Drug rehabilitation centers


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Drug rehabilitation is the process of medical and psychological treatment, for patients of substance abuse. Some people become dependent on substances such as alcohol, street drugs such as amphetamines, heroin, cocaine, etc and prescription drugs. Some people get addicted to ecstasy which can be very harmful physically and mentally. Such people have to be treated in order to avoid problems of following nature – physical, psychological, social, financial and legal.

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Drug rehabilitation centers

  1. 1. Drug Rehabilitation CentersAuthor: Dion SilvaDrug rehabilitation is the process of medical and psychological treatment, forpatients of substance abuse. Some people become dependent on substances suchas alcohol, street drugs such as amphetamines, heroin, cocaine, etc andprescription drugs. Some people get addicted to ecstasy which can be veryharmful physically and mentally. Such people have to be treated in order to avoidproblems of following nature – physical, psychological, social, financial and legal.Not only are people of substance abuse affected physically and mentally but theirpersonal life can be completely ruined due to their addiction. Drug abuse causesmental trauma to their families and loved ones as well. Children of such parents,of drug addictions, face a very bad childhood. They in turn will grow up to beirresponsible human beings.Drug addiction of any kind can be cured with the support of family and friends, willpower of the patient and with professional help from doctors at drug rehabcenters. If you think you have an addiction towards alcohol or any kind othersubstance, first step should be to ask help from near and dear ones. They canthen approach these drug rehab centers for professional help.
  2. 2. These drug rehab centers provide an environment which is drug free and theyoffer various programs to suit your need and comfort. Types of programs in thesecenters include residential treatment, outpatient treatment, extended care, localsupport groups, etc. These centers also provide gender specific programs. Theseprograms are modified as per specific needs of the patient, as everyone has aunique history and different kind of substance abuse. Patients are made to gothrough various levels of programs to ensure that they become completely soberand do not relapse into their addiction. In case of a patient who is critical andtakes very high dosage of drugs on everyday basis, he/she will go through a detoxprogram and will then be medically treated for his/her addiction.Different kinds of programs will include curing chemical dependency, programswhich cure eating disorders (such as Anorexia, Bulimia or compulsive eatingdisorder), extended care programs (which lasts up to 90 days or more), reflectionprograms such as support groups, etc. There are treatments available for workingadults who cannot take time off from work, and also for students who cannot taketime off for school/college. There are psychological treatments available such asbehavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, lectures and training programs, etc.It is generally thought that curing such addictions can be more successful and longterm if the treatment programs are lengthy. This is because a lot of time and care,along with medical and psychological treatments can be provided in a lengthyprogram. These rehabilitation centers are situated on beautiful locations so thatthe patient can relax and enjoy nature and also get involved in physical activitiessuch as jogging, exercising, biking, swimming, etc.Take time to heal yourselfExpecting that everyone will find the way of recovery in a similar fashion is notcorrect. People are different and as such their needs, preferences, demands andexpectations also vary. Some require a stipulated time-frame either to learnsomething or acquire a new skill while others stretch it little too far. Thinking ofquitting drugs is one thing and realizing that resolution is absolutely different. Alsoimportant is to find out most suitable drug rehab centre in and around yourlocality before jumping into any centre that tries to lure people with big words andhollow promises.It is a very effortless thing to fall for drugs because they tease you, elevates youand makes you feel out of the world. The mess starts when you cannot evenbreathe a second if drugs are unavailable. The urge from the body is so compellingand taxing that nothing seems to be at place till one doesnt inhale the dailydosage of drugs. Once you have had it, you are normal and serene. Ofcourse thisis a disorder. Drug addicts usually become so owing to various personal andprofessional circumstances.
  3. 3. The trend of consuming drugs is higher in youth and teenagers. It is in pubs,discotheques, college- campus that breeds drug peddlers feeding on addicts.Money seems to be of little importance and rich spoilt kids are willing to showerwhatever green notes it take for that one petty pinch. The lot who cannot affordstarts lending or stealing cash and when the burden of debt becomes unbearablethey commit suicide. Such is the painful and miserable plight of drug addictsworldwide. Pleasure at the beginning gets transformed into a life-curse. Longterm drug rehab is the destination of these compulsive addicts if they really wantto correct their lives before it gets murkier and wasted.Recovery is a long term plan and it is possible only when the addict realizes thathe is indeed suffering from this obsession and he has to do away with this problemwith the help of medical assistance and family support. There