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NeuPai Mobile Topup

NeuPai Mobile Topup



A VC pitch on a mobile payments business based in the US, servicing the Brazil Market

A VC pitch on a mobile payments business based in the US, servicing the Brazil Market



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    NeuPai Mobile Topup NeuPai Mobile Topup Presentation Transcript

    • Simple | Mobile | PaymentsThe Rosetta Stonebetween Banks andCarriers November 2010 NeuPai Confidential
    • Mobile Topup Today User puts Card Retail TopupCarriers Cash in Number Distributor Store Card to Phone Carriers Consumers •  Expensive distribution •  Inconvenient to get cash and channel topup •  High loss rate due to cash •  Unnatural to use a manual transactions process for a digital good Banks •  Left out of frequent transactions •  Left out of consumers minds
    • Banks Under Siege Technology Advances Basel III AML Pools Pools Flows Flows Growth of ATF Increased Non-Bank Regulatory PaymentsUnbanked Oversight 29% CAGR Growth MobileRegulations New Companies Customer Demands
    • NeuPai’s USP NeuPai will become the Rosetta Stone for Banks and Carriers by connecting their disparate networks.  Carriers want to reduce the cost of mobile topups.  Banks need to increase transactions and customer touchpoints Banks Telecom NeuPai Confidential
    • Confirmation “Mobile topup in Latin America is “As a leading global bank HSBC sees the primed for optimization, today mobile value in connecting the disparate and topup is a cash based and inefficient varied mobile telecom providers in the system relying on local merchants. 100+ markets that we serve. Telefonica would like to see a system The difficulty is that banks and telecoms where our customers would get speak different protocols and standards. access to a more convenient solution HSBC supports the efforts of a company while Telefonica gets paid faster and like NeuPai that can easily connect our reduces our distribution costs. highly scalable payment systems to carriers operations.” Creating specialized integrated relationships with banks is one way to achieve this. NeuPai has the right approach and experienced team to become a relevant player in this space”  Worlds 3rd largest Wireless TelecomPablo Montesano – Director Paul Mullins – Global Head ofof Financial Services Mobile Distribution Strategy NeuPai Confidential
    • Team  CEO – Dion Lisle   CPO/CTO – Jeppe Dorff  Owns Sales, Marketing and   Owns Product, Engineering and Administration Operations   3 Years at Citibank driving mobile   SVP at a leading Mobile Provider – strategy around the globe Clickatell   2 Years at Obopay driving Financial   Founder/CTO of KushCash Services BD   Head of Product Development for   Frequent speaker on the mobile EnStream – JV between Rogers, Bell & payments circuit TELUS   VP of Channels for Voltage Security   Board Member – African Center for Mobile Financial Inclusion   Advisors   Alfredo Ohagan – Executive at: Euronet, Western Union, MoneyGram, First Data   Luis Samra – Mobile Payment Advisor – CEO of LatAm Startup, Verifone, American Express   Robert Botch – MD of CapFin Private Equity NeuPai Confidential
    • Competition is Fragmented $71 Billion $293 Billion $5.5 Billion Mobile Mobile Mobile Banking Payments Carrier Topups Billing Source: Compilation of GSMA, Wireless Intelligence and Carrier financial results  Mobile Banking players moving to Mobile Payments  Mobile Payments players trying to do too much before they succeed at core payments NeuPai Confidential
    • Annual Global Topup Market $45 B $18 B Europe Russia & E. $15 B Europe North America $132 B $32 B Asia & Pacific Middle East & Africa $51 B Latin America $293 B Total Global TopupSource: Compilation of GSMA, Wireless Intelligence and Carrier financial results NeuPai Confidential
    • Mary Meeker says…… !"#$%&()&($*+),(-$. /01$"2$3-()-$4&$5$6"7&)4(-$. 684&+9$3:;9$<)+=4>9$%&?4+9$@7--4+ In November of 2010233456 789$5:);<&)5-.=>%.>=5!,>%,?5@7AB5CDCE7FG57989H5I(.+=>,5"J>.=?5@27B5CDCE2F Mary Meeker identified *+,,(& 0B**$7-()-J$CHK1$DED U-BRIC as the hottest growth markets for /A1$#(&()+4"&G !"# A/B**$7-()-9$C/1$DED 01(.& Internet Usage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he further identified USA, R 3 4 IQ !0.V%8A (O%/8 CMKR C3KR C:K4 L C3 :3 : 5 CC C5 C9 CC (#,)=&JU./-% 7#.),W%" (<0P08 China and Brazil as the hottest L S8P#80*/% 9MKC 9C R4 C X0)=0."%8P* M Y.%8-0 9LKL C C C: J,*)./% 95 J,*).%"/% 93K4 3R 9 CR S*.%0" 99 7#"%8P 9RK: R C4 C3 7=/"/OO/80* mobile markets and Russia as 9C 9 9: @=/8% [.%/" T%/<%8 9:KR 9K 99K C L :: M:9 9:L 3M C4 CL CM ZWAO) !.00-0 (/8W%O#.0 a high growth entry 9R >,**/% MK3 R L9 5 >#V%8/% !"#$%"&!&()%)*+ (,$*-./$0.*&1&234566&&&&&&&&&7080).%)/#8&1&9:;&&&&&&&
    • U+BRIC Topup Markets USA RUSSIA CHINA Mobile Mobile Mobile 270 million 170 million 750 million Prepaid Prepaid Prepaid 51 million 153 million 672 million Banked Banked Banked 280 million 42 million 198 million NeuPai TAM NeuPai TAM NeuPai TAM 41 million 25 million 123 million Yearly Topup Yearly Topup Yearly Topup $15 billion $18 billion $91 billion Mobile Mobile 184 million 500 million Prepaid Prepaid 151 million 475 million Banked Banked 84 million 200 million NeuPai TAM NeuPai TAMU+BRIC TOTAL 51 million 175 millionMobile Yearly Topup Yearly Topup 1.87 billion $29 billion $21 billionPrepaid 1.5 billion BRAZIL INDIABanked 803 millionNeuPai TAM 415 millionYearly Topup $174 billion NeuPai Confidential
    • NeuPai Delivers  NeuPai eliminates friction to ensure Customer Satisfaction while delivering increased carrier profits and new bank revenue stream User Banks Telecom •  Bank makes •  NeuPai makes •  User buys $0.70 in new $0.30 per •  Is paid $9.00 in credit from transaction topup less than 30 their mobile or revenue •  NeuPai pays days bank for $10.00 •  Pays NeuPai telco $9.00 $9.30 Benefits •  New business •  Increase in •  Security – no model with •  40% Decrease customer need to carry 30% in distribution transactions cash commission costs rates New New New New Convenience Transactions Network Channel NeuPai Confidential
    • Connects Banks and Carriers  NeuPai’s Gain 360 platform will connect banks and carriers for new transactions  The platform can serve as a future proof platform for yet to be discovered payments. NeuPai Confidential
    • Single Market Revenue - Brazil Revenue  Total  (M)    $140     Millions    $121      $120      $100      $80      $66      $60      $40      $25      $20      $5      >$1      $-­‐         Year  1   Year  2   Year  3   Year  4   Year  5   Model takes into account a 5% decrease in commission per annum
    • Backup NeuPai Confidential
    • Mobile Payments Growth  Mobile Payments will grow dramatically between 2009 and 2014 – CAGR of 95%  Mobile Topups as the number one category for mobile payments – Source: IEMR$ Billions Topup 300 Money Transfer 250 200 Merchandise 2009 150 2014 100 50 0 NeuPai Confidential