Gmp Tradeshow Booth Drivers


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Denise DiNorscia Williams shares some thought starters for your booth drivers. Need more?

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Gmp Tradeshow Booth Drivers

  1. 1. Driving Traffic to Tradeshows An Overview of Successful Promotions
  2. 2. Assignment: Drive traffic at industry conference to Autodesk AND reseller(s) tradeshow booth(s). Coaster, affixed to postcard, was inserted in registration bags. Beer bash at booth drove over 1,500 booth visitors; to get free beer mug, recipients had to take coaster to each of three reseller booths for official “stamp”. Most popular event of tradeshow.
  3. 3. Assignment: Drive traffic at industry tradeshow to Autodesk tradeshow booth, and encourage them to visit Autodesk micro-site after show to learn more about Building Solutions. Custom chocolate bar wrapper (chocolate bar had Autodesk logo molded on top of bar; inside the wrapper, recipient was encouraged to visit website amd enter unique code to determine if they’ve won a grand prize. 750 people visited the micro-site out of 3,000 tradeshow attendees.
  4. 4. Assignment: Drive Subscription customers to tradeshow booth at AU 2005. Ink scramble on front of postcard forced recipient to visit Autodesk booth to use their decoder (3D) glasses to see underneath the ink scramble and determine if they had won a free digital camera.
  5. 5. Assignment: Drive Subscription customers to tradeshow booth at AU 2006; include “spotter” instant gift ideas. Invisible ink forced recipient to visit Autodesk booth to see is they had won a web camera. Continuing the “spy” theme, agents walked the floor looking for attendees wearing AU bracelets. If you were spotted, you won a spy DVD instantly.
  6. 6. Assignment: Drive AU attendees to MSD tradeshow booth where real race car was set up, and Russ Wicks was signing autographs and giving away Autodesk jacket patches. Bag insert was die-cut into the shape of the racecar. Unique license plate numbers were matched to list posted at booth to determine winners of remote control cars. It was the most popular freebie at tradeshow as attendees raced them all over the tradeshow floor. Front of “racing car” shaped bag stuffer Back of bag stuffer Racing patch
  7. 7. Assignment: Establish a connection between the various groups within Autodesk Support & Learning and encourage booth traffic at the AU 2007 Exhibit Hall with themed premium give- aways that extended the overall conference theme of “It’s the Experience”. Outside Inside “Red Cross” style brochure and entry form (printed on recycled paper) keeps the “green” theme alive.
  8. 8. Assignment: Ensure that Autodesk Subscription customers are given the full red carpet treatment throughout AU 2007, continuing the theme of “It’s the Experience”. Autodesk Subscription T-shirts: It’s the ONLY Experience Subscription exclusive session overview
  9. 9. Assignment: Ensure that Autodesk Subscription customers are given the full red carpet treatment throughout AU 2007, continuing the theme of “It’s the Experience”. The top card of a customized deck of playing cards served as an invitation to the special after-hours casino party “VIP” entry pass for the exclusive V-Bar party After Hours Party Invitation
  10. 10. Assignment: Create an engaging customized Power Point presentation for Senior VP Taylor Pohlman’s Town Hall meeting at AU 2008 – ultimately attended by over 850 Subscription members. Opening PowerPoint Slide Lots of moving charts and graphs helped to reiterate the business opportunities being presented
  11. 11. Assignment: Create a theme for AU and tie all components together for tradeshow. Pre-show virtual Bag Insert Print Ad for Showguide
  12. 12. Assignment: Ensure that Autodesk Subscription customers are given the full red carpet treatment throughout AU. Front Back Custom registration packets included a Subscription exclusive T-Shirt, I Subscribe Autodesk Subscription T-shirt: Ribbon, Booth Driver, and Session Overview; the back was sealed with Subscription label.
  13. 13. Assignment: Communicate with Autodesk Subscription customers at AU, and ensure they are aware of the full red carpet treatment available to them throughout the show. Subscription exclusive session overview brochure
  14. 14. Assignment: Drive Subscription booth traffic at Exhibit Hall and create reasons to return again and again. Subscription customers were encouraged to get a free “idea” pad at the booth via a “slider” that was inserted in the registration kits. Recipients were invited to return to booth to drop off their “ideas”; 10 winners receives a custom USB drive created from their design. Unique “slider” Front Unique “slider” Back
  15. 15. Assignment: Drive Subscription Platinum customers to exclusive party and create promotional giveaway with high perceived value. “Hottest” gift of 2008: Flip Mino digital camera Invitation: Small enough to fit in Badge Holder
  16. 16. Assignment: Elevate the Autodesk Developer Day before AU into an event unto itself. Leverage previous Developer Network look and feel but also connect to AU Subscription materials for a cohesive campaign. Registration Packets contained ADN exclusive T-Shirt, Badge Ribbon, and Conference Overview. Sealed with ADN sticker.
  17. 17. Assignment: Drive traffic to the CrownPeak booth at the Gilbane tradeshow. Postcard, distributed in registration bag, contained dollar amount printed with invisible ink; recipient must visit booth to discover winning amount of postcard.