 Fire_DKS-12 Cold wave_DKS-13 Accident_DKS-14 Biochemical accident_DKS-14 Flipchart Documents Flipchart_Intro Flipchart_Preparedness IEC Material-Documents Poster-1 Impact on PH from Env pollution Poster-2 polluted drinking water and PH Poster-3 Lack of Personal sanitation and PH Poster-4 Unsafe Food and PH Poster-5 Environment pollution control for PH Poster-6 Personal sanitation and PH Poster Hand wash Poster-DPRMC Poster-food hygiene Poster-7 Food hygiene and public health Resource Material Poster-sanitation copy Paryawaran Documents and Posters Exit Home Click
  9. 9. Paryawaran Documents Paryawaran-67 Paryawaran-68 Paryawaran-69 Paryawaran-70 Paryawaran-71 Paryawaran-74 Paryawaran-75 Paryawaran-76 Paryawaran-77 Paryawaran-79 Paryawaran-80 Paryawaran-81 Paryawaran-82 Paryawaran-83 Paryawaran-84 Paryawaran-85 Paryawaran-86 Paryawaran-87 Paryawaran-88 Paryawaran-89 Paryawaran-90 Paryawaran-91 Paryawaran-92 Paryawaran-93 Paryawaran-94 Paryawaran-95 Paryawaran-96 Paryawaran-97 Paryawaran Posters poster-par-58 poster-par-59 poster-par-60 poster-par-61 poster-par-62 poster-par-63 poster-par-65 poster-par-66 poster-par-67 poster-par-68 poster-par-69 poster-par-70 poster-par-71 poster-par-72 poster-par-74 poster-par-76 poster-par-77 poster-par-79 poster-par-80 poster-par-81 poster-par-82 poster-par-83 poster-par-84 poster-par-85 poster-par-86 poster-par-87 poster-par-88 poster-par-89 poster-par-90 poster-par-91 poster-par-92 poster-par-94 poster-par-95 poster-par-96 poster-par-97 poster-sanitation Untitled-1 Exit Home Back
  10. 10. Resource Material Documents, Posters and Flyers Annex C.12.4_Chitwan Nawalparasi Flyer Nepali Annex J_EWS Book - Early Warning Saving Lives Banke Bardia EWS Poster Banke Bardia EWS set-up notes 4 Banke Bardia EWS set-up notes 5 Banke Bardia EWS set-up notes 6 Banke Bardia EWS set-up notes - 1 Banke Bardia EWS set-up notes - 2 Banke Bardia EWS set-up notes - 3 Banke Bardia Flyer Awadhi Banke Bardia Flyer Nepali Banke Bardia Flyer Tharu Chitwan Nawalparasi EWS specific Flyer Chitwan Nawalparasi General community levelflyer Chitwan Nawalparasi General project leaflet Chitwan Nawalparasi poster Chitwan Nawalparasi Tower & siren use & safety manual Four Key Elements of EWS on calendar for communites - RKJS Four Key Elements of EWS on calendar for communites-ESDR Meteorological Guidelines for use of community monitors Nawalparasi Real Time Evaluation September 2006 Videos Early Warning Saving Lives - Banke Bardia Getting Ready for the Floods Video - Chitwan and Nawalparasi- I Getting Ready for the Floods Video - Chitwan and Nawalparasi II Getting Ready for the Floods Video - Chitwan and Nawalparasi III Getting Ready for the Floods Video - Chitwan and Nawalparasi IV FM Jingles Exit Home Click
  11. 11. FM Jingles 1. EWS_Jingle_Awadhi_Language_Type_A 2. EWS_Jingle_Awadhi_Language_Type_B 3. EWS_Jingle_Tharu_Language_Type_A 4. EWS_Jingle_Tharu_Language_Type_B 5. EWS_Jingle_Tharu_Language_Type_A 6. EWS_Jingle_Tharu_Language_Type_B 7. EWS_Jingle_Tharu_Language_Type_C 8. EWS_Jingle_Tharu_Language_Type_D 9. EWS_Jingle_Tharu_Language_Type_E 10. EWS_Jingle_Tharu_Language_Type_F 11. EWS_Jingle_Tharu_Language_Type_G 12. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_A 13. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_B 14. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_C 15. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_D 16. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_E 17. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_F 18_EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_G 19. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_H 20. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_I 21. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_J 22. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_K 23. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_L 24. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_M 25. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_N 26. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_O 27. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_Q 28. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_R 29. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_S 30. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_T 31. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_U 32. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_V 33. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_X 34. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_Y 35. EWS_Jingle_Nepali_Language_Type_Z 36. EWS_Jingle_Hindi_Language_Type_A Exit Home Back