Collaborate 2010 Dinesh Wp Oracle Siebel Public Sector Crm White Paper V3


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Dinesh WP -Collaborate 2010

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Collaborate 2010 Dinesh Wp Oracle Siebel Public Sector Crm White Paper V3

  1. 1. Empowering Government Departments with Siebel  E i G tD t t ith Si b l Public Sector CRM Dinesh Chandrasekar Practice Head CRM & MDM CoE Sierra Atlantic Software Services Inc Copyright © Sierra Atlantic, Inc.  Material contained within this document is confidential and may not be reproduced without prior written consent. 1
  2. 2. Sierra Atlantic Corporate Profile p f Europe 200 Employees North America 300 Employees World class global delivery model for IT services g y f Asia‐Pacific Deep focus in enterprise applications, business process integration and outsourced  1600 Employees product development since inception 2100+ employees worldwide Over 200 active customers across 20 countries Superior process maturity: SEI CMMi Level 3, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 & SAS70 Recent Industry recognitions 75 Most Admired Company in the Bay Area Development Centers 25 ‘Great Places to Work’ – India Top 10 IT Services Company South China Offices The Best Software Outsourcing Service Company in China 2009 Silicon India 100 Companies & Top 10 US based SI Confidential | Copyright © Sierra Atlantic 2
  3. 3. Abstract • CRM strategies and CRM software have become a powerful combination in helping  public sector and government agencies meet their organizational missions.  bli d i h i i i l i i • Public sector CRM comes in many forms and may include Citizen Relationship  Management, economic development, outreach programs, trade promotion, case  management, help desk, call center and citizens self service to name only a few.  • The purpose of CRM varies by governmental agency or entity; however, there is  always a common focus on the customer relationship ‐ whether your customer is  an internal civil servant, a citizen or anybody else.  • Siebel Public Sector CRM provides end to end solution to manage effective citizen  relationship management services.  • This presentation will provide an insight about managing effective customer  interactions using case management, Haley business Rules automation and other  modules of public sector crm
  4. 4. What Does CRM mean for Public Sector? Wh D CRM f P bli S ? A wide definition of “Customer” Service Dynamics Customer Efficiency •In the public sector, the term •From a customer perspective, the •CRM focuses on supporting “customer” covers a diverse public sector is primarily focused on efficiency objectives and is often community of stakeholders, ranging providing open and easy access to referred to as an enabler of the from individual citizen to local services coupled with effective greater objectives businesses. delivery of the required services. •The operation challenges are to •Customer are also 3rdParties such as •The diversity of the customer deliver better services at a lower police, health trusts and agencies community demands a range of cost. sharing information or providing access points and channels across •The application of CRM principles services i face t f f to face, t l h telephone, web and within public sector organization can b d •Managing these varied need and post. The challenge here is to provide pose a challenge for those charged relationship is a unique feature of consistent service regardless of the with delivering the CRM vision. It public sector organizations channel used. might seem like an impossible task; to transform customer service into an efficient process with consistent performance. However, it is important to remember that CRM is an ongoing journey to more customer focused ways of working and not an “ off the shelf” technology application
  5. 5. Organizational Goals in Public Sector Enterprises Organizational Goals in Public Sector Enterprises • Improve Citizen Satisfaction   – Citizen Choice – Social Inclusion –IIncrease Service Quality S i Q lit • Ensure Compliance – Same result at any point of service Same result at any point of service – Consistent Process Applied to All Cases – Responsive to Frequent Changes • Reduce Cost of Service Delivery – Reduce Manual Work, Re‐Work, Extended Delays – Understand Costs and Delays at Each Step to Refine Delivery Understand Costs and Delays at Each Step to Refine Delivery – Target Services More Accurately 
  6. 6. The advantages of Oracle  & Siebel Public Sector solution  g – Collaboration with Siebel base CRM modules – Analytics and MDM management to deliver full‐fledged CRM proposition in addition to public  sector specific functionalities  – Siebel also leverages the integration through Fusion middleware to seamlessly integrate with  Oracle ERP and other Packaged ERP application suites. Oracle ERP and other Packaged ERP application suites.
