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There is a drug under development. A drug to make all other drugs obsolete; and all other diseases as laughable as the common cold. Advancements in medicinal science and drug research have yielded drugs that are almost near to that character. Seems like there is a pill or a syrup for every known disease out there. Now isn’t that fantastic? Drugs have been even known to affect the psychological functioning of the brain, relieve pain and put you into a deep sleep (who says money can’t buy a good night’s sleep?).

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Addicted to medicines

  1. 1. Addicted to MedicinesAuthor: Dion SilvaThere is a drug under development. A drug to make all other drugs obsolete; andall other diseases as laughable as the common cold. Advancements in medicinalscience and drug research have yielded drugs that are almost near to thatcharacter. Seems like there is a pill or a syrup for every known disease out there.Now isn’t that fantastic? Drugs have been even known to affect the psychologicalfunctioning of the brain, relieve pain and put you into a deep sleep (who saysmoney can’t buy a good night’s sleep?). The most widely prescribed drugs fallunder the category of opioids. They are mainly given for the purpose of pain relief.People suffering from chronic pain take opioid derivatives like Vicodin andOxycontin—these drugs are not only effective against pain, they are addictive aswell.Before going into any form of opioid medication be sure to check if you have afamily history of addiction. Addictions are of many kinds—alcohol, gambling etc.These addictions might be inherited psychologically and unconsciously and maylead to an opioid addiction. Also be aware if you have some sort of addictionyourself or have tendencies of developing any kind of addiction. Opioid is a highlyaddictive substance and you stand a great chance of getting into opioid abuse. Sobe careful before starting with the dosage.
  2. 2. There are also many symptoms to detect if your body is rejecting the drug orreacting in a converse manner to it. You will find it difficult to breathe as opioidaffects the respiratory system by numbing the reflexive actions and thus you willfind that no matter how deep a breath you take you are always short of air. This isthe sole reason why opioids are always given in small doses. Constipation isanother side effect. The digestive system is thrown into a mess with the effects ofopioids. This leads to digestion problems and constipation. Usage of laxatives isadvised during these situations. Another effect of opioid is on the reproductivesystem—erectile dysfunction in males and orgasming issues in females.However, if you have become addicted to opioids then now is the time to stop asmost of the side effects have fatal endings. Get yourself to the nearest opioidaddiction recovery program, lest opioid should ruin your life. Get it done today,get it done now!US Midwest Drug Rehab: Note on St. Louis Drug Rehabilitation ProgramsThe state of Missouri and twelve others comprise the US Midwest and is known forits contributions towards the Midwest drug rehab issue. So in case you or a lovedone of yours is unfortunate enough to have fallen prey to drugs and havedetermined to get out of it ,enrolling yourself into a St Louis drug rehab centrewith its myriad detoxification programs would be a very wise choice.However, deciding on the right St. Louis drug rehab centre that deals with yourspecific condition is important. It is also vital that you be knowledgeable aboutdrug treatment options before selecting a suitable drug rehab program. But then,what is the average success rate of most drug rehabs in St. Louis? According topublished figures, while it varies between 2% to 20%, certain drug rehabs haveeven recorded success rates as high as 75%!In terms of cost, St. Louis drug rehab programs are by and large affordable andmost Midwest drug rehab centres are licensed by a proper governing agency.Alldrug rehab programs in the state are based on one simple philosophy: each drugabuser is a unique to his own and needs to recover from his addiction by a tailormade strategy relevant to his specific condition. The overall Midwest drug rehabsetup also explores a multitude of treatment options which include: residential andout-patient drug treatment; long term rehabs (3 months or longer); short termdrug rehab programs (30 days or less); support groups; counseling and grouptherapy among others to treat abuse of different types of drugs such asmarijuana, heroin, cocaine to name a few.Most St. Louis drug rehab centers have professional counselors on a 24 X 7 basis.The US Midwest drug rehab initiative has, moreover, started a number of ``notfor profit social improvement organizations’’ which have helped over 400,000 drugand alcohol abusers find a way out of the sordid mess that their addiction hadturned their lives into.
