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Seo Analysis Report
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Seo Analysis Report


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  • 1. SEO Analysis Report2010For By Author Name <br />Table of Contents<br /> TOC o " 1-3" h z u 1.SEO Audit PAGEREF _Toc265774456 h 3<br />1.1 Domain Information PAGEREF _Toc265774457 h 3<br />1.2. Hosting Information PAGEREF _Toc265774458 h 3<br />1.3. SEO Crawl PAGEREF _Toc265774459 h 3<br />1.4. Canonical URL Check PAGEREF _Toc265774460 h 3<br />1.5. Check for use of Flash/Frames/Ajax PAGEREF _Toc265774461 h 3<br />1.6. Google Banned URL check PAGEREF _Toc265774462 h 3<br />1.7. Sitemap (XML & HTML) PAGEREF _Toc265774463 h 3<br />1.8.Robots.txt PAGEREF _Toc265774464 h 3<br />2.Website Analysis PAGEREF _Toc265774465 h 3<br />2.1. Website Status on Search Engines PAGEREF _Toc265774466 h 3<br />2.2. On Page Analysis PAGEREF _Toc265774467 h 3<br />2.3. Ranking Analysis PAGEREF _Toc265774468 h 3<br />3.Online Social Media Presence PAGEREF _Toc265774469 h 3<br />4.Search Engine Optimization Recommendation PAGEREF _Toc265774470 h 3<br />4.1. On page Recommendation PAGEREF _Toc265774471 h 3<br />4.2. Off page Recommendation PAGEREF _Toc265774472 h 3<br />  <br /> <br />SEO Audit <br />Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via " natural" (" organic" or " algorithmic" ) search results. <br />Search engine optimization improves the organic traffic to the website by increasing the search engine ranking position (SERP) and also it helps the crawler index all the pages of the website. SEO can be used to generate traffic through organic listings over the long term. <br />We have conducted an SEO audit for your website and below are the observations from the same. We have analyzed your home page <br />  <br />1.1 Domain Information <br />In most cases the domain information and host server information will vary. To have a control over the website these information are most needed. This also will give the created and expiration date and age of the domain. <br />  <br />Sr.No Details Domain Information 1. Url 2. Website Registrant  3. Created Date 4. Expiry Date 5. Domain Age <br />  <br />1.2. Hosting Information <br />Information about the server like IP address with www and without www, website associated country/territory, server type and website registered address. Sometimes IP address may vary for both www and non www version of the website. This will lead to duplication of website and duplication of content. <br />  <br />Sr.No Details Hosting Information 1. IP Address 2. Hosting Company Name 3. Hosting Company Url 4. Server Location 5. Server Type 6. C Class Ip Hosting <br />  <br />1.3. SEO Crawl <br />The site is checked with a site crawler simulator to check if the site can be crawled by the search engine bots. If the web pages are not crawled then the web pages won’t be listed out in the search engine database and web page won’t be shown up in the search engine results like Google and Yahoo. <br />Result: <br />Recommendations:  <br />1.4. Canonical URL Check <br />A  canonical  problem  exists  were  a  site  can  be  found  by  using  the  www  Version ( and the non www. version  (  This creates a problem because it can be seen as duplicate content by the search engines and one version can be removed  from their  indexes – the problem arises when the wrong version is deleted (this is usually the non www. version) <br />Result: <br />Recommendations:  <br />1.5. Check for use of Flash/Frames/Ajax <br />Search engines cannot crawl and index flash, frames and Ajax. Excess usage of the <br />Above mentioned techniques tamper the visibility and performance of the website in Search engine results.  <br />Result: <br />Recommendations:  <br />1.6. Google Banned URL check <br />This check looks to see if a URL has been banned from the Google, this can be for a variety  of  reasons  and  action  needs  to  be  taken  if  it  has  been  removed  from  the index. <br />Result: <br />Recommendations:  <br />1.7. Sitemap (XML & HTML) <br />A site map is essential for every web site in order to keep the site linked well; each page should at least be linked to the sitemap. A good site infrastructure allows the search engine spiders to crawl the entire site and therefore ensure all pages of the site are present in the indexes of the major search engines. <br />Result: <br />Recommendations:  <br />Robots.txt <br />Robots.txt" is a regular text file that through its name, has special meaning to the majority of " honorable" robots on the web. By defining a few rules in this text file, you can instruct robots to not crawl and index certain files, directories within your site, or at all.              <br />Result: <br />Recommendations: <br />Website Analysis <br />Here we can analyze the website with respect to the search engine presence, number of pages indexed, number of Back links to the website and the recent spider crawl date. <br />2.1. Website Status on Search Engines <br />  <br />Sr.No   Details Website Status Google Yahoo Bing 1. Website Presence 2. Indexed Pages 3. Back Links <br />  <br />Alexa Rank & Page Rank              <br />Alexa Rank Page Rank <br />  <br />2.2. On Page Analysis <br />These are the most need factors to be checked before optimizing a website. Proper implementation will help keyword ranking in search engine for your website.<br />Sr.No Details On Page Analysis Information 1 Title Tag 2 Meta Tag 3 Header Tags  4 Bold Tags  5 Alt Attributes  <br /> <br />Recommendations:  <br />  <br />2.3. Ranking Analysis <br />Keyword Competition Current rankings of                   <br />  <br />Recommendations:  <br />  <br />Online Social Media Presence <br />  <br />Social media is taking precedence in the online world.  Social media is favored by people and crawlers. People spend a lot of time on social media like face book, linkedin, dig and twitter and crawlers/search engines like to follow people. <br />Presence of a website on social media indicates that the business is at par with the technology and provides more visibility to the business. It helps people to find business on internet and crawlers to visit your site easily and regularly. <br />Result: <br />  <br />Recommendations:  <br />  <br />  <br />  <br />Search Engine Optimization Recommendation <br />  <br />4.1. On page Recommendation <br />Result:  <br />Recommendations:  <br />  <br />4.2. Off page Recommendation <br />Result:  <br />Recommendations:  <br />  <br />  <br />