  7. 7. Superior User Experience with Siebel CRM  8.x Application  Enhancements
  8. 8. Empower Users ‐ Task‐Based User Interface Empower Users ‐ Task‐Based User Interface Simplifying Complex Tasks • Business processes on the Business processes on the  desktop – 100% standardization – 100% data consistency – 100% efficiency • Faster to Learn – Every user becomes an  Applets show  Applets show Radio buttons  expert enable  only needed  – Minimize impact from  Task Pane  decisions info process change shows steps to  users – Reduce effects of staff  attrition or turnover ii • Easier to Measure and  Users are  Improve guided  – Track steps in pre‐built Track steps in pre built  automatically tables – Enable changes by business  users, not IT
  9. 9. World Class Search World Class Search • Siebel 8.x introduces improvements to both  Siebel Search and Query are introduced to  increase access to structured and  unstructured data.  – Enhanced “Google‐like” Search – SOA‐based integration with FAST and   g Oracle SES engines – SOA infrastructure allows other search  engines to be “plugged in” as necessary – Visibility rules applied to search criteria  so users only see results that they are  entitled to see • Case/accent‐insensitive Queries – Enter query without case sensitivity (John  Smith, john smith, John smith) to  improve usability and adoption i bilit d d ti
  10. 10. World Class Search World Class Search • Architecture Enhancements – Supports plug and play architecture  across different search engines • Improved User Interface – Results displayed as per the popular  web search engine interface instead  of the list of records in Siebel 7.x  – Keyword highlighting in the results – Ability to configure the layout of the  results   results – Ability to sort and drill down on the  results
  11. 11. Mi Microsoft Desktop Integration f D k I i • Microsoft Outlook (E‐mail) – Associate e‐mails with CRM entities      – Customization framework available  for additional  CRM objects – Available for both mobile and  connected users • Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel – Create and populate spreadsheets or  documents using data directly from  the Siebel Sales Enterprise the Siebel Sales Enterprise – Extended Siebel data into pivot  tables and charts – Siebel toolbar plug‐in Invoke built‐in  data refresh capabilities without  having to manually perform exports  and imports • Microsoft Share Point (Collaboration) – Better team site support – Support for Windows Share point  Services
  12. 12. Marketing Resource Management M k ti R M t • New strategic marketing initiatives  – Improve alignment between individual teams  Improve alignment between individual teams and the corporate priorities – Increase return on marketing investments  (ROMI) by ensuring that marketing activities  (ROMI) by ensuring that marketing activities are focused on top priorities • Enhanced budgeting and financial management – Improve performance of marketing funds and  better manage purchase orders  – Improve control, visibility and accounting of  marketing spending • New marketing collateral and asset inventory  management – Improve tracking and cost management of  marketing assets
  13. 13. Effective Field Service Effective Field Service • Field Service Execution Task – Guides engineers through  g g inventory management, service  delivery, and billing – Tightly coupled UI, loosely coupled  architecture  architecture • Enabling New Revenue Models – Asset Mgt Task for Managed  Services – Allows customers to service third‐ party assets  • SOA Enablement – Self‐Service Support – Asset and Warranty Registration – Entitlement Checks – Inventory transactions simplify  connections to legacy systems
  14. 14. Siebel Public Sector CRM Empowering Government p g Departments for Efficient Citizen Relationship Management  p g
  15. 15. Siebel Public Sector CRM Siebel Public Sector CRM
  16. 16. Siebel Public Sector Case Management • Case Management is a structured process used by agencies to serve citizens. Case Management is often a  collaborative process between case manager, the concerned citizen, service providers and other agency employees    • The citizen’s needs have to be clearly identified before the citizen’s case can be managed. Planning desired outcomes  is the key to successful case management processes.  – For example, when a homeless citizen’s case is handled by an agency, the desired outcome of the case might be to find a home  for the citizen, and to ensure that the citizen does not slip back into homelessness once served. This desired outcomes) drive the  for the citizen and to ensure that the citizen does not slip back into homelessness once served This desired outcomes) drive the case planning process and service delivery. • In order to achieve operational efficiencies, the agency has to effectively coordinate its resources and monitor  available resources. Case management systems strive to achieve this objective. • Implementing and tracking case plans and activities associated with the case plan are essential to driving the case  towards desired outcomes. The case plan guides the key activities that will be executed in managing the case. Tracking  the progress of activities within a plan and redirecting activities to ensure accomplishment of plans is essential.