  3. 3. One however, needs to remember that physical detoxification provided by St. Louisdrug rehab centers alone is insufficient in curing the addict completely. What heneeds is also adequate mental support if he has been an abuser for a prolongedperiod of time and also needs his family’s support as well apart from professionalhelp. St. Louis drug rehab centers are equipped to handle such situations well andwith competence.A Guide To Oxycontin RehabWhile Oxycontin is a powerful pain killer, dependence on it can certainly lead to adeadly addiction almost similar to heroin. So if you feel that you can’t do without itand are suffering withdrawal symptoms, it’s time to consult your doctor who mightadvise you to get into Oxycontin rehab. In other words, rehab for Oxycontin is amust if there is a physical dependence on the drug.Rehab for Oxycontin, in its primary stage, involves tapering down the dosagegradually and dealing with withdrawal symptoms that grow milder as the drugintake is gradually reduced. But should the addiction be severe where there ispronounced physical discomfort like cold turkey, sweating, bouts of diarrhea, anultra rapid Oxycontin rehab regimen needs to be implemented on a residential oroutpatient basis. The other alternatives are methadone and Suboxone.During Oxycontin rehab, patients are made to live in comfortable surroundingsunder 24-hour observation. Medications are prescribed to help reduce thediscomfort of withdrawal and to ensure safety. Although opiate withdrawalsymptoms are rarely dangerous, doctors are on call or on the premises at all timeswhen a patient is undergoing rehab for Oxycontin. The initial withdrawal phaselasts for about a week. Upon completion, patients feel much better and are readyto progress to continuing addiction treatment.Oxycontin rehab programs can be conducted residentially or in hospitals or evenon an outpatient basis based on the needs and circumstances of the patient. Someelements of rehab for Oxycontin on an inpatient or outpatient basis include:individual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, 12 Step meetings, support grouptherapy, life skills, vocational and educational programming and family therapy.However, you also need to bear in mind that that ultra rapid Oxycontin rehabprograms are expensive, the withdrawal pains can still be very uncomfortable andyou make an otherwise safe procedure (opiate detox) dangerous. No one shouldconsider an ultra rapid detox without a careful weighing of the costs and benefitsof the procedure.A proven method for the rehab of Oxycontin is the use of Methadone, a long-lasting opiate that replaces the short-acting opiate Oxycontin in the brain. Whenyou take one dose of methadone per day you will not get withdrawal symptoms ordrug cravings. Oxycontin rehab of late has also found the use of Suboxone, whichcan be administered at home in month-long doses and is a safer alternative toMethadone.
  4. 4. Rehab for oxycontin addictionOxycontin is famous for its painkilling abilities. More than that, it is notorious asan addictive drug. The number of addicts to this medicine is increasing every day.Addiction to oxycontin is just like addiction to alcohol or smoking. People thinkthey can do without it, but the majority of those who have taken the drug oncehave felt the inclination to use it again. This has led many towards treatment foroxycontin. It is always best to undergo a suboxone detox if you feel even theleast bit of dependency towards oxycontin.I came to know of a guy who used to take oxycontin for his migraines andmuscular pain. He first started using it after his doctor prescribed it for him.Later, he became dependent on the drug whenever he felt the pain coming again.Soon he realized that the frequency of his oxycontin use increased. Earlier heused to be afflicted by the pain once or twice a month and he took the medicine.But then it came up to twice a week and was on the increase. He came to knowabout the addictive nature the drug and the treatment for the same from hisfriends and online research. A time came when he was tempted to use the drugeven when there was no pain.He began taking oxycontin as a preventive measure for pain. When thisunnecessary use increased, he understood that things were getting out of hand.He knew that there was no other option but suboxone detox. He went in for thetreatment at a nearby rehab centre. He had to undergo the treatment foroxycontin for nearly a month at the hospital, wherein his body was drained of thedrug. He also had to do the continuing treatment after being discharged from thehospital for almost a year. This was meant to ensure that he could stay away fromthe drug for the rest of his life, as it was natural for any drug addict to fall intorelapse even after rigorous de-addiction programs.Today, he lives a happy life free of oxycontin. The effects of euphoria that used tocome with the use of oxycontin seem to be long forgotten. He knows what to doin case he ever feels the urge to use the drug again. But he would never want tosuccumb to the temptation again, as he has learned the lesson hard. If you toofeel like being dependent on oxycontin, it is high time that you went in for asuboxone detox or treatment for oxycontin. Contact details: Sober Living by the Sea 4816 Seashore Drive, Suite B, Newport Beach, CA 92663 Get Help Now…! Call: - 866.323.5609 Email ID: Website: