Assembling customer information


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Assembling customer information

  1. 1. Orchestrating Your Customer Information: CRM Symphony Dears. In any CRM implementation customer view point is essential. Therefore it becomes perfunctory that the necessary information regarding their profiles, behaviors, likes and dislikes are orchestrated together. Aside from its absolute necessity for the implementation of CRM, the collation of customer information is essential to an organization. It is only with respect to this that most organization decisions are made and therefore the assembling of this data is vitally essential. Why collect Customer Information? New Products New products and services can sometimes be the result of customer surveys. When customers actually suggest new ideas and they prove to be rewarding companies sometimes take them up on their suggestions and innovate new products. This information can also be obtained from customer feedback Room for Improvement Organizations can spot opportunities for improvement when they listen intently to what the customer has to say. In CRM customer view is the most important one and should be paid attention to. Customer Retention Learning the customer, what is most important to him and catering to his needs goes a long way in maintaining customer retention. Gaining old Customers Lost customers can be recovered and sales thus boosted as a direct consequence of gaining information about why they left in the first place. Customer Information can be collected from sources like: Information collected from other companies An organization can opt for interviewing competitors customers to get additional information on what they can do to improve their products. Information collected from sister concerns or parent companies as a result of the customer's interaction with them. Information colleted over the phone, emails or even snail mail It is crucially important to gather information that has already been obtained within the organization and give it to the concerned employees Customer information can be obtained from the internet Rather than opting for paper or electronic surveys it is often better to use direct interviews as direct interaction always enables the gaining of more information from the right source Information that is collected from application forms, customer surveys, sweepstakes coupon entries, stores etc. Information collected when the company website is visited Here's what you can do to orchestrate 'more effective' customer information:
  2. 2. Listen to the Customer It is imperative to create an atmosphere wherein the employee ensures that he listens to the customer. Valuable information is gained this way. A viable atmosphere wherein even negative feedback should be encouraged is essential if the company hopes to gain valuable customer suggestions. It is most important to listen to the people who are closest to the products and services. Doing this provides a powerful tool to collect information on customer likes and dislikes. Logical Thinking It is important to think logically and use the primary resources in the areas that are most important to CRM to listen effectively to the customer in order to avoid wastage of resources. Put yourself in the Customers Shoes When a company looks at things from a customer's perspective, it will see the difficulties a customer often faces with the concerned products. It is essential to focus more on this than the companies own perspective. This is essential as companies obtain an understanding of the customer's use of the product, collect the required information and translate it into what is required for betterment. Take the Good with the Bad Most customers will be reluctant to reveal information that they are not happy with. Addressing direct questions is essential and needs to be done in order to find exactly what the problems are that customers face. An organization can opt for any of the above methods or all of them. Depending on the resources an organization possesses it can decide. It is important to focus on the CRM customer view throughout the implementation of CRM and indulge in the usage of the collated customer data, effectively and efficiently.