  17. 17. Siebel Public Sector Case Management Siebel Public Sector Case Management The following scenario covers the process for creating a request for a service. • The process can be used during a phone conversation, face‐to‐face, or to enter the  details of a request received by any other means • The scenario starts by assuming that the citizen has called in to report a issue of waste  collection and a field service engineer needs to be dispatched to collect the same g p • The agent utilizes the Task UI feature in Siebel Public Sector 8.0 to ensure the process is  followed and right data is captured and activities generated and effective routing  happens.
  18. 18. • Integrated Evidence Tracking Integrated Evidence Tracking – Easily track and manage all forms  of evidence – Captures complete information  related to the evidence – Reduces time and cost of  investigations by connecting  information • Evidence Numbering – Tie evidence to case‐based  investigation with coordinated  numbering • Asset Integration – Use Asset Management features  to consolidate asset tracking  t lid t t t ki across the organization – Add investigative information to  asset data – Ensure Asset Management  systems are not impacted by  investigative activities
  19. 19. Siebel eService Portal for Citizen Empowerment Si b l S i P l f Ci i E • Siebel eService for Public sector is the portal application available to customers  and   citizens. and citizens • It is pre‐integrated with Siebel public sector base application • The look and feel can be customised and can also be integrated with an existing  organization portal like for posting  service requests or checking status or sending in  organization portal like for posting service requests or checking status or sending in file attachments. • Supports integration with Adobe eForms • The scenario is that of the citizen logging in to provide additional documents  gg g p for their previously created request for benefits
  20. 20. Haley Business Rules Authoring and Integration Haley Business Rules Authoring and Integration •Natural Language • Easily understood by business user • Can be authored by business user •Declarative • Metadata based means that the rules are easy to change and easy to update • Replaces traditional script with efficient rules making the business logic easy to upgrade Replaces traditional script with efficient rules making the business logic easy to upgrade
  21. 21. Siebel Case Management Analytics Siebel Case Management Analytics Case Management Analytics:  Base Application Foundational functionality to track the progress of social services and  investigative cases; keep inventory of applicants, suspects and cases by type  and stage; monitor employee and office case loads Case Investigations Analytics Track external incidents and investigative leads as part of the overall  Track external incidents and investigative leads as part of the overall case management process Benefits Management Analytics B fit M t A l ti Track the types of clients being served, and the types and amounts of benefits  and services being delivered
  22. 22. Case Analytics : KPIs Case Analytics : KPIs Sample Case Management Metrics Case Work Center Activity / SR Case C Case / I id t C Incidents Activities • Loads • # of Cases / # of Incidents • # of Cases with Activities • Durations • # of Case/Incidents untouched for 15 • Days Activity Open • Counts days • Activity Creation Rate • Open and Close Rates Activity / SRs SRS Case Stage • # of Activities / SRs • # of SRs with Activities • Durations • # of Overdue Activities • % of SR with Overdue Activities • Duration Index • # of Critical Activities / SRs • Avg # of Activities per SR Sample Case Investigation Metrics Sample Benefits Management Metrics Lead / Incidents Benefits / Incidents • Incident Load per Worker • Avg Incident Duration • Payments • Lead Open / Close Rate • Target Incident Duration • Average Payments • # of Currently Active Leads / Incidents • Incident Load • # of Customers • Lead / Incident Duration • # of Orders Sample Pre-Built Dashboards Organizational Efficiency Workloads and Backlogs Performance Scorecard Targeting and Delivery • Case • Loads • My Cases • Delivery Overview • L d Lead • P i i Priority • M Activities and SRs My A i i i d SR • P Populations Served l ti S d • Incident • Overdue • My Incident and Leads • Customer Demographics • Activities • Queue • My Team Cases • Case Outcomes • SRs • My Team Activities / SRs
  23. 23. 360 Degree Citizen View & Integrated Service Delivery 360 D Citi Vi & I t t d S i D li Oracle Data Hubs facilitates the 360 degree view of the Citizen and Services provided  /consumed by the citizen. Siebel Customer Hub Public Sector Vertical solution acts as the  citizen hub and integrates to other data hubs in providing a comprehensive and integrated  citizen hub and integrates to other data hubs in providing a comprehensive and integrated Citizen 
  24. 24. Open Forum 25