are chances forpeople to again fall for addiction even if they have stayed in rehab for a month orso. The dwindling state of mind forces them to restart the drugs or alcoholconsumption. Reason stops working and it’s the greed and weakness that takes atoll on them again. For such weak candidates long term drug rehab is the onlysolution.One can find many recovery centers dealing with like drug treatment Missouriwhich helps people in and around Missouri to combat the drug problem that theyare battling for years. It is a collective effort that is the call of the hour. Mentalsupport and medical guidance will only sail the addict through this problem.A Guide To Oxycontin RehabWhile Oxycontin is a powerful pain killer, dependence on it can certainly lead to adeadly addiction almost similar to heroin. So if you feel that you can’t do without itand are suffering withdrawal symptoms, it’s time to consult your doctor who mightadvise you to get into Oxycontin rehab. In other words, rehab for Oxycontin is amust if there is a physical dependence on the drug.Rehab for Oxycontin, in its primary stage, involves tapering down the dosagegradually and dealing with withdrawal symptoms that grow milder as the drugintake is gradually reduced. But should the addiction be severe where there ispronounced physical discomfort like cold turkey, sweating, bouts of diarrhea, anultra rapid Oxycontin rehab regimen needs to be implemented on a residential oroutpatient basis. The other alternatives are methadone and Suboxone.During Oxycontin rehab, patients are made to live in comfortable surroundingsunder 24-hour observation. Medications are prescribed to help reduce thediscomfort of withdrawal and to ensure safety. Although opiate withdrawalsymptoms are rarely dangerous, doctors are on call or on the premises at all timeswhen a patient is undergoing rehab for Oxycontin.
  4. 4. The initial withdrawal phase lasts for about a week. Upon completion, patients feelmuch better and are ready to progress to continuing addiction treatment.Oxycontin rehab programs can be conducted residentially or in hospitals or evenon an outpatient basis based on the needs and circumstances of the patient. Someelements of rehab for Oxycontin on an inpatient or outpatient basis include:individual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, 12 Step meetings, support grouptherapy, life skills, vocational and educational programming and family therapy.However, you also need to bear in mind that that ultra rapid Oxycontin rehabprograms are expensive, the withdrawal pains can still be very uncomfortable andyou make an otherwise safe procedure (opiate detox) dangerous. No one shouldconsider an ultra rapid detox without a careful weighing of the costs and benefitsof the procedure.A proven method for the rehab of Oxycontin is the use of Methadone, a long-lasting opiate that replaces the short-acting opiate Oxycontin in the brain. Whenyou take one dose of methadone per day you will not get withdrawal symptoms ordrug cravings. Oxycontin rehab of late has also found the use of Suboxone, whichcan be administered at home in month-long doses and is a safer alternative toMethadone.Rehab for oxycontin addictionOxycontin is famous for its painkilling abilities. More than that, it is notorious asan addictive drug. The number of addicts to this medicine is increasing every day.Addiction to oxycontin is just like addiction to alcohol or smoking. People thinkthey can do without it, but the majority of those who have taken the drug oncehave felt the inclination to use it again. This has led many towards treatment foroxycontin. It is always best to undergo a suboxone detox if you feel even theleast bit of dependency towards oxycontin.I came to know of a guy who used to take oxycontin for his migraines andmuscular pain. He first started using it after his doctor prescribed it for him.Later, he became dependent on the drug whenever he felt the pain coming again.Soon he realized that the frequency of his oxycontin use increased. Earlier heused to be afflicted by the pain once or twice a month and he took the medicine.But then it came up to twice a week and was on the increase. He came to knowabout the addictive nature the drug and the treatment for the same from hisfriends and online research. A time came when he was tempted to use the drugeven when there was no pain.
  5. 5. He began taking oxycontin as a preventive measure for pain. When thisunnecessary use increased, he understood that things were getting out of hand.He knew that there was no other option but suboxone detox. He went in for thetreatment at a nearby rehab centre. He had to undergo the treatment foroxycontin for nearly a month at the hospital, wherein his body was drained of thedrug. He also had to do the continuing treatment after being discharged from thehospital for almost a year. This was meant to ensure that he could stay away fromthe drug for the rest of his life, as it was natural for any drug addict to fall intorelapse even after rigorous de-addiction programs.Today, he lives a happy life free of oxycontin. The effects of euphoria that used tocome with the use of oxycontin seem to be long forgotten. He knows what to doin case he ever feels the urge to use the drug again. But he would never want tosuccumb to the temptation again, as he has learned the lesson hard. If you toofeel like being dependent on oxycontin, it is high time that you went in for asuboxone detox or treatment for oxycontin.Contact details: Sober Living by the Sea 4816 Seashore Drive, Suite B, Newport Beach, CA 92663 Get Help Now…! Call: - 866.323.5609 Email ID: mhurst@crchealth.com Website: http://www.soberliving.com/