Delivering Leads & Building Long-term Value Using Inbound Marketing

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  • 1. Delivering Leads & Building Value Using Inbound Marketing@knowmadtech
  • 2. Wild West of Internet Marketing
  • 3. Skills Req’d• Web development & web • Audience analysis design • Email marketing• Content planning • Conversion optimization• Sales & business analysis • Search engine• Analytics optimization• Copywriting & blogging • Social media marketing• Blogger outreach • Graphic design • And more...
  • 4. Inbound Marketing Map
  • 5. Why Inbound?• Cost-per-lead is typically 61% less than outbound.• Higher lead quality; SEO leads have 14.6% close rate vs. 1.7% for outbound.• 57% of businesses studied have acquired customers via blogging.• 65% of B2B businesses acquired customers via Linkedin; 77% of B2C have acquired customers via Facebook. Source: 2012 State of Inbound Marketing by Hubspot
  • 6. Sales +Marketing
  • 7. Aligning Marketing with Sales
  • 8. Inbound Marketing Funnel Top of the Funnel (TOFU): Something educational and related, but not directly about your product/service Examples: Whitepaper, Contest, eBook, Give Away Middle of the Funnel (MOFU) : Something that both educates and introduces the product/service Examples: Webinar, Case Study, Product Fact Sheet Bottom of the Funnel: Something that gets a lead on the phone with a sales rep Examples: Demo, Consultation
  • 9. Solimar Buying Process
  • 10. Solimar Funnel
  • 11. Solimar Activities
  • 12. 3 Metrics that Matter Most• Visitors• Visitor to Lead conversion %• Lead to Customer conversion %
  • 13. Long-term value creation• Reusable content library• Segmented contacts• Targeted Messaging• Reusable campaigns• Sales intelligence
  • 15. Qualification • Define a qualified lead • Content & messaging targeted to personas • Qualifying by behavior & interest • Feed information back to sales do hen all ? W I c sho uldWh o I c all? What will we talk about?
  • 16. The Magic of Content • Used to provide “value first”. • Creates visibility by sharing (syndication, social, etc.) & credibility • Valuable to readers (get contact info & stay in touch) • Used to grade leads by behavior & segmentation
  • 17. Example Top of Funnel Marketing Process1. Create Content - Blog posts, videos, slides on slideshare, case studies, press releases, et al.2. Tie to appropriate offers (conversion)3. Optimize for search & social (e.g.: infographics)4. Promote (syndication, press releases, guest blogging, social media, email marketing, et al.) O FU T
  • 18.
  • 19. Attract: Building Reach
  • 20. Engage: Building Contacts
  • 21. Engage: Building Contacts • 500% increase in sales leads • 10% of gross revenue created from web leads
  • 22. Convert: New Customers • 400%+ increase in leads in first 4 months • More than 30 new clients acquired in first 12 months. • 15% of total sales revenue created from online leads
  • 23. Key Take-aways• Personas drive all content development.• Map content to buying process.• Qualify using offers.• Conversions increase over time, even if traffic levels out.• Sales will love you....eventually.
  • 24. What’s your next step?
  • 25. Resources • • • • - Jordan’s article on promotion • Leave your business card...