Question 2 Media Evaluation


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Question 2 Media Evaluation

  2. 2. The title of the film is clearly visible here, centrally positioned at the top of the poster to display to the audience. The tagline is then positioned FINAL PRINT MEDIA POSTER The reviews on the poster connote to possible actors and print media that our target audience are likely to read or watch. directly beneath this to indicate a possible plot to the film, and represent the storyline. The actors, clearly visible beneath, have been written following the conventions of a normal film poster. The main character has been superimposed in front of the other characters to signify his importance, if the consumers look closely the colour of their eyes represent each character. The billing bloc here seen We thought that ‘15’ was has been added to display an appropriate contribution various peoples certificate rating toappropriate to have due to the moderate It was the film itself. horror andmedia in theon these social gore sites film, this so that our target our poster age also fits in audience was audience of with out target able to keep up to date with aspects of the 15-25. film. Also these are form of media that they would be interested in and reading. A release date creates a buzz around the film and is usually centrally positioned beneath the other layers of the poster.
  3. 3. FINAL PRINT MEDIA MAGAZINE COVER As seen in the poster, the main character who was superimposed had red eyes, this has begun to show continuity between products, and denote his importance in the film. The magazine masthead has been centrally superimposed on top of the characters head, this follows the same conventions of a normal little white lies issue. The barcode and prices have also been placed upon the white circle to fit in with the conventions of your average little white lies magazine. The black and white/ simplistic theme has also been shown in this magazine cover, similar to the poster. Further intensifying the brand identity with similar colour schemes. One of the main characters here seen was also featured in the poster, here we begin to seen The artistic theme of ‘sketch’ like style has also synergy especially products and a cover between for this magazine been enhanced brand identity beginning to come so that it fits in with the usual conventions of an ‘arty’ little white lies about.Also by writing ‘New issue. Boy’ issue it is also denoting to the audience the film title assignature is also visible to fitbuzzwords My ‘artist’s’ usual conventions such as in with the normal conventionsarea LWL issue. The reason we of not seen. chose LWL as we thought it would fit in with what our target audience reads.
  4. 4. FINAL TEASER TRAILER The ident that we created fits in with the ‘arty’ theme we created for the magazine cover, further synergizing our marketing package for ‘New Boy’. The genre now should be obvious from previous print media released due to the black and red prevalent throughout, connoting to darkness and blood. However we see here a further insight into the plot with characters dying in time with the soundtrack heard on the teaser. Now that the horror genre has now been established, we begin to see props signifying who the killer is, and by linking the poster and magazine with a character with red eyes the audience will have a relative idea of who it is. We have also added the grayscale effect onto all clips to desaturated the temperature so that the ‘cold’ horror mis en scene is created. Due to audience feedback we have kept the ‘strobe’ effect on the ‘attack’ sequence, which further displays our editing skills and challenges the normal conventions of a horror These characters here seen are also visible on the poster, this also denotes to the audience that they are present within the film. Their age range of 17-19 also fits in with our target audience age range which will help establish the market that we hope to attract. The tagline has been used here with the same font as displayed upon the poster. The case is similar for the title of the film displayed on the last screenshot. This also links the different elements of the marketing package. The black and white ‘simplistic’ theme is also here seen like on the poster, further synergizing our pieces.
  5. 5. LINKING OUR MARKETING PACKAGE TO SIMILAR FILMS TORMETED & NEW BOY POSTERS Both titles are centrally positioned on the top of the poster, displaying to the audience the name of the film. The billing bloc’s and release dates as well as any follow up social media sites are displayed on the bottom of both posters showing that conventions are very similar throughout all aspects of the posters. The colour schemes are similar with ‘black’ being a dominant colour on both posters, this colour connotes to death, darkness and enviably the horror genre of which they both are. Taglines are present on both, following the same conventions of giving aspects of the story line away. All characters are also showcased on the poster, showing a link between the two.
  6. 6. LINKING OUR MARKETING PACKAGE TO SIMILAR FILMS TORMENTED & NEW BOY TRAILERS Both films start with their indents present so that the viewers are aware of the production companies, which may attract audiences who already have a fan base with previous films that have been distributed.
  7. 7. LINKING OUR MARKETING PACKAGE TO SIMILAR FILMS TORMENTED & NEW BOY TRAILERS The killers are here seen both standing in corridors wearing similar outfits, both shots have been edited in terms of their lighting, to exaggerate the ‘horror’ genre and ‘cold’ mis en scene throughout the films. However here we can see some differences between the two, instead of having the film title and release date at the end of the trailer, the distribution team for ‘tormented’ have layered them throughout all clips.
  8. 8. SUMMARY I believe, that throughout our marketing package we have been able to effectively combine all three main products through linking various conventions throughout including: • • • • • COLOUR SCHEMES: mainly red, black and white throughout all products and ancillary texts. Creating synergy between products. GENRE PORTAYAL: black and red connotations to blood and horror, as well as shots of ‘knife props’ and chase sequences in the teaser trailer. MIS EN SCENE: sartorial codes such as the school uniform denote a location for the film, also technical codes such as lighting and special effects such as the strobe in the teaser all connote to the typical conventions of a horror. FONT STYLE: The fonts displayed are all of a similar, gothic, horror style and have the same fonts on both the poster and credits on the teaser trailer again linking them together. CHARACTER PORTRAYAL: All characters displayed on the poster are seen in the teaser and the magazine cover highlights the significant characters in the film in an arty style that we hope will attract our ideal target audience.